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See the creeps from the series that made our skin crawl

Shaun Harrison
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As Mulder and Scully get ready for their second big-screen adventure in The X-Files: I Want to Believe, take a look back at some of the spookiest suspects they crossed paths with during their TV series run.
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Donnie PfasterHe's evil incarnate in the form of a death fetishist - that is, he collects things from his victims. He specialized in picking up hookers with colored hair and long nails. He'd bathe them, kill them and take a souvenir. 'Nuff said.
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Eugene Victor ToomsHe's a yellow-eyed, liver-eating mutant who can squeeze into the smallest spaces to snag his victims.
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The Host (Flukey)Born from Chernobyl's fallout, this part human, part Flukeworm lives in the sewers searching for a new host. We will never be able to look at a port-a-potty the same way again.
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Virgil EncantoHe was a creepy online "chubby chasing" Don Juan who went after larger ladies by excreting a acidic mucus into their mouths in order to extract their body fat. What The guy couldn't produce any of his own. OK, you're right - ew.
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The PeacocksThey are a multi-generational inbred family. When the father died in a car crash and the mom was injured, her sons stashed her under a bed and would procreate with her to keep the family blood line going.
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Samuel AboaLike Virgil, this African man killed out of necessity. In this case, he would paralyze his victims with poisoned darts, then kill them by sucking out their pituitary gland in order to replace melanin he was genetically missing.
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MothmenThese freaky, red-eyed monsters blend into the woods they inhabit. They don't take kindly to developers or tourists encroaching on their territory, so they snag them from the woods and take them to die in their lair.
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The Talking DollShe is the spookiest doll around this Maine town, and as we later realized, the reason why we never liked those freaky blinky dolls as a kid. When she doesn't get her way, she comes alive and makes people kill themselves in violent ways.
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Ken NaciamentoHe was a Brazilian psychic surgeon brought to life by a lonely novelist who had a massive crush on Scully. His favorite trick was ripping people's beating hearts from their chests.
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Orel PeattieHe was royally pissed that a doctor ended his daughter's suffering after a bus crash. So, he decided to kill the doc's family by using voodoo dolls and conjure dust. Oh, and he used his dead daughter's body as his "magic charm."
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Beggar ManOtherwise known as the "butt monster," this tricky Indian fakir hides in large people's rear ends in order to travel around the world and kill people. He can't walk, so he wheels himself on a creepy sounding cart. Time for some WD-40.