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The 411 straight from the dancers themselves

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On So You Think You Can Dance's 11th season, the reality dance competition once again reverts to its original formula of declaring only one winner as America's Favorite Dancer. That means you as viewers will have a more difficult time choosing among your favorites this year. To make your decision (marginally) easier, here's your guide to the Top 20 dancers. Whose teacher is Dancing with the Stars' Maxim? Who knows how to spearfish? Who saw Black Swan 20 times? Get the 411, straight from the dancers themselves.
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Bridget Whitman, 20

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pa. Dance style: Contemporary Stress reliever: "To handle this I really like like to get lost in books. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. It's a classic and was one of my favorite books in high school. I keep it with me." Guilty pleasure song: "Right now it's 'Problem' by Ariana Grande. That one is playing all the time. But my all-time move and groove is "Don't Stop Believing.' So inspiring. I'm such a dork, but you can't help just belt along with it." Celebrity doppelganger: "I get Vanessa Hudgens a lot or Selena Gomez. It's the dark features."
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Brooklyn Fullmer, 18

Hometown: Provo, Utah Dance style: Latin Ballroom In good company: Brooklyn and her audition partner Marcquet Hill both made it into the Top 20! "Having Marquet here is such a blessing," she says. Why Latin Ballroom: "I feel like I can be super-sexy. Since there are five dances in Latin, there are so many different characters you can transform into. And you dance with a guy. That doesn't suck." Signature move: "It's a Cuban break step with a spot turn into pose." Dream All-Star pairing: "The All-Star I would love to work with is Lindsay Arnold, my best friend. She was on Season 9. How fun would that be to do a ballroom girly-sexy duo?"
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Carly Blaney, 20

Hometown: Wyckoff, N.J. Dance style: Contemporary Early start: Carly started her dance training at age 2. "I was always dancing around the house," she says. "I found this tutu at my aunt's house that I would wear every day, and so when my mom saw that she was like, 'We'll just put you in dance a little early.' I did a little shake and a little stumble on stage." Biggest genre challenge: "I'm excited for everything ... but I'm really nervous for hip-hop and ballroom and Bollywood. I think one of my main things is as a contemporary dancer, I like flowy and smooth movement, whereas hip-hop is hard-hitting and in your face." Favorite dance song/artist: "I love anything by Christina Aguilera. Just her voice gets you going."
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Casey Askew, 19

Hometown: Seattle, Wash. Dance style: Contemporary Dream All-Star pairing: "I would want to work with Chelsie Hightower just because I have always wanted to be a ballroom dancer. I absolutely love ballroom even though I'm not very good at it." On his iPod: "I like every Taylor Swift song ever made. I love her." Signature move: "My turns have always been my strongest point. I can consistently hit 19 pirouettes usually on a good floor." Bad habit: "I look at my hair and try to fix my hair too much. I'm always looking in the mirror to make sure it's perfect. I need to let it be and calm down. I fix it every two seconds and flip my hair a lot."
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Emilio Dosal, 23

Hometown: Houston, Texas Dance style: Popping Second time's the charm: Emilio made it to the Top 20 last season, but had to drop out after he got injured on his first rehearsal day. "I got knocked in the nose," he reveals. "I had five fractures and my main septum was deviated to the left side. So I had to go through immediate surgery." How he kept sharp: "After my recovery period, I actually got a call from one of my friends telling me that there was going to be an audition for Step Up 5. I auditioned for that and I made it." Celebrity doppelganger: "People used to tell me it was Jean-Claude Van Damme. I guess it's because I did Tae Kwon Do, and back in the day I used to have a perfect split before I pulled my hamstring." Bad habit: "When I tell a joke and people don't laugh, I have to punch them."
7 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Emily James, 21

Hometown: North Kingstown, R.I. Dance style: Contemporary Early troublemaker: "When I was 2 years old, I was kicked out of my first ballet class. I have video footage. There are all of these little girls in pink and white, and then there's me in all black hanging from the bars, doing my own little thing." On her iPod: "I'm currently obsessed with the band Haim. It's three sisters. It's amazing and kind of has an old-school vibe to it. It reminds me a lot of Stevie Nicks." Secret skill: "I can spearfish. I have some friends who live in the Keys, and they taught me how to spearfish and now I'm addicted to it. If I got a big grouper I could cook it up and fillet it."
8 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Jacque Lewarne, 18

