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Check out shows that you feel had a good run, but need to be laid to rest

1 of 13 Richard Foreman/Fox


"Unfortunately, I have to nominate my favorite show ever, but it's so hard to watch what happens to that show these days. This show used to be so smart and witty, [and] so full of medical mysteries. ... Now? The most important question seems to be 'Who sleeps with who?'" — itsnotlupus
2 of 13 Michael Becker/Fox

American Idol

"Because without Simon and Paula, it's just pointless." — EricaWoodridge
3 of 13 Ron Tom/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

"The best characters are long gone, the new characters aren't likable, and, quite frankly, if I have to watch Owen eat Cristina's face one more time, I'm going to die." — cris2daco
4 of 13 Chris Haston/NBC


"Heroes is terrible. It had one good season, and all the seasons since have been all over the place." — Glueber
5 of 13 Byron Cohen/NBC

The Office

"After Jim and Pam's baby, there's nothing else the show can do, because Michael is never going to grow up; Dwight is always going to be an overbearing ass,; Angela will always be wound up tight; Oscar will always complain; Kevin will still not know what's going on; Stanley will keep doing his crosswords,; Phyllis will still be 'Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration;' Meredith will (seriously) always be Meredith; Creed will always be weird yet awesome; Kelly will still be trying to get Ryan; Ryan will still be a douche bag; and Andy will still not get the recognition he deserves for being an actual great guy... just like Jim." — bluestlight
6 of 13 Ron Tom/ABC

Desperate Housewives

"Never thought I'd say it, but the show is really getting boring. There's no interaction between the housewives (hello, the show title!), and the so-called mysteries are kind of lame and don't get me hooked. Plus, I'm tired of writers who feel obligated to turn their characters into lesbians." — SylviainPau
7 of 13 Fox

The Simpsons

"When your show gets bad… and you start self-referencing to indicate how far your show has sunk, it's time to let it die. They've already had a movie, [and] more episodes than there are days in the year. Let It Die! — pixiedarling
8 of 13 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW


"I'm going to nominate for cancellation one of the best shows on the air: Supernatural. It's already been renewed, and it shouldn't have been. The show creators had an ending planned, but the network says, 'Who cares? The hell with your artistic vision; we want more! Give us more!"' So now, we're going to be subjected to a season of anticlimax." — WatchesEverything
9 of 13 Jack Rowand/The CW


"I'm darn tired of waiting for Clark to fly! So, I hope next season is the last 'cuz I cannot bring myself to stop watching. I've been waiting this long to see him fly, and dang it, I want some closure. So, I will torture myself until the bitter end." — countryqueen
10 of 13 Sonja Flemming/CBS


"CSI: Original Recipe is over. While it's still filmed as if it were existential or noir, it's no longer noir; it's just darkly lit. Anybody see this season of Scrubs? Yeah, CSI has been exactly like that in overstaying its welcome." — ShutUpRob
11 of 13 Matt Klitscher/ABC

The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette

The Bachelor/ The Bachelorette just needs to spare us. When the biggest draw is the guy changing his mind after the show is over, or some girl sleeping with a show employee, it just needs to end. Doesn't Hollywood want to employ writers and actors and all the people who work on scripted shows?" — chimi1022
12 of 13 Fox

Family Guy

"It's replaced hilarious retro-references and occasionally in-bad-taste-but-funny humor with unfunny mean-spiritedness and mockery of terminal illnesses. They completely ran out of ideas and think they need to "push the envelope" to remain relevant." — Somatic
13 of 13 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


"I think 24 is reaching its limit. How many times can Jack save the U.S.? And to make the matter worse, the writers have lost touch with the original 24. Jack is suppose to be hardcore, and these so called human rights groups have made him into a wimp." — ericd222a