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Our readers tell us who we left off our sexy stars countdown

1 of 15 Prashant Gupta/FX


Julian McMahon (Nip/Tuck): According to sookietex, Julian deserves a lifetime sexiness award, "Not just for the year 2008 but for every year. How could this man not have been included He's only the sexiest man on the planet."
2 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


Matthew Fox (Lost): Our favorite scruffy doctor-savior on The Island has many readers' hearts beating rapidly every time he appears on screen. If we had to be stranded on a deserted island, we'd take Foxy in a New York minute.
3 of 15 Eric Ogden/ABC


Kate Walsh (Private Practice): Readers weren't private about red-headed siren Kate Walsh being left off the list. Karen said, "Kate Walsh should be there!" And reader preppy concurs that "Kate Walsh is very sexy."
4 of 15 Greg Gayne/NBC


Jesse Spencer (House): Hugh Laurie made this list, so why didn't this super-hot doctor - especially with that heart-melting Aussie accent It wasn't for lack of support from Spoiledbrat9176, who admits, "My vote still goes to Jesse Spencer!"
5 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Mark Harmon (NCIS): Look out, Patrick Dempsey. Mark Harmon might be moving in on your winning turf. Kambo33 says, "McDreamy is nothing compared to our Jethro Gibbs."
6 of 15 Andrew Southam/ABC


Angie Harmon (Women's Murder Club): "Another absolutely gorgeous female [you left off the list] is Angie Harmon," was reader gypsymagic1's take on this leggy leading lady. "[She has] that extra something called class as well as great beauty."
7 of 15 Monty Brinton/CBS


Sophia Myles (Moonlight): This gorgeous object of vampire Mick's affection burns up the screen with her cool blue eyes and understated sensuality. No wonder so many readers wanted her on the sexiest stars list!
8 of 15 Justin Stephens/ABC


Rob Lowe (Brothers Sisters): Despite his off-camera drama, readers still find the former '80s Brat Pack member sexy as can be. It must be the piercing blue eyes, perma-tan and pearly white smile that keep the ladies wanting more!
9 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Michael Weatherly (NCIS): NCIS fans sure love their male leads, including Michael Weatherly. Kamboo33 called us out for not including one of "the hottest men on TV." Point taken!
10 of 15 Jill Greenberg/Fox


Lena Headey (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles): The hotness of Lena Headey speaks for itself, according to lswebb: "You just have to look at her."
11 of 15 Cliff Lipson/CBS


Skeet Ulrich (Jericho): "Skeet Ulrich is most definitely the sexiest. Who could think otherwise The man has two beautiful children that he loves very much. What could be sexier than that" - Rangerette
12 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


Evangeline Lilly (Lost): "I know that Evangeline Lilly won last year but so did Patrick Dempsey! If he can be the topper again, why can't she" - Wajeeh
13 of 15 Kwaku Alston/Fox


David Boreanaz (Bones): Although the Buffy and Angel alum didn't make the list, fans dying to see more of him will be able to find him in action in the upcoming flick Our Lady of Victory.
14 of 15 Virginia Sherwood/NBC


Adrianne Palicki (Friday Night Lights): While the FNL cast won collectively in our online polls, Lester as DryedMangoez was disappointed that "Adrianne Palicki most especially" did not receive some individual kudos.
15 of 15 Frank Ockenfels/The CW


Jensen Ackles (Supernatural): Even though the Winchester brothers won our online poll, fans still wanted to give Jensen credit. Chezzer said "he is the whole package" and Luxuria simply called Ackles "smoking!" Nuff said!