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See the performers we'd like to take the lead in Studio 8H.

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Earlier this month, NBC announced that Tina Fey would host the season premiere of Saturday Night Live. And while we love Tina, we couldn't help but think of a number of performers we'd like to see get a shot in Studio 8H. Click ahead to see our list of dream hosts!
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Aaron Paul

Bryan Cranston hosted SNL in 2010, but his partner in crime Paul hasn't been able to take his bitch-slinging comedy chops live yet. Not only would Paul likely be joined by a few Breaking Bad surprise cameos, but it's about time we get that Price Is Right spoof Paul's real-life game show appearance is begging for.
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Andrew Garfield

His girlfriend Emma Stone has hosted twice, so why hasn't Spidey ever taken center stage? Seriously, why? It's a crime against humanity. Garfield is charming, can do great accents and has hair so big, it's begging to be used in a Robert Pattinson spoof (especially since Bill Hader is no longer around to do it).
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Andy Cohen

Taran Killam has already done a scathing — and hilarious — impression of Cohen, but why not get the man himself? The Watch What Happens Live host took the parody in stride, so it's clear he has a healthy sense of humor, and he would add some serious gravitas to SNL's Real Housewives skits.
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Anna Kendrick

Anyone who follows Kendrick on Twitter or Instagram knows the Pitch Perfect actress is one of the funniest around, yet Kendrick mainly sticks to drama when it comes to film. SNL would be the perfect opportunity to take her comedy mainstream. Kendrick could also follow in the footsteps of Justin Timberlake and leverage her singing abilities for great laughs. Plus: Cup game, anyone?
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Benedict Cumberbatch

He was just on the big screen as Star Trek's Khan, he'll soon be donning his Sherlock cap again, and with two anticipated films coming up (12 Years a Slave and August: Osage County), Cumberbatch has more than enough material to promote and the charisma to do it. Plus, the onslaught of his "cumberbitches" tuning in would be great for SNL's ratings.
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Britney Spears

Since hosting SNL in 2000 and 2002, Britney's changed a lot. But after a tumultuous few years, Brit is back and better than ever. So why not take this time to return to one of her forgotten loves: acting! With an anticipated new album in the works and a Vegas residency, now is the perfect time for the Princess of Pop to show off her country charm (and wacky facial expressions) on SNL once more.
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Claire Danes

Danes hosted SNL way back in 1997 and with her renewed buzz thanks to Homeland it's time she return. Plus, it would be the perfect opportunity for the actress to seek friendly revenge on Anne Hathaway for her impression of Danes a la Homeland's Carrie in a 2012 SNL skit (and we wouldn't mind some great cry face spoofs, either).
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Connie Britton

The Friday Night Lights and Nashville star is funnier than most give her credit for. She's already appeared on SNL writer Mike O'Brien's web show 7 Minutes In Heaven, where she proved to be just as quick as the comedy scribe. Plus, Britton and her infamous locks would be perfect for hair commercial spoof!
10 of 32 Jamie McCarthy/WireImage

Donald Glover

There are too many reasons to list why the Community star would be the best SNL host. First off, he's incredibly clever and does dead-on impressions of Tracy Morgan, Chris Rock and even a hilarious Barack Obama. With his time left at NBC ticking, the network should take advantage of Glover and his many talents while they have him! He could even pull double duty as host and musical guest.
11 of 32 Angela Weiss/Getty Images

Jane Lynch

Lynch may have just hosted in 2010, but is there really any such thing as too much Jane Lynch? No, no there's not. And while she's great as Sue Sylvester on Glee, Lynch's true talents lie in improv. (Anyone who's seen Best in Show knows what we're talking about). SNL already used Lynch in a great Glee parody, but this time around the show could take on her other series, Hollywood Game Night, which would afford the opportunity for the rest of the players to show off their best celebrity impressions.
12 of 32 Rob Kim/Getty Images

Jesse Tyler Ferguson

Ferguson seems like one of those actors who's game for anything, which is exactly what a great SNL host needs. He's self-deprecating, high-energy and has shown of a strange range of impersonations in the past (his Al Pacino watching Modern Family might take the cake). SNL would also be crazy not to take advantage of his singing and dancing talents, because after so many appearances on So You Think You Can Dance it'd nice to have proof he actually can.
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Joe Manganiello

