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See which actors our readers want to see leading a show

1 of 16 Ron Tom/ABC

Gale Harold

"Since Queer As Folk ended, he's done a few independent movies and some interesting roles as a guest star, but it's not enough. This talented, good-looking actor needs his own show and not a few minutes here and there as an underused and underappreciated Jackson on Desperate Housewives. — LemonBar "Gale Harold, no doubt about it. He's a rare jewel in the acting world, and the fact that he goes so unnoticed in Hollywood amazes me. Not only is he gorgeous, but he's one of the most talented actors out there. I hope to see him on my TV screen soon!" — jobo
2 of 16 Joel David Warren/Warner Bros.

Alex O'Loughlin

"I recommend Alex O'Loughlin hands down. He has the talent, looks and dedication to make it big time on the small or large screen." — Brendisi "Alex O'Loughlin would be my first choice to get his own TV show. He is an extremely talented and versatile actor who can play any character to perfection. If he is given the right opportunity to show off his talent, he will become the greatest actor of our time." — cheri10353 "After Moonlight withdrawals, it would be wonderful to see Alex O'Loughlin on the small screen again. My family and I looked forward to seeing this amazing actor and the wonderful cast of Moonlight every week. He is the reason we became regular blood donors to the Red Cross. Alex is an excellent actor and role model." — OKHoosier
3 of 16 Chris Haston/NBC

Kristen Bell

"I'm going to have to go with the amazing Kristen Bell. She was so great on Veronica Mars. She pulls off snarky so well. She will always be on the top of the list for me." — mmp136
4 of 16 Monty Brinton/CBS

Jason Dohring

"Jason Dohring, who was so engaging in Moonlight and Veronica Mars. He is an enormously talented individual, and should be starring in his own series." — thalassa_7
5 of 16 Frank Ockenfels/The CW

Erica Durance

"Though I'm not nearly ready to let go of her as Lois Lane yet (crosses fingers for a Season 9 of Smallville), I'd love to see Erica Durance get a show devoted to her wonderful talents. Something funny or quirky with a little action and a little romance. Durance is a mega star in waiting, and she deserves to work on a project where she is respected and loved!" — AchtungBecca
6 of 16 Justin Stephens/Sci Fi

Michael Hogan

"He rocked the s--t out of his role as Col. Saul Tigh and deserves all the recognition he desires." — ComicBookGuy
7 of 16 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Judy Greer

"I was so sad when Miss Guided got cancelled… and when it wasn't good. Get the woman a good script already. She's possibly the most fabulous and underused actress in Hollywood!" — veghead731
8 of 16 Chris Haston/NBC

David Anders

"He was amazing in Alias and Heroes. His talent with accents is also very astounding. He is a very talented, cute and great person. I miss seeing him on TV." — maxi
9 of 16 Larry Riley/FX

Anastasia Griffith

She played a big role in Damages successful first season, and has turned in solid work on Lipstick Jungle, Law & Order: SVU, and New Amsterdam. We'd love to see what this British beauty could do if given the lead.
10 of 16 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Jonny Lee Miller

"He was underappreciated in Eli Stone, which was an excellent show that should have never been cancelled. If he can't entertain us on that show, then the networks should give him another chance with something else. He is a phenomenal actor." — ellie713
11 of 16 Bruce Birmelin/The CW

Lauren Graham

"I want Lauren Graham! Oh, she is getting her own show again, but I want [to choose] her too!" — gilmore addict
12 of 16 UPN

James Marsters

"For Pete's sake, give the man his own series. He is extremely versatile, raises the energy on every show he is on, and has a loyal fan base who would love to see him on a more regular basis." — Berengaria
13 of 16 Carole Segal/Sci Fi

Lucy Lawless

"She has done fantastic work in guest starring roles since Xena, especially in Battlestar Galactica. She deserves another lead role in a show, preferably a comedy, since Lucy is great at comedy too." — rsc75
14 of 16 Eike Schroter/Sci Fi

Connor Trineer

"After watching the Sarah Connor Chronicles, I once again realized how much I miss Connor Trinneer and how he can make a short guest part so interesting. I wish we could see more of him on TV. He is just too good not to." — everchanging "Connor Trinneer is an amazing actor and really deserves to have his own series. The man has talent by the bucket loads." — Flibble "Connor Trineer is so badly underused! This man can act circles around anyone. We just need to see more of him, and I don't mean in little bit guest starring roles and Sci Fi Channel movies." — Allee_28
15 of 16 Fox

Sarah Wayne Callies

"I think Sarah Wayne Callies of Prison Break deserves her own show. PB's coming to an end pretty soon, and I definitely want to see her in her own show. She has great screen presence and has the lead actor quality that would definitely steal over an audience." — Jenny2
16 of 16 NBC

Richard Dean Anderson

"Terrific actor, terrific human being, great sense of humor. How about a comedy for Mr. Anderson?" — romary