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Dancing with the Stars 6 The Sexiest Outfits

1 of 20 Michael Desmond/ABC


Perhaps more than any other Dancing pro, Edyta lets her body do the talking (in every way possible).
2 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


He's as wholesome as cherry pie, and she was in American Pie. Together, Shannon and Derek were quite delicious.
3 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Cristian often seemed to have a problem with buttons. Not that the ladies minded, at all....

4 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Alas, Julianne was not around long enough this season to put her TV Guide's Sexiest Star charms to work.
5 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Jason's dome, as smooth as his partner's everything, made for a beautiful pairing.

6 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


A documented reason why DWTS has so many male viewers The likes of Cheryl, whose form is rivaled by few.
7 of 20 Michael Desmond/ABC

The sunburst around Karina's belly button, the smoky eyes, the... Er, what were we saying

8 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Paired with Penn Jillette, Kym Johnson did everything she could to get a leg up on the competition.

9 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Off the ice, Kristi capitalized on the opportunity to be as hot, hot, hot as she wanted to be.

10 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


If we didn't know better, we'd say Cristian was using his good arm to swat Cheryl's... ruffle. Yeah, her ruffle.
11 of 20 Michael Desmond/ABC

Mario made a statement early on with his smooth moves and stylin' satin shirts.

12 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Dancing Strategy No. 1, By Edyta Sliwinska: As your run on the show stretches longer, let the costumes get smaller.
13 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Marissa's vibrance and curves went well with sleeveless Tony's mighty biceps.

14 of 20 Michael Desmond/ABC


Sometimes, more (fabric) is more (sexy). Cristian cut a handsome silhouette in this sleek suit. 
15 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Shades of Danny Zuko and Cha-Cha DiGregorio Derek gave this performance his chest effort.

16 of 20 Michael Desmond/ABC

Once you go black.... Newcomer Fabian Sanchez made quite the impression is this rich, dark outfit.

17 of 20 Michael Desmond/ABC


Hip, hip, hooray! Edyta "waist-ed" no effort in making herself (oh, and Jason) tremendously camera-friendly.
18 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


The ladies do love a sense of humor. Steve Guttenberg added to that a certain dapper style. Irresistible!
19 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Marlee's ABC promo said it best: "Read. My. Hips." The actress' figure, seldom showcased before DWTS, spoke volumes.
20 of 20 Kelsey McNeal/ABC


Mario made no secret of his desire to partner with Karina, and it's clear to see why. Their pairing definitely turned up the heat!