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Check out the canceled shows TVGuide.com users would most like to revived

1 of 15 HBO


Because Deadwood was canceled as it was prepping for a fourth season, the series never got a definitive conclusion. Though fans clung to hopes that the unfinished story arcs would be wrapped up in two TV movies, nearly seven years later those plans are pretty much dead in the water. While Wikipedia can answer a lot of questions about what happened to the town and its real-life inhabitants, our users would still like to know creator David Milch's true endings for Seth Bullock, Al Swearengen and Calamity Jane.
2 of 15 Michael Desmond/The CW


The CW series that was supposed to mark Sarah Michelle Gellar's big return to television post-Buffy was canceled after just one season, leaving viewers to wonder what exactly happened to recovering drug addict Bridget Kelly and her twin sister Siobhan Martin, whose identity Bridget assumes. The show's loyal fanbase has launched several online petitions to revive the show, in order to gain answers to questions — What really happened to Malcolm? Will Siobhan try to get revenge on Bridget? — that remain unanswered.
3 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS/Landov


A peanut-fueled fan campaign convinced CBS to give Jericho a stay of execution, but after a seven-episode second season, the network officially pulled the plug. Although the series' writers continued the story line with two "seasons" worth of comic books, and there have also been rumors that a movie is in the works, our users are hungry for more. Most recently, there has been talk of Netflix, which is bringing back Arrested Development, reviving Jericho. We hope Netflix execs like peanuts.
4 of 15 Randy Holmes/ABC via Getty Images

Pushing Daisies

Need more proof that critical acclaim and awards on top of a devoted following are not enough to save a show? Daisies received 17 Emmy nominations, and Kristin Chenoweth scored a win, but it was unceremoniously canceled six episodes into its second season. Not wanting to leave fans with a cliff-hanger in the 13th episode, creator Bryan Fuller cut out a reveal that was supposed to set up the rest of the season: Chuck telling her mom and aunt that she was alive. Even so, our users are clamoring for more of this quirky show.
5 of 15 Sergei Bachlakov/ABC


Hey, it worked once before! The short-lived ABC drama was itself a remake of cult-favorite 1980s series, V. Unfortunately, the new version never found a large audience, and the show ended after a shortened second season on a bit of a downer: almost all of the humans were mindlessly being controlled by "the Bliss" and a host of alien Visitors' ships stood ready to enslave all of humanity. We guess our users want to see Erica's one-woman charge to a happy ending.
6 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS/Landov

Ghost Whisperer

The good news about Ghost Whisperer's abrupt cancellation? Season 5 didn't end on a cliff-hanger, but with the season's time-jump and introduction of Melinda and Jim's equally supernaturally gifted 5-year-old son Aiden, the show was rife with new story lines that our users would still like to see explored.
7 of 15 Sonja Flemming/CBS

CSI: Miami

Unlike many shows on this list, CSI: Miami had a nice long run. But 10 seasons isn’t enough for our users, who most likely feel a lack of closure thanks to the show's abrupt cancellation. Although producers chose not to write a cliff-hanger finale and did end with some nice character moments (Callie adopts the kids of a criminal, with Delko's vow of support), we guess there's no end to people's desire to see David Caruso put on his sunglasses. Yeaaaaaaahhhhh!
8 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Forbidden romance, a crime procedural, vampires — Moonlight had it all! Perhaps that's why why so many of our users are still mourning its departure, especially with that cliff-hanger ending! Since it went off the air in 2008, fans haven't stopped hypothesizing about how Talbot's discovery of Mick's true nature would affect his future (and more importantly, his budding relationship with Beth!). Plus, any excuse to bring Jason Dohring back on TV is fine by us.
9 of 15 Mike Ansell/The CW/Landov

Veronica Mars

While a return to TV is unlikely, fans — and even the stars! — are still hoping for a follow-up film. If Mars had survived another year, creator Rob Thomas was planning to jump forward, with Season 4 following Veronica as a rookie FBI agent. While that sounds fine and dandy, what viewers really want are answers! Do Logan and Veronica end up happily ever after? Did Papa Mars win the sheriff election? Oh, and do Logan and Veronica end up together!? UPDATE: Thanks to a successful Kickstarter campaign, the movie is going to happen!
10 of 15 Brook Rushton/FOX

Terra Nova

This was a case of ambition not paying off. Although Fox's dino drama did OK in the ratings, it was not enough to offset the extraordinarily high production costs. So even though the series offered teases of another time portal and set up new conflicts with the Phoenix Group mercenaries, our users may have to wait until to 2149 to see how this story really ends.
11 of 15 Adam Taylor/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images


Although the one-time megahit almost became a parody of itself by the end of its four-season run, loyal viewers still want more. After the finale set up a new dynamic — Claire revealed her superhuman abilities to the world — talk of a TV movie fizzled and most of the cast and creative team have moved on to new projects. Though there are several Internet and graphic novel offshoots, our users are still fighting the heroic fight for the show's revival.
12 of 15 Jordin Althaus/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images


First, let's consider ourselves lucky that Chuck, unlike many shows on this list, was able to have an actual final season after years of dangerously living on the bubble. Our favorite hacker-spy's story didn't have a completely happy ending though, with Sarah having lost her memory. But Chuck and Sarah's final kiss was ever hopeful of a new future… and maybe new missions? Our Subway footlong-loving users still seem hungry for more.
13 of 15 20th Century Fox/Getty Images

Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

All these years later, our users still want be slayed on a weekly basis. It wouldn't take a genius to revise Buffy. Dark Horse Comics' continuation of the series provides ample story lines to draw from. Though sadly, the gang would be down one Scooby since Anya died in the final battle. But at least, thanks to Angel, Spike could return to try his hand at wooing our favorite Slayer once again.
14 of 15 Erik Heinila/TNT


Even though the show was just canceled, the TNT drama's fervent fan base is already rallying for the show's possible continuation on another network or in a new format. Although producers wisely read the writing on the wall and gave fans the series finale the writers always intended — Nate and Sophie quit to get married; Parker now leads the team — our users aren't ready to say goodbye just yet.
15 of 15 20th Century Fox/The Kobal Collection


Joss Whedon's beloved one-season wonder was canceled after airing only 11 of its 14 episodes (some of which Fox aired out of order). But fans' devotion to buying DVDs and spreading the word did help Whedon continue the story on the big screen via the feature film Serenity. Although that rare opportunity probably makes a return to TV for Captain Mal unlikely, our users have proven once again which show has the most devoted fan following. If any group could get their favorite canceled show back on the air, it's the Browncoats!