No one in Hollywood seems more enthusiastic about spoofing himself. Manganiello has done some over-the-top things in his career (hello, Magic Mike) and he's tackled them all with aplomb and a smile. His impressive 6'5" physique would also lend itself perfectly to a nostalgic throwback to "Pumping Up with Hans & Franz," because it's been far too long since bodybuilders and sketch comedy became one and the same.
14 of 32 Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

John Mayer

Mayer is known for two things: his music and being the worst. Yet fans of his 2004 VH1 special John Mayer Has a TV Show know Mayer's best asset is his comedy. Over the years, Mayer has made a habit of randomly performing stand-up, yet he's never put all that practice to good use! The singer would be a perfect host/musical guest combo and now that he's "reformed" from his bad boy image, Mayer seems to have gained the perspective to poke fun of his past while also helping to change his reputation for the future.
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Julia Louis-Dreyfus

Louis-Dreyfus was repertory player on SNL in the early '80s and returned to the stage to host in 2007. With the success of Veep and her record-breaking 14th Emmy nomination, now is the perfect time for Louis-Dreyfus to return. Plus, she and Taran Killam would be the perfect team to take on some classic SNL political satire!
16 of 32 Thomas Concordia/WireImage

Kerry Washington

Is there anyone in Hollywood with more buzz than Kerry Washington? She stars in the hottest show on TV and could potentially be the first black woman to win a Best Lead Actress Emmy. So c'mon, SNL, get it together and get Washington to host. Her Gladiators would happily tune in to see what happens when the sketch series spoofs Olivia Pope & Co.
17 of 32 Michael Loccisano/WireImage

Kevin Bacon

It's been over 20 years since Bacon last hosted SNL in 1991, and that, my friends, is a travesty. Though the time may have passed for Footloose or Hollow Man jokes, we'd love to see Bacon take a tongue-in-cheek approach to The Following's terribly incompetent law enforcement.
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Macklemore and Ryan Lewis made their SNL debut in spring 2013 as musical guests (they totally killed it, BTW), but it'd be great to see the rapper take on hosting duties. There's no evidence that Macklemore has the skills to tackle live sketch comedy, but he seems playful and charismatic enough to handle anything that comes his way. Plus, who wouldn't want to see Macklemore go thrift shopping with Bobby Moynihan and Jay Pharoah?
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Max Greenfield

Not only does Greenfield play the breakout star on New Girl but the actor is the definition of a true SNL fan. Proof? Greenfield had an SNL-themed bar mitzvah way back in the day! So please, SNL, help make our and Greenfield's dreams come true by letting him host this season. New Girl is ripe for parody, so why not switch it up and have Greenfield play a guy who is forced to move in with Cecily Strong, Vanessa Bayer and Aidy Bryant? It could give a whole new meaning to the phrase "douche jar."
20 of 32 Brad Barket/Getty Images

Michael Strahan

You might think Strahan has already appeared on SNL before, but that's just because Jay Pharoah did a hilarious impression of him in 2012. We'd love to see the real Strahan appear, not only for the morning show gags but also for some often ignored sports humor! Who knows what Strahan, Kenan Thompson and Taran Killam would get up to in a locker room together, but we'd like to find out!
21 of 32 Larry Busacca/Getty Images

Mila Kunis

Kunis is a natural when it comes to comedy. She starred on That '70s Show when she was only 14 before going on to Family Guy, Ted and Friends with Benefits. So why hasn't she hosted yet? Turns out even the Sexiest Woman Alive needs a confidence boost before tackling live TV. "I am so scared of screwing up on SNL because it's live — you can't have a do-over," Kunis told Esquire in 2012.
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Nathan Fillion

Fillion seems custom built for SNL. He has a huge cult following, a hit show and can belt out a tune with the best of them. And while the Castle star has a delightful sense of humor, he can also play the straight man when needed. Though, even Fillion's poker face might be tested if he appeared alongside Seth Meyers and Cecily Strong on "Weekend Update."
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Norman Reedus

