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Find out what happened to the super farm boy from Smallville, Kansas, plus his friends and foes

Gallery, Smallville
1 of 14 Michael Courtney/The CW/Landov; Lionsgate

1. Tom Welling

Putting the super in pre-Superman, Welling as Clark Kent was the teen superhero at the start of the superhero TV phenomenon. Keeping it relatively low-key, Welling has since popped up in more grounded movie projects like Parkland, Draft Day and the Nicholas Sparks movie adaptation, The Choice.

2 of 14 Michael Courtney/The CW/Landov; TVLand

2. Michael Rosenbaum

Forgoing the trademark Lex Luthor chrome dome, Rosenbaum swapped bald melodrama for hirsute comedy, appearing in the short-lived comedy Breaking In. He will continue in the comedy vein with TV Land’s summer series Impastor, in which he plays a gambler hiding from a loan shark as a pastor.

3 of 14 David Gray/The CW/Landov; Ben Mark Holzberg/The CW

3. Kristin Kreuk

Before Clark ever knew Lois, Kreuk played his high school sweetheart Lana Lang. Still a darling of the WB/CW, Kreuk now stars as the beautiful Catherine to Jay Ryan’s beastly Vincent in Beauty & the Beast.

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5. Sam Jones III

As the unflappable Pete Ross, Jones was the best friend a Superman could have. Real life took a different turn when Jones went to prison for drug conspiracy charges in 2011. But released early for good behavior and past community service work, Jones aims to make his comeback in the crowdfunded movie continuation of the Spike sports-comedy series Blue Mountain State.

5 of 14 Jack Rowand/The CW/Landov; FX

4. Allison Mack

As young Supe’s sidekick Chloe Sullivan, Mack could have drawn Superman fans’ ire (since her character was never in the comics) but she quickly became a fan favorite. Post-Smallville, Mack is still popular on the comics-convention circuit and recently guest-starred on “cult” favorite The Following.

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6. Annette O’Toole

Since playing Martha Kent, the most accepting mom ever, O’Toole has continued to work in both music and TV. Her latest role, as a southern billionaire on Halt and Catch Fire, is a far cry from humble, sweet Martha.

7 of 14 Jack Rowan/The CW/Landov; OWN

7. John Schneider

Previously known for his classic role as Bo Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard, Schneider made a new name for himself as Clark’s honorable farmer dad Jonathan Kent. Regularly seen on TV for nearly 40 years, Schneider currently stars as the wealthy Jim Cryer on OWN’s The Haves and the Have Nots.

8 of 14 Jack Rowan/The CW/Landov; CTV

8. Erica Durance

Durance made waves in Smallville as intrepid reporter (and eventual soulmate to the future Man of Steel) Lois Lane. No stranger to a Hallmark movie or two, she currently headlines the Canadian medical drama Saving Hope.

9 of 14 Michael Courtney/The CW/Landov; Syfy

9. Aaron Ashmore

Not to be confused with his X-man twin brother Shawn, Aaron Ashmore won the loyalty of Clark and the gang as Smallville’s Jimmy Olsen. A bonafide sci-fi TV pro, Ashmore has gone on to snag roles on Warehouse 13 and Lost Girl. His next project is the horror film, Regression, costarring Ethan Hawke and Emma Watson.

10 of 14 Michael Courtney/The CW/Landov; Shane Mahood/NBC

10. Laura Vandervoort

Vandervoort’s Kara Kent showed everyone that Clark isn’t the only “super” one in Smallville. While Supergirl is slated to star in her own (unrelated) series on CBS, Vandervoort has kept busy with other sci-fi series like V and Haven, as well as as starring on Syfy’s werewolf drama, Bitten.

11 of 14 Jack Rowand/The CW/Landov; David M. Russell/CBS

11. John Glover

The theater, television and voice character actor sure knows his way around a deliciously villainous role, and Lex’s dastardly father Lionel Luthor was no exception. Glover has since chewed through scenes on Tron: Uprising, The Good Wife, The Blacklist and Agent Carter.

12 of 14 Jack Rowand/The CW/Landov; ABC

12. Justin Hartley

Before Stephen Amell’s salmon ladder enthusiast, there was Justin Hartley’s Oliver Queen, a.k.a. Green Arrow. The once would-have-been-Aquaman, Hartley is now known as a TV heartthrob, heating up the small screen on Revenge, Mistresses and The Young and the Restless.

13 of 14 Michael Courtney/The CW/Landov; A&E

13. Cassidy Freeman

From Lex Luthor’s handpicked predecessor Tess Mercer to indie rock singer of The Real D’Coy, Freeman balances time as a singer and pianist with acting on shows like Once Upon a Time and Longmire.

14 of 14 The CW; Cinemax

14. Eric Johnson

From mean jock to war hero, Smallville High’s Whitney Fordman, played by Johnson, came a long way from his days tieing Clark up in a cornfield. Since then he’s married to a woman he met on Smallville (then Annette O’Toole’s personal assistant) and is still working on TV, most notably for shows like Rookie Blue, Orphan Black and The Knick.