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The best soundbites from Emmy winners Jim Parsons, Julie Bowen and more!

Shaun Harrison
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"He really put up his dukes… I think he really went to bat for me. And sure! I always thought, 'Yeah, give me a bigger part!" — Melissa McCarthy, Best Actress in a Comedy, on whether or not she thought she was leading lady material before Chuck Lorre went to bat for her to play Molly.
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"I'm a big proponent of taking care of one's mental health and using mental health professionals whenever necessary. ... I don't have any problem with shrinks — love 'em." — Julie Bowen, Best Supporting Actress in a Comedy, after mentioning she goes to therapy in her acceptance speech Tune in Monday at 8/7c for Kathy Griffin's Emmys Aftermath on TV Guide Network.
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"She's an important person in my life. I mentioned her, but not my manager or my lawyer or anyone responsible for me having a job… It could come at a price." — Peter Dinklage, Best Supporting Actor in a Drama, on why he thanked his petsitter in his acceptance speech
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"I'd never take on Buckingham Palace!... I think they can manage well enough without me," — Julian Fellowes, executive producer of Downton Abbey, Best Miniseries, on whether or not he'd fictionalize the current Royals
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"I think everyone will have their fingerprints, lip prints and various other prints all over them tonight," — Steven Levitan, who won for Best Writing in a Comedy, on whether the Modern Family cast and crew will be able to tell their statues apart
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"Her baby had his fingers crossed, she told me that. …We miss her tonight and we're super happy for her. It's a great addition to our work family." — Matthew Weiner, executive producer of Mad Men, Best Drama, on January Jones staying home to be with newborn son, Xander Dane, on Emmy night.
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"I thought, honestly, they seemed so happy with what I was doing. I thought I would live! Silly me. It was poetic and a perfect ending for that character, however." — Margo Martindale, Best Supporting Actress in a Drama, on the end of her run on Justified
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"I'm wearing tiger-print underwear from K-Mart, from my K-Mart line." — Sofia Vergara, star of Modern Family, Best Comedy, on what she's wearing underneath her dress
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"My mother told me I wasn't going to win. She assured me that it was going to be someone else this year." — Jim Parsons, on the odds that he would win Best Actor in a Comedy this year
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"There were probably a lot of people I forgot to thank… Kate Winslet, we had sex four times, that's what was in the forefront of my mind." — Guy Pearce, Best Supporting Actor in a Miniseries or Movie, on why he didn't mention Mildred Pierce co-star Evan Rachel Wood in his acceptance speech
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"Well, I was extremely nervous and I must say it's something I really never dreamed of. It's a different medium, in a way, [but] we approach Boardwalk Empire as a film. A very long film, but a film… I've always dreamed of getting involved with a project where characters can develop over a long period of time." — Martin Scorsese, Best Directing in a Drama, on winning his first Emmy
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"It's a shock to us to that we won again!... [Before each season,] I go around the world twice with my team. It's a very, very complex operation." — Bertram van Munster, The Amazing Race, Best Reality Competition Series, on reclaiming this year's Emmy for outstanding reality competition. It's the show's eighth win out of nine nominations
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"I'm thrilled. I had a crush on Guy Pearce since I was 11 years old. Just to stand in the same room as him is a thrill, to hear him say that was even more of a thrill." — Kate Winslet, Best Actress in a Miniseries or Movie, on hearing her Mildred Pierce co-star say, "I got to have sex with Kate Winslet many, many times" during his acceptance speech