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See the TV moments that had everyone buzzing on Facebook and Twitter

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This year, TVGuide.com launched Social Power Rankings to track which TV shows and celebrities our users were talking about. Check out the moments that had everyone buzzing the most in 2011.
2 of 16 Neilson Barnard/Getty Images

Regis Philbin's Exit on Live!

"I would like to see Andy Cohen [replace Regis]. Although I'm not a huge fan of his, if he can interrupt and get the interview going with the screeching that goes on with the Real Housewives reunion specials, he can definitely do so with Kelly's constant yammering." — Angie-bella2
3 of 16 Beth Dubber/Fox

Bones vs. "The Moonlighting Curse"

"I'm so tired of the 'Moonlighting curse' argument — it is ridiculous. Moonlighting did not go off the rails because Maddie and David got together, but because the writers went utterly mad." — Darbyelsa1
4 of 16 Adam Taylor/ABC

Dancing with the Stars War of Words: Maks vs. Len

"Len is the same every season. He is a tough judge and always has been. Fair or not, it is what it is. That doesn't give Maks the right to be disrespectful." — Terri LaValle
5 of 16 Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Community's Temporary Benching

"There is no network show as ambitious and challenging as Community, in my opinion. [It's] not only funny, but brilliantly structured." — ktharker
6 of 16 ABC

Jimmy Kimmel's Eulogy to Uncle Frank

"He had me in tears, too (as well as laughing). It was a beautiful and heartfelt tribute that Uncle Frank would've loved. I sure did!" — DeaconGladstone
7 of 16 Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon Flashes Back to the '90s

"I watched these shows with my kids, so I'm feeling the rush of nostalgia, too, and am looking forward to watching them again." — monkey65
8 of 16 E!

Kim Kardashian's Fairy-Tale Wedding

"Next season will be the divorce. I bet her mother already selected the divorce attorney." — acoustic622
9 of 16 Vince Bucci/Picture Group/Comedy Central

Charlie Sheen's Comedy Central Roast

"Charlie Sheen jokes write themselves." — tvjunkie99
10 of 16 Kristian Dowling/Getty Images

Beyonce's VMA Baby Bump Reveal

"Wouldn't it have been nice if she waited until a day or two after the awards to announce so the people who won could enjoy the accolades of their work?" — Sweeti6637
11 of 16 Christopher Polk/Getty Images


Christina Aguilera's National Anthem Fumble at the Super Bowl "Despite the fact that it's a nerve-wracking situation with millions of people watching, if you're going to sing the national anthem, how could you not learn every word!?" — sirlizard
12 of 16 Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Images

Lady Gaga's Egg Arrival at the Grammys

"If a person is a good enough singer/entertainer, they don't need to employ such ridiculous means." — MartieVacek, via Facebook
13 of 16 Samir Hussein/WireImage.com

The Royal Wedding

"I woke up at 2 a.m. to watch this event. As my mom says, this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that is worth being tired for. I know Kate will make an amazing mother, just like Diana." — Katherine Quartermain, via Facebook
14 of 16 CBS

Ashton Kutcher's Debut on Two and a Half Men

"Bottom line: Kutcher cannot act and certainly he will never fill Sheen's shoes. Worst casting choice in years, and it will cost the show millions of viewers. What were they thinking? Unwatchable." — goplad
15 of 16 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox

New Girl Steals America's Heart

"Zooey is just adorkable as Jess, and I like the vibe between her and the roommates. Several of my friends want a "douchebag jar" of their own." — ValkyrieX
16 of 16 Chris Haston/NBC

Michael Scott's Exit from The Office

"We'll miss him a lot. His departure sure was hard on us all. That's what she said." — MikeHafezi, via Facebook