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Comics and cult TV deliver 10 movies of your nerdly dreams

1 of 10 Universal Pictures


WantedSource: Comic book graphic novel by Mark Millar.Burning Question: How did James McAvoy go from playing the Faun in Narnia to sucking face with Angie in WantedWeirdest Merch: Angie poster... for 60 bucks!Nerd Excitement Score: 6
2 of 10 Paramount Pictures


Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal SkullSource: George Lucas and Steven Spielberg's Peter Pan minds.Burning Question: Will Indy finally lose his beloved hatWeirdest Merch: Hand drawn fan art of IndyNerd Excitement Score: 9.0
3 of 10 Paramount Pictures


Iron ManSource: Marvel ComicsBurning Questions: Can Gwyneth Paltrow "act" in a blockbuster Will Robert Downey Jr. make a good heroWeirdest Mech: Fan-made costumesNerd Excitement Score: 9.5
4 of 10 Warner Bros. Pictures


Star Wars: The Clone WarsSource: George Lucas' dreams(/our nightmares. Kidding!)Burning Question: Can fans make the leap from live action to animationWeirdest Merch: Not just toys, but Super Deformed Toys!Nerd Excitement Score: 7.0
5 of 10 Rhythm & Hues/Universal Studios


The Hulk (2.0, not the Ang Lee disaster)Source: Marvel Comics Burning Questions: Why does the awful CGI from the first movie seem exactly the same here Why redo this movie at allWeirdest Merch: Baby Hulk CostumeNerd Excitement Score: 8.5
6 of 10 Warner Bros. Pictures.


Speed RacerSource: Speed Racer anime TV seriesBurning Question: How much acid were the Wachowski Brothers on when they made this movieWeirdest Merch: Trixie and Speed Barbies.Nerd Excitement Score: 5.5
7 of 10 (c)Disney Enterprises, Inc/Walden Media LLC. All rights reserved.


The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince CaspianSource: Beloved children's books by C.S. LewisWeirdest Merch: Prince Caspian codpiece (kidding)Nerd Excitement Score: 4.5
8 of 10 Egon Endrenyi/Universal Studios


Hellboy II: The Golden ArmySource: Dark Horse ComicsWeirdest Merch: Hellboy's old demon horns (again, kidding)Nerd Excitement Score:  6.0
9 of 10 Diyah Pera/20th Century Fox


The X-Files: I Want to BelieveSource: Chris Carter's Hit TV ShowBurning Questions: Are Mulder and Scully still together Is Mulder still on the runWeirdest Merch: A purse with sexy David and Gillian picsNerd Excitement Score: 9.0
10 of 10 Stephen Vaughan/Warner Bros.


The Dark KnightSource: DC ComicsBurning Questions: How will audiences react to Heath Ledger's creepy performance now that he's goneWeirdest Merch: Arkham Asylum "Inmate" T-ShirtsNerd Excitement Score: 9.5