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TVGuidecom readers pick which shows to reviveor retire

1 of 12 Michael Ansell/ABC


While readers were trying to guess Ausiello's most recent blind item (ABC's renewal of According to Jim) they also let us know what shows they were dying to see renewed and the shows they never want to see again.
2 of 12 Gale Adler/ABC


WE WANT IT BACK! Women's Murder Club: "I'm surprised by how much I enjoy this show. It helps that I find all four lead actresses likable, unlike other shows (I'm looking at you, Cashmere Mafia)." (Kailess)
3 of 12 Patrick Harbron/ABC


DON'T WANT IT BACK! Cashmere Mafia: "Even the people who liked the show hated the 'men suck so I'll be a lesbian' storyline. Ugh, terrible." (Alexis1997)
4 of 12 Michael Muller/NBC


WE WANT IT BACK! Friday Night Lights: The FNL faithful have emotional ties to their fave. "I can't live without it. I'm sick that it might be over" (JBurbs). "If [FNL came back] I would seriously cry" (yoyobabypop555).
5 of 12 Carol Segal/NBC


DON'T WANT IT BACK! Bionic Woman: While haters feel Bionic is "over-the-top junk" (sandan14), even former fans feel it "had become abysmal" (annmys999). "NBC must be in even worse shape than anyone thought" (Blittle).
6 of 12 Danny Feld/ABC


WE WANT IT BACK! October Road: "I like it for the same reasons that people find joy in the campiness of shows like the '60s Batman series or Plan 9 from Outer Space. I totally enjoy the cheese factor." (Al)
7 of 12 Dean Hendler/ABC


DON'T WANT IT BACK! Cavemen: For most, a Cavemen return would mean "it's time to have some folks committed" (pinkyestelle). Then again, it could be "Geckos with British accents" (daveraleigh).
8 of 12 Michael Yarish/CBS


WE WANT IT BACK! Cane: "I stuck with Cane past the less-than-stellar episodes and was wowed by the rest. If that's the show [coming back] I'll be on cloud nine." (ladycanuck)
9 of 12 Monty Brinton/CBS


DON'T WANT IT BACK! Cane: Not all shared ladycanuck's sentiments. "The show is absolutely awful. I think Les Moonves has a man crush on Jimmy Smits." (Scott124)
10 of 12 David Moir/NBC


WE WANT IT BACK! Journeyman: "I so loved that show! And I was happy with the way it ended, because the 13 episodes were like a miniseries. But I'd be thrilled to have it back." (tamara)
11 of 12 Sam Jones/ABC


DON'T WANT IT BACK! Big Shots: "That would be a big waste of air space" (Chasper). "[It] would throw most TV viewers into a seizure. No more of that mindless drivel" (thursdaymorning).
12 of 12 Michael Ansell/ABC


Some thoughts on recently renewed According to Jim: "That overstayed its welcome four seasons ago" (worstfilms). "WORST. SITCOM. EVER." (dmj2555).