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These fellas make being bad look so good

Shaun Harrison
1 of 6 Vivian Zink/ABC


Dirty Sexy Money's Simon Elder - We'd never want someone to bring down ol' Tripp, no. But if it has to happen, at least Blair Underwood's mover and shaker does it with cocksure style.
2 of 6 Art Streiber/ABC


Lost's James "Sawyer" Ford - On a show jam-packed with mysteries and enigmas, this much is 100 percent certain: Josh Holloway's con-turned-castaway is our perfect idea of a shipwrecked companion.
3 of 6 Albert Watson/Fox


24's Jack Bauer - What's that you say, Jack "Drop it" We'll never drop our affinity for the way Kiefer Sutherland delivers all-day, never-waning swagger.
4 of 6 Christian Weber/Showtime


Dexter's Dexter Morgan - There are lady-killers and then there are lady-killers. Provided we could stay on his good side, a date with Michael C. Hall's antihero would slay us in only the best way.
5 of 6 Eric Ogden/The CW


Reaper's Devil - Is it the can't-be-trusted smirk we've admired since Ray Wise's Twin Peaks days Or the simple fact that you know the Dev's a naughty boy Either way, this Beelzebub is sexy as hell.
6 of 6 Bill Records/NBC


Friday Night Lights' Tim Riggins - Many a gal fell for a Riggins back in high school, and now we're doing it again. If eyeing Taylor Kitsch's bad boy is wrong, we don't want to be right!