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Ready for a Dawson's Creek reunion? Vote for the show that should reunite on screen

1 of 20 Fox

21 Jump Street, 1987-1991

Why we want them to reunite: Although Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill recently starred in a big-screen spoof, it's the earnest morality of the late '80s series that won us over. What's not to love about youthful-looking police officers who go undercover in high schools? This was not only a star-making gig for Johnny Depp, but original cast members Peter DeLuise, Holly Robinson Peete and Dustin Nguyen comprised a multicultural team that made being responsible and law-abiding cool.
2 of 20 Fox

Beverly Hills, 90210, 1990-2000

Why we want them to reunite: Although we've seen what Kelly, Brenda and Donna are up to in present day via the new 90210, we'd like to pretend that Kelly and Dylan and Donna and David aren't really split up. (We're assuming Brenda, of course, is still a b----.) In our minds, those couples lived happily ever after and have get-togethers with Steve, Janet and Maddie, Andrea, Jesse and Hannah and Brandon, although he's probably too busy saving the world.
3 of 20 ABC

Alias, 2001-2006

Why we want them to reunite: Though Alias wrapped up everything with a big Hollywood bow, we know Sydney's story is far from over. We'd love to see the sexy spy slide into a mentoring role as Isabelle follows in her mother's CIA footsteps. Plus: Anything that will bring Michael Vartan back to TV is fine by us.
4 of 20 The WB

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer, 1997-2003

Why we want them to reunite: Vampires might be all the rage, but when it comes to the fanged fiends nobody does it better than Buffy. Since going off air, the iconic series has continued on through comics, inspired countless knockoffs and even spawned its own section of academia. Yet instead of revisiting Sunnydale's Scooby gang, we have the sparkly vamps of Forks and the sexed-up fang bangers of Bon Temps. Give us good ol' fashioned slaying vamps over laying with vamps any day! (Angel and Spike excluded.)
5 of 20 Paramount TV/The Kobal Collection

Cheers, 1982 - 1993

Why we want them to reunite: Let's face it: It's always nice to return to a place where everybody knows your name. And now that even the show's spin-offs (i.e. Frasier) have come to the end of their runs, it would be nice to get the old Cheers crew back together again. While Ted Danson may be busy with CSI, Kirstie Alley and Kelsey Grammer certainly have some free time on their hands.
6 of 20 Alan Singer/NBC

The Cosby Show, 1984 - 1992

Why we want them to reunite: The Huxtables are still one of the most beloved families in television history, even though it's been 20 years since The Cosby Show went off the air. It's doubtless that reuniting the cast – everyone from Bill Cosby to Raven-Symone – would provide a combination of laughs and life lessons, just like the show did.
7 of 20 The WB

Dawson's Creek, 1998-2003

Why we want them to reunite: Although the finale flashed into the future, we're dying to know if Joey and Pacey are still happily together in New York (they better be!) and if Dawson continued his success after his hit The Creek. While we know Jen is dead (RIP), we hope Jack and Doug are still happily raising her now tween Amy.
8 of 20 NBC

Freaks and Geeks, 1999-2000

Why we want them to reunite: It only lasted one season, but it was a launching pad for some of today's biggest talents like James Franco, Busy Phillips and Jason Segel. We already know Sam (John Francis Daley) grew up to be pretty cute, but is his best bud Neil still a geek and are the others still freaks?
9 of 20 NBC

Friday Night Lights, 2006-2011

Why we want them to reunite: It was the tiny show that stole our hearts! Throughout the five seasons, many characters came and went and we'd like to see how each of them is faring today. Did Riggins build his dream house? Did Matt and Juliet get married? Did Luke return safely from the Army? And are Mr. and Mrs. Coach living happily ever after in Philadelphia?
10 of 20 NBC

Friends, 1994-2004

Why we want them to reunite: Few shows have achieved the cultural impact and seemingly everlasting popularity the NBC sitcom has. While we don't necessarily want to see the sextet catch up in Central Perk again in character — or heaven forbid in a movie — we'd love for the actors to get together and reminisce on old times. Fortunately, co-executive producer/director Kevin S. Bright doesn't rule that out.
11 of 20 Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images