Hometown: Clive, Iowa Dance style: Ballet Favorite dance movie: "Center Stage was one of the first few that I thought was awesome. It was right at that age too when I thought, 'Oh wow. I want to be just like that. I want to dance professionally.'" Secret skill: "I like to knit. Mainly scarves, like those infinity scarves when those were in. I love making them for my mom. I remember knitting her a little doll of herself for Mother's Day when I was younger." In the far future: "I've always been interested in science and math actually, and so I want to stay in that medical or science field and maybe do something like physical therapy and help dancers that way."
9 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Jessica Richens, 18

Hometown: Yorba Linda, Calif. Dance style: Jazz Competition strategy: "My friend Mackenzie was on last season. She told me that she had a problem with self-confidence when she was on the show and she second-guessed herself. She said to really try and believe in yourself. That will make your ride a lot easier." Favorite dance movies: "I remember watching the first Step Up. Ooh, I also love Burlesque. I could watch that movie 10 times in a row." Favorite SYTYCD rewind: "I remember the one routine I keep going back to was 'No Air' with Katee and Josh. He was leaving for war and stuff. I was like, 'Sigh!'"
10 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Jourdan Epstein, 24

Hometown: Plymouth, Minn. Dance style: Ballet Great expectations: "I was so happy to meet Mary. Her scream — I've been wanting to hear that in real life for years. It was fantastic. Nigel was wonderful too. He said amazing things. It was just really encouraging to hear." Favorite dance movie: 'I went to see Black Swan in theaters, like, 20 times. I'm possibly exaggerating but not really. I went to see it in different countries. I went traveling around Europe.. I saw it in Russia. I saw Black Swan in Florence, Italy. Secret skill: "I am a second-degree black belt in Tae Kwon Do."
11 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Malene Ostergaard, 25

Hometown: Aarhus, Denmark Dance style: Ballroom Early start: "I began training when I was 3 years old. I loved it. I'm an only child. I was very quiet in school. I was teased, a little nerd type. Dancing was always fun for me. I stayed in dance class as long as I could. I helped out my teacher. That was where I had my fun." Guilty pleasure food: "I always eat healthy food, but I have a weakness for pita chips because they're fried. When I dance, I need something salty and fattening so pita chips. I dip it in anything: guacamole or sour cream. Secret skill: "I shoot guns. Target shooting. My dad always did that with me when I was little because he was in the military, so we did that for fun. It was a rifle or a pistol."
12 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Marcquet Hill, 18

Hometown: South Jordan, Utah Dance style: Latin Ballroom Movie he watches on repeat: "Drumline. I remember for a period of time, that movie was on every day. And I used to play the drums, so I was like was drumming the cadences. Hardcore going at it. Secret skill: "I'm from a musical family. I play the drums and the ukelele. Of course I do karaoke. My go-to song is Justin Timberlake's 'Cry Me a River' — every time."br> Dream collaboration: "Alive or dead? I would say Gene Kelly or Fred Astaire or Bob Fosse. Those sorts of people, the way they did things back then — just one take, everything full out. Tap, ballet, it's just mind-blowing."
13 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Nick Garcia, 18

Hometown: Miami, Fla. Dance style: Latin Ballroom SYTYCD inspirations: "Nick Lazzarini was a big influence. And I used to love going to ballroom competitions and watch Benji [Schwimmer]. He was always so classy. I thought that was amazing. Guys danced like guys, and women danced like women. It was authentic." His biggest supporter: "I stopped dancing a few years ago because I wanted to play basketball. My dad threw my dance shoes away, got me some basketball sneakers and a basketball and a hoop. The next year I wanted to dance again, he threw them all away and got me dance stuff." Miami loyalty: "I'm also a huge fan of sports. When the Heat lost I cried a little bit. The Dolphins have sucked. The Marlins have always sucked. I've been through some hard times. But I try to go to every game, every Dolphins game and every Marlins game and every Heat game."
14 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Ricky Ubeda, 18

Hometown: Miami, Fla. Dance style: Contemporary Celebrity doppelganger: "People say I look like Dave Franco. I don't see, it but that's what I get the most. He's awesome." His guilty pleasure: "It's a drink. Cuban coffee. It's very concentrated, very strong. I make it every morning. I brought my little cafetera. I can make it on the stove." In the far future: "I definitely want to transition to choreography when I'm done dancing. That's what I'm aiming to do when my body just can't do it anymore. I'm hoping to choreograph and be an artistic director, that whole deal."
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Rudy Abreu, 19

