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TVguide.com readers come clean about their "DVR guilt"

Shaun Harrison
1 of 14 Hugh Laurie by Adam Taylor/Fox, Lena Headey by Justin Lubin/Fox, Dustin Milligan by Scott Humbert/The CW


In the DVR age, our eyes are often bigger than our, um, eyes. We record everything, and we intend to watch everything, but finding enough hours in the day to watch it all is impossible. It's called DVR Guilt. We asked you which shows fit into this category for you, and this gallery honors those ignored recordings that you know you'll get around to watching eventually. (Except you totally won't. Just delete them.)
2 of 14 Adam Taylor/Fox

Prison Break

"Because of the sheer number of shows I record weekly, nothing stays on my DVR for more than a couple of weeks' time before it gets deleted, but the one show I can't seem to bring myself to watch despite myself is Prison Break. I DVR it, and say I'll watch this week, but then when the time comes, I end up deleting it." — serenityblue
3 of 14 Chris Haston/NBC


"Make up your mind, Kring. You can't keep apologizing and hoping the audience is going to swallow every shift in character and story. Not every episode can be top quality, but it should be trying to get there and that is seriously lacking." — taaie "Just cannot get into this new season at all." — joni2006
4 of 14 Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Gossip Girl

"I have almost the entire season of Gossip Girl waiting to be watched. I think I've only watched the first episode, but I loved last season so much that I swear I will catch up one of these days." — nessak
5 of 14 Chris Haston/NBC


"I only record Life. I keep the episodes even though I end up watching the show live. I've watched "Farthingale" six times. I love Life. — harliquin83 "All the critics love it. I have tried five episodes and my season pass is still going, but I cannot bring myself to watch the others. I am just not getting it." — lostfan23
6 of 14 Michael Yarish/Fox


"I DVR it, but I haven't watched an episode from start to end since Jennifer Morrison's screen time was cut down to cameo scenes." — jamesarthurpaul
7 of 14 Cliff Lipson/CBS

CSI: Miami

"CSI: Miami stays on my DVR because I get so mad when I watch it. It seems to get worse every season." — bill1702
8 of 14 Michael Roberts/Fox

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

"I refuse to admit defeat with Sarah Connor. I will watch!" — rloccoco
9 of 14 Eric Liebowitz/ABC

Life on Mars

"Erm, I'm so bad for this. I've got several episodes of Life on Mars sitting there waiting to be watched, but I haven't gotten around to it. I like it, but the English version was just so much more edgy." — Hoggle "I have no idea whether or not I'll like it, so it gets bypassed in favor of shows I know I like. At this point, I don't know if I'll end up watching it or deleting it unseen." — meredith44
10 of 14 Monty Brinton/CBS


"Numbers is one that sits on my DVR. I do actually watch it occasionally, because I am a masochist and every few weeks I convince myself that a show with that many good actors can't be all that bad. And then I watch half an episode and remember just how incredibly craptastic it is." — Hoggle
11 of 14 Patrick Harbon/Fox


"I had two months' worth and it just kept looking at me. I finally deleted it." — snirpy "I had every episode recorded and didn't watch a single one. I really wanted to give it a try, but I just couldn't/wouldn't find the time. After consulting with friends who had watched and said it wasn't living up to the buzz, I finally had to make space on my DVR." — loudounlad
12 of 14 Jaimie Trueblood/The CW


90210 is serially overlooked. I actually finally just took it off the DVR list this morning though." — somniare
13 of 14 Adam Taylor/ABC

Pushing Daisies

"I tried to watch it last season, but I couldn't get into it. The critics were all just raving about it though, so I DVR'd it. And it just sits there, looking reproachfully at me every time I go to watch anything." — meredith44 "I can't get into Pushing Daisies anymore; three episodes have backed up on me. It's just too many random weekly characters. Although the dialogue is fun, the plots lose me because I never care about the guest stars." — craigversion2
14 of 14 Cliff Lipson/CBS

Without a Trace

"I transferred the last two seasons of Without a Trace over to my computer using that nifty TiVo computer program, so only the current season is on the DVR. I was really losing interest in the show, so I stopped watching, so it just sits there. Now that I know about the recent romance, I'm thinking that is the last straw and I'll probably end up giving up on the show." — meredith44