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We found out from the celebs themselves

1 of 19 Kevin Parry/WireImage.com


Tina Fey, 30 Rock - "The one blessing of the strike is that I've been at home with my kid [Alice, age 2] all day for these 11 or 12 weeks. [When I'm working,] it's very hard to come home after she's gone to sleep."
2 of 19 Avik Gilboa/WireImage.com


Adrian Pasdar, Heroes - "I did a play that I wrote and directed in L.A. at the Geffen Playhouse. It's a musical, [called Atlanta], based on romance and racism with a backdrop in the Civil War."
3 of 19 Bennett Raglin/WireImage.com


Catherine Bell, Army Wives - She's been busy learning to fly a Cirrus SR22. "Who knows I may become a pilot for a commercial airline!"
4 of 19 Steve Granitz/WireImage.com


Seth Green, Unhitched - "I lost a bet and had to grow a Burt Reynolds 'stache for my driver's license photo. But most importantly, I spent quality time with my two nieces."
5 of 19 Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.com


Chi McBride, Pushing Daisies - "I've had the opportunity to work on my golf swing, spend some time with my family. It's a good thing it's lasted so long because my swing needs a lot of work."
6 of 19 Jean Baptiste Lacroix/WireImage.com


Zachary Quinto, Heroes - While filming J.J. Abrams' Star Trek, Quinto has been "following the politics of the negotiations and the politics of our country very closely these days. It is a time of enormous sweeping change."
7 of 19 Theo Wargo/WireImage.com


Jenna Fischer, The Office - I take an empty cart and go up and down every aisle [at Target] and try to leave without spending more than 200."
8 of 19 Lester Cohen/WireImage.com


Jack McBrayer, 30 Rock - McBrayer says he's been "sitting around here in L.A. I'm also going to auditions and getting ready to promote Forgetting Sarah Marshall, a Judd Apatow movie I'm in."
9 of 19 Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com


Greg Grunberg, Heroes - "I'm starring in [a movie] I co-wrote and I'm producing called Group Sex. Why not!"
10 of 19 Kevin Parry/WireImage.com


Rich Sommer, Mad Men - Sommer and his wife Virginia welcomed a baby girl Beatrice on December 13. "We call her Beetle Bailey or Beast, Beezus, Bee-nuts, Beavis."
11 of 19 George Pimentel/WireImage.com


Josh Holloway, Lost - "[Wife] Yessi and I spent about a month in Colorado over the holidays. Yessi and I just bought a place there. I've never seen snow like that! I've been snowboarding for 17 years. I love it."
12 of 19 Mark Sullivan/WireImage.com

Masi Oka, Heroes - "I've been perfecting my recipe for Fettucine Alfredo."

13 of 19 Steve Granitz/WireImage.com


Jennifer Westfeldt, Notes from the Underbelly - "We went to the movies a lot, we did a lot of hiking with our dog, [playing] tennis. And there's been all this awards hoopla, which has actually taken up a lot of time."
14 of 19 Mathew Imaging/WireImage.com


Tony Plana, Ugly Betty - "I work a lot in education, and I've been doing a lot with the East LA Classic Theater. It helps people develop their English language skills through theater. I've also been spending more time with my family, which is nice.
15 of 19 Jim Spellman/WireImage.com


Naveen Andrews, Lost - "I'm getting to spend a lot of time with my children, which is really great - sustained time instead of it being interrupted by going back to Hawaii. So that's a pretty damn good thing to come out of this."
16 of 19 Jeff Vespa/WireImage.com


William Shatner, Boston Legal - Shatner is promoting a new book, Star Trek: Academy-Collision Course, an album called Exodus, and working on a new talk show, Shatner's Raw Nerve.
17 of 19 Jeffrey Mayer/WireImage.com


Kate Linder, The Young and the Restless - "I accompanied Mayor of Hollywood Johnny Grant in visiting the troops in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. He sadly passed away shortly after our return."
18 of 19 Alexandra Wyman/WireImage.com


Eric Mabius, Ugly Betty - Mabius has spent time "visiting family in New England, being a lumberjack, cutting down a lot of trees. We're clearing the trails on the property and just kind of playing."
19 of 19 Todd Williamson/WireImage.com


Marc Cherry, Desperate Housewives - "Well, on a personal level it felt great because I was able to get a little break. I've been working out and eating healthy. But after a couple of months, I miss my gals."