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Tell us which of your favorite shows may have overstayed their welcome

1 of 23 Michael Becker/FOX

American Idol

Why It Should Stay: Though it hasn't launched a Kelly Clarkson- or Carrie Underwood-like career in a while, the show is still churning out bona fide chart-toppers, including last season's winner, Phillip Phillips. Plus, with fresh blood at the judges' table this year — Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj and Keith Urban — the show is giving thoughtful, fresh feedback for the first time in years. Why It Should Go: The singing competition show market is saturated at this point, and while Idol was the pioneer, its novelty wore off a while ago. (Does anyone even watch the audition rounds anymore?) Not to mention, sob stories from the hopefuls are less moving and the crazies are less shocking when viewers have seen similar versions for the past 12 season.
2 of 23 Patrick McElhenney/FOX


Why It Should Stay: It's Fox's best-performing veteran drama (it's already been renewed for Season 9), and the chemistry between members of the cast, particularly David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel, still clicks. Plus: We have to see Booth and Brennan tie the knot, no? Why It Should Go: How many more disgusting ways can the team find a set of remains? As with all procedurals of a certain age, keeping the murder-mystery formula fresh is always a challenge.
3 of 23 Colleen Hayes/NBC


Why It Should Stay: For all their idiosyncrasies, we love the study group. (Yes, even Pierce sometimes.) The cast has really jelled into a unit that can make the show watchable, even when the outlandish comedy doesn't quite hit the mark. Why It Should Go: After losing its creator Dan Harmon, the show isn't hitting the mark as much as it used to. (To be fair, it wasn't perfect during Harmon's tenure either.) Though we can't quite put our finger on it, the show does lack its previous spark.
4 of 23 Robert Voets/CBS

Criminal Minds

Why It Should Stay: Between all the NCISes and CSIes on CBS over the years, Minds, now in its eighth season, has a lower profile, but it still maintains a consistently strong viewership. It also launched a season-long villain arc this year for the first time to keep things fresh. Why It Should Go: While there are plot twists galore, the episodes and cases are heavy on the gore/shock factor now and low on actual profiling. Garcia shouldn't be able to find everything on her wall of computers!
5 of 23 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Why It Should Stay: Despite some casting turnover, the show has been invigorated by the additions Ted Danson and Elisabeth Shue. And even as the show's spin-offs sink in the ratings (Miami was already canceled), the mothership keeps on churning. Why It Should Go: Although the show ushered in a new kind of procedural, the novelty has definitely warn off. And no matter how good Danson is, part of us still wishes the show had closed up shop after Grissom left.
6 of 23 Michael Desmond/CBS


Why It Should Stay: The show broke CSI convention in Season 9, opting to spend more time focusing on its characters' personal life. We wouldn't mind seeing how Mac approaches the job now that he's engaged again. Why It Should Go: The show's been fighting for its life for three seasons now. Although it's been a scrappy survivor, we understand CBS' impulse to try to use its timeslot to find a new hit. Plus: Mac got his happy ending. Shouldn't we just leave it there?
7 of 23 Randy Tepper/Showtime


Why It Should Stay: Following what was arguably its best season in years, the show has found new life by not only letting Deb in on Dexter's killer secret, but also having Deb kill La Guerta in order to protect it. Why It Should Go: How dumb are the Miami Metro Police? They still haven't figured out a serial killer works with them. (Also, we're bored by the side stories of every cop who isn't Deb or Dexter.) Plus: How long can we suspend disbelief that Dexter has not been caught?
8 of 23 FOX

Family Guy

Why It Should Stay: The series injects a healthy dose of irreverence into Fox's Sunday lineup and is our go-to for exuberant and random musical numbers. Although it can sometimes make us feel uncomfortable (read: creepy pedophile character), we prefer that to the other bland jokes that pass themselves off as comedy these days. Why It Should Go: This series has had a healthy run after 11 seasons, and as evidenced by the tepid reception to creator Seth MacFarlane's Oscar hosting gig, this brand of humor can get old and tasteless fast. Let Stewie finally realize his dark dreams and sing and dance off into the sunset.
9 of 23 Adam Rose/FOX


Why It Should Stay: Despite the widespread graduation panic felt by Gleeks everywhere last summer, the Fox musical successfully introduced new characters like shy underdog Marley and Puckerman 2.0 while also seguing Rachel and Kurt into their formative college years in NYC. Why It Should Go: Some of the new characters have not been so warmly embraced (we're looking at you, Kitty) and some of the original characters like Coach Sue and Mr. Schue are now merely sad parodies of their former selves. Isn't the problem only going to be amplified when the next group of seniors graduates this spring?
10 of 23 Ron Tom/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

Why It Should Stay: Nine seasons later, the show is still ABC's most-watched drama. Why It Should Go: Seattle Grace is not the same as it was when Meredith Grey was a fresh-faced intern. Too much turnover, too many lives lost. And, seriously, how many major events can happen to one hospital?
11 of 23 Michael Parmelee/NBC

Law & Order: SVU

Why It Should Stay: Rather than giving up after the exits of showrunner Neal Baer and series star Christopher Meloni, the aging procedural began a refreshing new chapter that has mixed critically acclaimed and sensationalistic story lines while also introducing likable new characters, particularly Danny Pino's complex Amaro. Why It Should Go: Ever since Stabler left the beat, the show's ratings have been on a downward trend, falling as low as a 1.5 last month. New York is a big city, but after 14 seasons, they've got to be running low on fresh cases, no?
12 of 23 Robert Voets/Warner Bros.