Hometown: Miami, Fla. Dance style: Contemporary Dream collaboration: "I would like to do a duet with Chaz Buzan or Ade Obayomi — they're both animals and they're both two of my biggest inspirations." Guilty pleasure: "I'm a big Nutella fan. Nutella and banana sandwich, Nutella and bananas, Nutella on apples, on everything pretty much." Celebrity doppelganger: "Cat Deeley says I look like a young Robert DeNiro." Favorite dance song: "'We Don't Eat' by James Vincent McMorrow. It's such a beautiful song. Whenever that song comes on you can dance so soft or you can dance super-intense."
16 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Serge Onik, 26

Hometown: Upper Saddle River, N.J. Dance style: Latin Ballroom The late bloomer: Serge played sports until age 12, when he stumbled across a dance studio. "I was walking around the corner from the ice cream store and I hear music coming out of this building," he says. "I walk inside, and this dude is dancing ballroom with this girl. That was the first time something stopped me in my tracks. I saw the beauty in it." Dream collaboration "It would be so satisfying if I would be able to perform a number with Max and Val [Chmerkovskiy] from Dancing with the Stars because Val and I grew up together and Max taught us how to dance. Max is my teacher. He was the guy who was in the room dancing." Favorite dance song: "This song that I'm obsessed with right now is called 'Wicked Games' by Parra for Cuva. It's like a remix of the real song. It is a trip."
17 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Stanley Glover, 19

Hometown: Philadelphia, Penn. Dance style: Contemporary A late start: "I started dancing at the age of 13. I definitely felt like I had to catch up a lot because of the girls there, they had been dancing since they were 3, so they knew the terminology, they knew everything. I had to push myself." Dream choreographer: "I really want to work with Sonya [Tayeh] because my style is kind of creature-esque and she's very hardcore creature, so I feel like the two of us would make magic." Signature move: "It's a squat and it almost looks like I'm a spider when I do it. My legs are spread and all my weight is on my hands, so I'm creature-esque."
18 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Tanisha Belnap, 20

Hometown: Payson, Utah Dance style: Ballroom An inauspicious start: "I started dancing when I was 4 and I hated it. I started in ballet, and I was the biggest tomboy. I hated that I had to wear pink tights, so I figured out that if I could put my tights in the laundry with the white clothes, my mom would bleach it and then I could wear white tights." Celebrity doppelganger: "One I used to get a lot as a kid was Dakota Fanning — Uptown Girls specifically — when we both were little, but now that we've grown up we look a lot different." Secret skills: "I'm actually really good at cooking. I make an amazing pie I make every Thanksgiving, white chocolate raspberry, and Rollo cookies, which are chocolate cookies with caramel in the middle. And I'm really good at burping."
19 of 21 Brooklin Rosenstock/Fox

Teddy Coffey, 19

Hometown: Rochester, N.Y. Dance style: Hip Hop Favorite dance movie: "One dance movie I love just for the dancing is You Got Served. The dancing is incredible." Celebrity doppelganger: "I've been told I look like the star from Twilight, Robert Pattinson. I think it's just because I'm pale and I have dark hair. I don't see it, but I'll take it." Secret skill: "I really enjoy singing. I sing all the time though. I make up songs and I sing them. I sing everything. I sing sentences."
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Valerie Rockey, 20

Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind. Dance style: Tap Dream All-Star collaboration: "I would love to do something with Katherine Katherine McCormick. But tWitch also. But that's the only thing. I'm not a good hip-hopper but I would love to dance with tWitch. Watching him, it's just fun. He's a character." Celebrity doppelganger: "I get Emma Watson and Emma Stone, which is weird because I was supposed to be Emma if I was not Valerie. I don't get it, but I've gotten it multiple times." Favorite movies: "My favorite movie is Matilda. I grew up watching that all the time. For dance movies, I like Chicago and Moulin Rouge.
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Zack Everhart, 20

Hometown: Kennesaw, Ga. Dance style: Tap Genre dance challenge: "The quickstep is definitely one of the ones I'm more nervous about, but historically tap dancers have always danced quickstep, especially Fred Astaire in a lot of movies. So I'm interested in trying to give my twist on it." Signature moves: "I actually stole one from Anthony Morigerato. He is the sickest tap choreographer and tap dancer that I could name. His flying shuffles and the slides that he does. Both of those I use in almost every routine." Secret skill: "I play a lot of video games. Right now my favorite is League of Legends. I've also been a fan of [World of Warcraft] and Elder Scrolls."