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Beat the heat this summer with some awesome mindless entertainment

1 of 12 Kevin Foley/ABC

The Bachelorette

Jillian Harris got burned during the last season of The Bachelor, so we're dying to see this single lady find true love now that she's handing out the roses. And we can't get enough of those drunken Jacuzzi scenes.
2 of 12 Michael Williams/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

The fact that we don't think we can dance makes watching people who can that much more appealing. How else can we vicariously live our lives now that the Idol kiddies are gone?
3 of 12 John Filo/CBS

Big Brother

After 11 seasons, we still can't get enough of this Survivor-meets-The Real World show. Contestants live in a camera-rigged house where they back-stab, yell at and sleep with fellow competitors until one of them walks away with $500,000. The premise never changes, but it always delivers grade-A trashy drama.
4 of 12 Jaimie Treblood/Bravo

Top Chef Masters

Whether you're a foodie or not, seeing a bunch of world-renowned chefs run around and whip up mouth-watering, three-course meals in ludicrous surroundings (i.e. a dorm room) never gets stale.
5 of 12 Mike Yarish/Fox

Hell's Kitchen

If you like your food (or reality TV) served with a side of insulting profanity, this is the show for you. At this point, it's hard to decide whether Fox is actually looking for cooks, or just people who look funny while being dressed down by Gordon Ramsay.
6 of 12 Adam Larkey/ABC

Here Come the Newlyweds

What do you get when you take fresh-from-the-altar couples and pit them against each other to see who knows his or her mate best? A lot of awkwardness and bickering. But hey, that's the recipe for good television.
7 of 12 ABC


Perhaps it's the 8-year-old living inside us, but something about watching grown adults get bounced off oversized balls and landing face first in muddy water still makes us chuckle.
8 of 12 Adam Larkey/ABC

The Superstars

If this reboot is anything like its predecessor, we're sold. Anything that puts Dancing with the Stars' Maksim Chmerkovskiy, Baywatch's David Charvet and Julio Iglesias Jr. on our TV screens at the same time is worth a look.
9 of 12 Ali Goldstein/NBC

America's Got Talent

In America, this has always been the poor man's version of American Idol, even though it's more than a singing competition. Now that Susan Boyle raised the bar on the same show across the pond, we imagine many more will tune in to perhaps witness firsthand the next YouTube sensation.
10 of 12 Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Project Runway

It's hard to say what we can expect from Runway now that it's left Bravo and found a new home on Lifetime. But we're sure Tim Gunn can "make it work." Where he and Heidi Klum go, we shall follow.
11 of 12 A&E


Sure, spending every Monday night watching folks battle their addictions and compulsive behaviors sounds depressing, but this A&E documentary series is absolutely riveting. The stories are moving and generally uplifting, despite the grim subject matter. Talk about addictive.
12 of 12 Mike Ruiz/Bravo

Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List

Nothing brightens our days quite like Kathy Griffin's garden-variety obscenity and knack for mocking any and every celeb that crosses her path. Watch your back, Lohan.