Full House, 1987-1995

Why we want them to reunite: Who wouldn't want to see a Tanner family reunion? Is Uncle Jesse still obsessed with the Beach Boys? What's Kimmy Gibbler up to? And did Nicky and Alex ever get better haircuts? We'd love answers to these burning questions – and photos alone aren't going to cut it!
12 of 20 Mark Seliger/ABC Productions/The Kobal Collection

My So-Called Life, 1994-1995

Why we want them to reunite: If only the show had lasted beyond one season. It might be hard to get Emmy winner Claire Danes to film, but fans of the cult hit would love to see closure to a show that never got its due ending.
13 of 20 Everett Collection

Party of Five, 1994-2000

Why we want them to reunite: Sure, Matthew Fox will now forever be known for his six-year island stay as Jack on Lost and Neve Campbell and Jennifer Love Hewitt are best remembered for Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer, but the Salinger family will always hold a special place in our hearts. After six seasons of watching the five siblings suffer through death, substance abuse, sexual harassment, miscarriage and about 100 more “very special episodes,” we’d love to know how the five orphaned siblings (and Sarah, duh), ended up. Plus: Who doesn’t want to see baby Owen all grown up?
14 of 20 Bob D'Amico/ABC via Getty Images

Sabrina, the Teenage Witch, 1996-2000

Why we want them to reunite: Sabrina can have her happy ending with Harvey. What we want to know is what's going on with Salem? For a cat, the former warlock had some impressive comedic timing and we can't help but miss his quick wit and megalomaniacal schemes. Sabrina's (and Salem's) return would have us saying TGIF once again.
15 of 20 Everett Collection

Saved by the Bell, 1989-1993

Why we want them to reunite: OK, so we got to see some of them in college thanks to the not-so-successful spin-off (and The New Class does not count), but generations of kids who grew up with the kids of Bayside deserve to see where they all ended up. Do Kelly and Zack now have troublemakers of their own? Did Slater and Jessie reunite? And what ever happened to Tori?!
16 of 20 HBO/Everett Collection

Six Feet Under, 2001-2005

Why we want them to reunite: Okay, it might be a pretty boring reunion, since the series finale revealed how each of the main characters died. But maybe the reunion could be set in the afterlife? Not to mention, Claire (Lauren Ambrose) lived past 100. We're sure she has some interesting stories to tell…
17 of 20 ABC Photo Archives/ABC via Getty Images

Twin Peaks, 1990-1991

Why we want them to reunite: Everybody now knows who killed Laura Palmer, but a return visit to the fictional town would still be welcome. Some of the cast reunited in a 2010 episode of Psych, but more than anything, we're wondering what new mysteries Agent Dale Cooper (Kyle McLachlan) is investigating these days – and if he’s still eating pie.
18 of 20 UPN/Landov

Veronica Mars, 2004-2007

Why we want them to reunite: After only three seasons, Veronica Mars was taken from us too soon. With the revamped fourth season scrapped and plans for a film all-but-forgotten, we're still left wondering years later who won the election and, more importantly, if Veronica and Logan ever realized they were two hearts that beat as one. (Sorry, Piz!)
19 of 20 HBO/Everett Collection

The Wire, 2002-2008

Why we want them to reunite: Who wouldn't want to spend a little more time with the characters of one of TV's all-time great dramas? (Then again, most of them were dead by the show's end.) Even so, we'd like to see McNulty and Bunk make another go at nabbing Baltimore's biggest baddies and see how Bubbles is doing in his struggle with sobriety. If nothing else, producers could always just televise this.
20 of 20 New World/Black-Marlens/The Kobal Collection

The Wonder Years, 1988-1993

Why we want them to reunite: We already know that Kevin and Winnie didn't end up together (boo), but that they remained dear friends (yay), and perhaps today they're still neighbors with their own families. Even better, a new story could tell the tale of their children as best friends growing up today.