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Here are the movies we cant wait to see

1 of 24 Zade Rosenthal/ TM and (c)Marven Entertainment. All rights reserved./Paramount Pictures


Iron Man (May 2)Billionaire bon vivant and arms merchant Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) is reborn as a badass do-gooder via one of the coolest Jack Kirby suits ever.
2 of 24 Warner Bros. Pictures


Speed Racer (May 9)Larry and Andy Wachowski, the brothers who trapped us in the Matrix movies, take on a live-action adaptation of the 1960s Japanese cartoon.
3 of 24 K.C. Bailey/20th Century Fox


What Happens in Vegas... (May 9)A type-A commodities trader (Cameron Diaz) and a lovable goof (Ashton  Kutcher) get drunk in Vegas and wind up married. Next stop: Quickie divorce, until one of them wins 3 million at the slots.
4 of 24 Murray Close/Disney Enterprises, Inc./Walden Media LLC. All rights reserved.


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (May 16)In the second installment of C. S. Lewis' fantasy series, the Pevensie siblings return to Narnia a year later with the help of Prince Caspian (newcomer Ben Barnes).
5 of 24 David James/TM AND (c)Lucasfilm Ltd. All rights reserved./Paramount Pictures


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (May 22)The Spielberg-Lucas machine has released scant few details about this film, so naturally rumors abound: Does Shia LeBeouf play Indy's son Will there really be aliens We'll see
6 of 24 Craig Blankenhorn/New Line Cinema


Sex and the City (May 30)The sexy quartet from HBO's groundbreaking drama is back, with enough Cosmos and pubic-hair jokes to go around!
7 of 24 Sony Pictures


You Don't Mess With the Zohan (June 6)Adam Sandler plays an Israeli military operative who fakes his death so he can go undercover to pursue his real passion: hairstyling! 
8 of 24 20th Century Fox


The Happening (June 13)Zooey Deschanel and Mark Wahlberg costar in M. Night Shyamalan's latest  brain-twister about a mysterious, cataclysmic event.
9 of 24 Universal Pictures


The Incredible Hulk (June 13)Edward Norton stars in the do-over of the incredible disaster that was Ang Lee's Hulk (2003) by French action director Louis Leterrier (the Transporter films).
10 of 24 Tracy Bennett/Village Roadshow Pictures/Warner Bros. Pictures


Get Smart (June 20)Steve Carell (The Office) stars in a remake of the 1960s TV spy spoof. Anne Hathaway costars as his  impossibly chic-yet-deadly partner, Agent 99.
11 of 24 George Kraychyk/Paramoutn Pictures


The Love Guru (June 20)His Holiness the Guru Pitka (Mike Myers), the second-best guru in India, is hired by the Toronto Maple Leafs to reunite their star player with his wife, thus securing their Stanley Cup chances.
12 of 24 Disney/Pixar


Wall-E (June 27)Pixar's latest animated beast is about a really cute garbage droid named Wall-E (Waste Allocation Load Lifter -- Earth Class), who also happens to be the last robot on Earth -- and he's lonely. Aw.
13 of 24 Chuck Hodes/Universal Studios


Wanted (June 27)Based on Mark Millar's comic book series, Angelina Jolie plays an assassin who recruits an unhappy wage slave (Atonement's James McAvoy) to realize his birthright as part of a secret cabal who "kills one, saves 1,000."
14 of 24 Sony Pictures Entertainment


Hancock (July 2)Will Smith plays a suicidal, alcoholic superhero. (Yes, it's a comedy.) Former Arrested Development lovebirds Jason Bateman and Charlize Theron costar as a PR executive and his wife who attempt to reform Hancock -- and his image.
15 of 24 Egon Endrenyi/Universal Studios


Hellboy 2: The Golden Army (July 11)Hellboy (Ron Perlman) and his eccentric colleagues at the top-secret Bureau for Paranormal Research and Defense must save the world from a slew of mythical creatures who have decided to take over Earth.
16 of 24 Bruce Broom/20th Century Fox


Meet Dave (July 11)A crew of miniature aliens (including Eddie Murphy and Gabrielle Union) inhabit a robot in human form -- Murphy's form actually -- to explore Earth. Along the way, the crew falls in love with a human (Elizabeth Banks).
17 of 24 Stephen Vaughan/TM AND (c)DC Comics/Warner Bros. Pictures


The Dark Knight (July 18)Christian Bale's back in the Batsuit, and we hear that the late Heath Ledger's interpretation of the Joker as a scarred, methodical sociopath is scarier than any prior take on the prankster.
18 of 24 Peter Mountain/Universal Studios


Mamma Mia! (July 18)Meryl Streep stars in this ABBA-inspired romp as a free-spirited mom whose about-to-be-married daughter (Big Love's Amanda Seyfried) wants to be given away by her dad. Only problem: She's never met him.
19 of 24 Sony Pictures


Step Brothers (July 25)Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly play sworn high school enemies who become stepbrothers when their single parents (Mary Steenburgen and Richard Jenkins) get married.
20 of 24 Diyah Pera/20th Century Fox


The X-Files: I Want to Believe (July 25)We know this much: Amanda Peet and Xzibit costar, and the movie, which takes places ten years after the first film, will answer some questions about Scully's son, William, whom she gave up for adoption.
21 of 24 Frank Masi/Universal Studios


The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (August 1)Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser) and his wife (now played by Maria Bello) take on a 2,000-year-old Chinese sorceress (Michelle Yeoh) and an undead Dragon Emperor (Jet Li).
22 of 24 Sony Pictures


Pineapple Express (August 8)Pothead Dale Denton (Knocked Up's Seth Rogen) and his dealer (James Franco) witness a murder, and end up on the run.
23 of 24 Lucasfilms Ltd./Warner Bros. Pictures


Star Wars: The Clone Wars (August 15)This animated film takes place between Episodes II and III in the live-action narrative. Obi-Wan and Anakin Skywalker, now both full-fledged Jedi, have a new Padawan apprentice, a young girl named Ahsoka.
24 of 24 Marie Weismiller Wallace/DreamWorks LLC. All rights reserved.


Tropic Thunder (August 15)In Ben Stiller's spoof on war films, a trio of A-list actors -- (Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr.) -- think they're shooting a verite war flick; instead, they're engaging in actual guerrilla warfare with the locals.