The Mentalist

Why It Should Stay: The always quirky Patrick Jane remains one of the most watchable characters on TV. We're still rooting for him to nab his nemesis Red John. Why It Should Go: On the other hand, stringing the Red John mystery out over the life of the series sometimes makes the week-to-week exercise feel more life work than entertainment. Plus: The show's ratings have taken a tumble on Sunday night.
13 of 23 Jaimie Trueblood/CBS


Why It Should Stay: 10 years later, this show is still breaking records as the most-watched drama on TV. Why It Should Go: Um, hasn't the entire Navy been murdered at this point? Also, with a second franchise spin-off in the works, the NCIS brand could start wearing thin.
14 of 23 Mitchell Haaseth/NBC


Why It Should Stay: The family drama just enjoyed its strongest season yet, both with critics and in the ratings, thanks to strong word of mouth about Kristina's battle with breast cancer. Why stop while the show is on a roll? Why It Should Go: After four seasons, it's clear that the large (read: expensive) ensemble drama is never going to become a monster hit. The economics eventually won't play in the show's favor.
15 of 23 Eric McCandless/ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars

Why It Should Stay: Few shows based on young adult novels have drawn this kind of an audience. That's due in part to the show's ability to continue stunning viewers with jaw-dropping twists. Why It Should Go: But those twists are becoming increasingly nonsensical. We just want to know who the real mastermind behind A's games is already!
16 of 23 Richard Cartwright/ABC


Why It Should Stay:Season 1 was entertaining and extremely addictive. Few shows are must-watches right out of the gate. Why It Should Go: Besides introducing unlikable characters like Aiden, the plot has become too confusing as the show has gotten away from the story we all tuned in for to begin with: Emily Thorne's revenge.
17 of 23 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Rules of Engagement

Why It Should Stay: The seven-year-old comedy is a perennial midseason player and has always been there to bail CBS out of a jam with good ratings, like when a new comedy implodes, or you know, when Charlie Sheen goes crazy. Why It Should Go: Its Season 7 finale marks its 100th episode, hitting the money-making syndication threshold. The actors' contracts are also up after this year, and Patrick Warburton, who's been vocal about his displeasure with CBS' treatment of the show, is developing a comedy pilot. Besides, CBS can't rely on Rules forever, especially if it won't give the show the permanent timeslot it has proven it deserves.
18 of 23 Fox

The Simpsons

Why It Should Stay: We don't know what we'd do without our favorite yellow family on Sunday nights, doling out their silly but astute takes on American life. There's a reason why Homer's disgruntled exclamation, "D'oh!" has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary: The Simpsons has become an indelible part of our culture. Why It Should Go: After 24 seasons, the series just isn't the quotable, must-see viewing it once was. When an animated comedy has a significant body count, perhaps that's a sign it's overstayed its welcome and ought to enjoy its place in the history books.
19 of 23 Cate Cameron/The CW


Why It Should Stay: You've seen Sam and Dean, yes? Case closed. They're the most hilarious pair on TV, they look good kicking demon butt and they have a healthy and endearing appreciation for pie. Why It Should Go: The Winchesters have gone to hell and back. They've died. They've lost their souls. Although the show will be back for at least one more season, we don't know how much more punishment they can endure or how long we can realistically be invested in such over-the-top peril.
20 of 23 Monty Brinton/CBS


Why It Should Stay: The show manages to stay interesting by changing up the location and the cast, and throwing in fun iterations like the current season (Fans vs. Favorites, Round 2). The series never fails to attract strong personalities and high drama, and the next Boston Rob or Richard Hatch is bound to be just around the corner. Plus, Jeff Probst is still one of the best hosts around. Why It Should Go: Now in its 26th (!!) season, the show that once led the way in reality programming is just a blip on the reality TV radar. (It's most recent premiere was its lowest ever.) Do we really need to hear another aspiring D-list celebrity tell the camera crew they're not here to make friends?
21 of 23 John P. Johnson/HBO

True Blood

Why It Should Stay: In a time when sexy vampires and werewolves are all the rage, True Blood brings all that and more. (See also: Joe Manganiello or Alexander Skarsgard.) It's become one of HBO's most popular original series. Why It Should Go: How many more supernatural characters can they introduce in order to raise the stakes? Billith has risen — and we've fallen off the True Blood wagon..
22 of 23 Michael Yarish/CBS

Two and a Half Men

Why It Should Stay: Men's move to Thursdays has created a Chuck Lorre power hour with The Big Bang Theory and made CBS the undisputed holder of NBC's famed "Must-See TV" mantle. Why It Should Go: Ashton Kutcher's been a capable replacement, but let's face it, he's no Charlie Sheen, and the show hasn't been the same without the tiger blood. Plus: The longer the show — now in its 10th season — goes on, the more expensive it's going to be. And Angus T. Jones thinks it's filth.
23 of 23 Bob Mahoney/The CW

The Vampire Diaries

Why It Should Stay: Between Elena recently becoming a vampire and the show's rich mythology, there are still many stories to tell. Plus: The show has been plotted at a breakneck pace and shows no signs of slowing down. Why It Should Go: The key love triangle between Elena, Damon and Stefan is getting a little tired. Plus: We may be losing one of our favorite characters, Klaus, to the spin-off.