Walking Dead is a huge show that has already been parodied by SNL, yet none of the show's stars have ever hosted. Though Reedus isn't a comedian, he'd be the perfect choice. The actor has shown off a great sense of humor at various public appearances and lists SNL as one of his favorite shows. It seems like a match made in heaven to us!
24 of 32 Charley Gallay/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images

Pablo Schreiber

Screiber has proven to be an incredible chameleon through his roles on The Wire, Orange is the New Black and SVU. Not only does that mean he could easily handle any skit SNL required of him, but it would also provide ample material to parody on the show. Shreiber is also a natural comedian, improvising a lot of his OITNB one-liners. And really, the fact that there hasn't been an official Pornstache spoof yet is shocking. Make it happen, SNL!
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Patrick Stewart

The last time Stewart hosted SNL we were still using dial-up and and Justin Bieber hadn't even been born yet. It's about time the actor made his glorious return! And as his Twitter account proves, Stewart is as funny as ever. Plus, not only does he have a new play on Broadway (meaning he's conveniently in NYC), but he would be the perfect person to spoof the new Star Trek revamp, along with the upcoming X-Men film. We're sure his best buddy Ian McKellan might even turn up to help him out!
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Peter Dinklage

Dinklage is as clever as his Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister, and SNL would be the perfect place to showcase his wit. The actor, who is 4'5", also has a definite sense of humor about his stature (see Elf) and would surely be down to poke fun at it. Though we hope they wouldn't limit his hosting run to size jokes when the Dink is capable of so much more! He can be menacing, goofy, sexy — whatever SNL needs, he'd provide. Hopefully in the format of a Game of Thrones spoof, which would allow us to finally laugh at the absurdities of Westeros instead of crying over those we've lost. Although, we're not going to lie — a Red Wedding tribute would be appreciated.
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Rebel Wilson

Wilson killed it as host of the MTV Movie Awards and with a new show on ABC this fall, it seems like now is the perfect time to take her hosting skills to SNL. Wilson doesn't seem afraid of anything and wouldn't hesitate before making herself the butt of any joke. We'd love to see her also take on jokes that don't play the overweight angle which made Wilson famous in Pitch Perfect. (Been there, done that!) SNL would be an opportunity to see something different from the Super Fun Night star!
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Robin Williams

Williams aced it each of the three times he's hosted before, so why not bring him back? And with Williams making his anticipated return to TV with The Crazy Ones, a reprise wouldn't be completely out of the blue. The comedian could use the show as a platform to show off his incredible impersonations we've been severely lacking in recent years (and we wouldn't say no to a long overdue Mrs. Doubtfire spoof, either).
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Ryan Gosling

Has anyone ever been so universally loved as Ryan Gosling? While his films might not bank too much, Baby Goose is a cultural and Internet phenomenon who somehow remains humble amidst the world-wide obsession with everything he does. SNL would be a great opportunity for Gosling to spoof his own celebrity and eccentric behavior. Skit suggestions: "Hey Girl," a Mickey Mouse Club throwback and anything that involves the actor shirtless.
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Sandra Bullock

America's real sweetheart Bullock has a new film coming out, Gravity, which is just begging for an SNL parody. We'd love to see Bullock stranded out in space with Bobby Moynihan trying to lead her home!
31 of 32 Michael Kovac/WireImage

Tatiana Maslany

Maslany has shown off her incredible range on BBC America's sci-fi clone drama Orphan Black, so we already know she has the chops to transition between various characters on SNL. And while it's unfortunate Maslany couldn't play five roles at once, we'd love to see all the women of SNL join Maslany in one great clone spoof.
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Will Arnett

Arnett's ex Amy Poehler was a beloved SNL staple for many years and hopefully their split won't impede his chances at hosting the sketch series. Especially because the revival of Arrested Development and his new series The Millers make it the perfect time for Arnett to host. The actor has the perfect comic sensibility to be a real scene-stealer, whether he's playing a narcissistic jerk or a regular Joe thrown out of his element. Though, we do demand at least one segue and/or chicken dance joke.