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Check out the series TVGuide.com users don't plan to watch this fall

Shaun Harrison
1 of 11 Patrick McElhenney/Fox


"I'll be dropping Bones. Yet another show that went downhill once they introduced a baby into the storyline." — Tikki
2 of 11 Cliff Lipson/CBS

Criminal Minds

"I ditched Criminal Minds. No Emily, no go. The stories also seemed to have upped the gruesome factor this season, which made it more difficult to watch. — Linderella "I was over Criminal Minds a while ago, then came back with the Prentiss storyline. But the crimes are just too twisted. I can't watch anymore either." — Jen12
3 of 11 Adam Rose/Fox


"Glee-be-gone. Actually, they kinda lost me already. They only really developed Kurt — never explained how he and Rachel became besties — and worked too hard to make everyone else implausible and unlikeable." — Tigerlily
4 of 11 Randy Holmes/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

"I had stopped [watching] Grey's Anatomy every week about three seasons back. And then about two years ago, I only watched it about three times a year. With Lexie dead I will not be tuning in anymore." — Leslie "I didn't watch the season except for the finale. When Lexie died, I knew that was it for me. They got rid of most of the original cast and replaced them with these annoying wanabees who are less atractive and cant act for s---." — Becca913
5 of 11 Richard Cartwright/Fox

How I Met Your Mother

"I've been a faithful viewer all this time, but I'm so disgusted with the Robin/Barney endgame reveal (I think the two of them have zero romantic chemistry, although I love them as friends), and with being jerked around on the identity of the mother, that they've lost me for good." — Linda_5775
6 of 11 Norman Shapiro/CBS

Hawaii 5-0

"Hawaii Five-0 is off my radar even if they did end with that McGarret mom cliff-hanger. It lost its way this past season when Wo Fat was apprehended off-screen. Note to writers: When the big bad is taken down, we want to see it. Not just hear about it." — Lyonessa
7 of 11 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

The Office

"I used to watch it faithfully, but barely made it through a few episodes of this past season. I don't consistently like Andy, and I can't stand the new English woman's character. I'd rather have kept Robert California's droll sense of humor than her pushiness." — SloppyJo "The Office is hanging by a thread. I'll stick it out to see how the Schrute Farms spin-off pans out, but that's it. The fact that several cast members have already left … to make room for new cast members like Catherine Tate (I find her so annoying, I don't even remember who she plays) only makes me want to jump ship even more." — IsaVauSark
8 of 11 Karen Neal/ABC

Private Practice

"I originally started watching because of the casting of Audra McDonald, Taye Diggs, Amy Brenneman and Tim Daly. I tolerated the Addison character. Now with two of the four reasons I watched the show gone, and the complete and total waste of Brenneman's talent on lame storylines... I'm out. — Jen12 "Private Practice went off the deep end a while ago, and the show finally lost me as a viewer late this past season. These characters are just not at all interesting anymore." — Wkutschke
9 of 11 Michael Ansell/Warner Bros.

The Mentalist

"The Red John storyline is killing the show." — Mbarr
10 of 11 Darren Michaels/Warner Bros.

Two and a Half Men

"Two and a Half Men. I decided to give it a chance and I watched the whole season but it just felt wrong. Granted, the show was already starting to get stale with Charlie, but at least he managed to make it enjoyable. It seems that with Ashton everything has been upped too much... I mean Alan is now really annoying, Jake is really really stupid. It's just too forced." — DV20 "Watched most of this last season with Ashton. Some of it was funny, but mostly not. I think it jumped the shark after the two moms came out, and they had Kathy Bates as Charlie's ghost! OMG!!!!!! Face it, Alan sucks and Jake is a moron! Who wants to watch THAT?!!!" — Patch24680
11 of 11 Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Fairly Legal

"Fairly Legal lost me. It's bad enough that Kate turned into a demanding brat this season, but they brought in a male character who is equally immature. I want more Justin and less Ben, but since that isn't going to happen, I'm not going to watching it." — SloppyJo