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1 of 12 Glenn Watson/USA Network

Burn Notice (USA)

"I can hardly wait for Burn Notice to return. That is one top-notch show, with terrific acting!" — Westerns Fan "This one has critical buzz and a growing audience. Trust me, it is really hard not to like this one. [It has] just the right mix of action and intrigue, and it will make you laugh out loud at least a couple times per episode. Bruce Campbell is perfect in his supporting role." — spytv "I've been hooked on this show since the first episode. It's fun. This show is better than most of the network fodder, and I've been doing my darndest to get others to watch. I hope it stays on for another five years or so. Bring on season 3!" — housemdsuperfan
2 of 12 AMC

Mad Men (AMC)

"Mad Men for sure." — drewgo "Mad Men will be very welcome when that returns." — Andrew_in_NH
3 of 12 John P. Filo/CBS

Big Brother (CBS)

I'll be watching, as [I do] every summer, Big Brother. Both on TV and 24/7 on the computer." — barbyard "I'll be watching Big Brother. Can't wait — massive guilty pleasure." — leleana "I can't wait until the new season of Big Brother starts. It's been way too long." — mmp136
4 of 12 Isabella Vosmikova/USA Network: Barbara Nitke/USA Network; Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Monk, Psych, Royal Pains (USA)

"It's all on USA baby. Psych, Monk (final season). Nom, nom. This is why I love USA. [Its] schedule isn't on schedule with everyone else." — QueenMad "Thank the television gods for USA. I don't know what I would do without quality summer programming like Psych, Burn Notice and In Plain Sight. I'm also looking forward to watching the new Royal Pains show." — mkroggasch "USA is the summer months' lifesaver. Who can be bored watching [Psych's] Shawn publicly humiliate himself getting a 'vision'? Seriously!" — marz_
5 of 12 Adam Larkey/ABC

The Bachelorette (ABC)

"As much as I loathe to admit it, [I'll watch] The Bachelorette. After every season, I swear I won't watch it again. And every season I get sucked back in." — Shannonm93
6 of 12 Chris Haston/NBC

Chuck (NBC)

"I think I'll start watching Chuck. I assume there's something good there when both the fans and critics are pulling for it. Plus, I like having at least one show that I can watch a whole bunch of episodes on a rainy day." — taylor "Chuck Seasons 1 and 2 is heads above anything else out there. Much of Season 2 is still available online at NBC." — lily1 "Reruns of Chuck. I've been watching Season 1 all over again, and the show is surprisingly even more rewarding than it was the first time around due to having a better understanding of the characters' motivations. There are many shows that are only worth watching once, but I could seriously watch reruns of Chuck over and over again due to the brilliant writing and acting." — DXSSI
7 of 12 Glenn Watson/Fox

So You Think You Can Dance

"So You Think Can Dance is a must have this summer." — Indy500 "[It's the] best competition show on the air, and that includes Idol and DWTS." — WatchesEverything
8 of 12 Erik Heinila/TNT; Karen Neal/TNT; Danny Feld/TNT

Leverage, The Closer, Saving Grace (TNT)

"Leverage on TNT. It took a couple of episodes for the characters to grow on me, but they work extremely well together. Like most of the shows listed, it's the character interaction that really sells the show." — spytv "Leverage and The Closer are going to heat up my summer." — mmneely932 "Actually, summer has become my favorite TV season. Can't wait for the new season of The Closer. Best show on TV." — jwieda "Only two shows to watch: The Closer and Saving Grace!" — bwc6648
9 of 12 Jaimie Trueblood

True Blood (HBO)

"True Blood, True Blood, True Blood!! Oh, and did I mention True Blood?? Best show ever. If anyone doesn't watch it, you're making a huge mistake, and I feel sort of sorry for you. It's so good." — sanna_075
10 of 12 Liane Hentscher

Eureka (SyFy)

"I guess I'll have to add Eureka to my list. I assumed it had been canceled. After the shameless prostitution of itself as Degree's biyotch, I was almost not sorry to see it go. So, sign me back up for Degree Presents: Eureka, The Degree Show. Or whatever they'll be calling it. — WatchesEverything "[Eureka has] great characters, and you like them no matter the absurd situation." — spytv
11 of 12 Randy Holmes/ABC; Danny Feld/ABC; Vivian Zink/ABC

Pushing Daisies, Eli Stone, Dirty Sexy Money (ABC)

"I'm thrilled I'll get to watch the final episodes of Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone. — ndrew "I'm looking forward to seeing the end of Pushing Daisies, Dirty Sexy Money, and Eli Stone. — vroyyoung
12 of 12 Erik Heinila/TNT; Danny Feld/TNT

HawthoRNe and Dark Blue (TNT)

"I have giant expectations for HawthoRNe and Dark Blue that I have no doubt will be amply met." — sjpatrick