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Check out the aging series TVGuide.com users are breaking up with

1 of 18 Kevin Estrada/FOX


We asked TVGuide.com users which shows they were leaving behind. The following list is made up of their picks.

"I gave up on Bones. Are there any more annoying characters than Bones and Booth" -- Larry

"I hated that Bones killed Sweets off. I loved seeing his character development. I only watched because they had the Sleepy Hollow crossover." -- MelodyJ

2 of 18 Jordin Althaus/ABC


"Castle has moved in a direction that causes me physical pain." -- Amanda Weimar

"I am very disappointed with Season 8. I think the producers and writers have really missed the boat as to the characters. The actors are still very very good, but the material they have to work with is poor. If the show does not get any better by winter hiatus, I may seriously give it up." -- Ira Allan Ginsburg

3 of 18 Michael Parmelee/CBS

The Good Wife

"The Good Wife is getting on my last nerve with the Peter and Alicia back and forth bull. I am so over that." -- nan

"The Good Wife is way so over for me. I go watch an old episode of In the Heat of the Night when it comes on." -- Dawn W.

4 of 18 Jessica Brooks/CBS

​CSI: Cyber

"The only good thing about the show is Ted Danson. They should have done a retool with Danson as principal character of the old CSI. Cyber is a flop in my opinion." -- tom381

5 of 18 Simon Ridgway/BBC America

​Doctor Who

"I gave up when I realized I wasn't bothering to watch episodes I recorded on my DVR. This whole season has been gearing up for Jenna Coleman's departure. ... I think I'm giving up until Steven Moffat leaves." -- compeer

6 of 18 Nicole Rivelli/FOX


"I'm still recording Gotham on the DVR, but always pick something else to watch. It just isn't as good as I wanted it to be, and the character of Fish Mooney last season was terrible." -- PB

7 of 18 Scott Green/NBC


"I gave up on Grimm. They drop plot points like candy and drag other ones through the dirt. Got tired of waiting to get answers they obviously dropped to the waste side for a random storyline for way too long." -- Sami

8 of 18 Peter Kramer/NBC

​The Blacklist

"I quit the Blacklist, can't stand Liz. Why must they pair such dumb and inane character with amazing Spader? And Megan Boone...so boring and bland *snooze*" -- mollahh

"Elizabeth's unconvincing switch from vulnerable hero to violent gangster is not interesting." -- betsybug

9 of 18 Jack Rowand/ABC

​Once Upon a Time

"I used to enjoy Once Upon a Time but I find myself letting it clog up my DVR without wanting to watch the episodes." -- Christie Evans

"I'm debating on giving up Once Upon a Time. This season I'm really on the fence. Plus Emma as the Dark One: talk about wooden. Just dislike this path they have gone down." -- nan

10 of 18 Annette Brown/The CW

​The Vampire Diaries

"I hate [dropping] a show and rarely did it, but this season I dropped The Vampire Diaries. From the beginning my only interest was Delena. There's no reason for me to watch it now." -- May

11 of 18 Gene Page/AMC

​The Walking Dead

"The Walking Dead won't rise up from the obvious 'cliff-hanger, tease the audience' Glenn situation for me. One of the appeals for TWD was how it didn't follow TV plug-n-play methods. Unfortunately a line was crossed for me and it's time to move on." -- Halvy Buckets

"It is the same story every season with The Walking Dead, I gave up on it last year. They are roaming, roaming, and then they think they find a place that is safe, but (no) surprise! It's really not safe. Then the blonde and the not-white guy dies." -- TVUser

12 of 18 HBO

​Game of Thrones

"Game of Thrones went off the reservation by adding in too many rapes for the sake of letting a man have emotional development. Maybe I'll watch it if/when I finished the books." -- Mariam Watt

13 of 18 Eddy Chen/ABC

​Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

"I've got about 15 episodes of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. on my DVR. Considering just letting it go." -- Derek W

14 of 18 Tina Rowden/FOX

​Sleepy Hollow

"I loved Sleepy Hollow's first season, but started to struggle through about half way into the second season. I just couldn't get into Katrina, and Henry's mommy/daddy issues. I haven't watched a single episode this season, so I guess it's safe to say I've dumped it." -- jlopie1

15 of 18 Diyah Pera/The CW


I will say, at 10 seasons for Supernatural, it is getting long in the tooth. I still watch mostly out of loyalty, but it is starting to show its age IMO." -- lfhlaw

16 of 18 Ron Tom/ABC


"I'm so tired of Olivia and Fitz and all of that drama. I want Olivia and her Gladiators to handle cases like they used to. I stuck it out with all of the B613 crap, but this show has lost my interest." -- Lolasmom

17 of 18 Stephan Rabold/SHOWTIME


"I wasn't excited to watch post-Brody, but tried it out when I got the free month of Showtime. UGH! There aren't a lot of good portrayals of bipolar disorder on TV to be sure, but the shorthand they started to use of 'Carrie takes her pills with wine and makes lots of bad decisions' has worn pretty thin. The story being OK to unwatchable in some episodes really kicked me off the fence. When she tried to seduce the kid she was watching in a safehouse, my skin was crawling and I couldn't stand it anymore. The show itself had become torture." -- opalexian

18 of 18 Tony Rivetti/ABC

​Grey's Anatomy

"Given up on Grey's Anatomy. It should have ended when Sandra Oh left the show, let alone when Patrick Dempsey ditched it." -- trystgirl