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Get a refresher before for the explosive Season 2 return

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Before Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles returns with its explosive Season 2 premiere, take a look back at where we left off last year.
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Sarah Connor (Lena Headey)She fell for the guy who created the computer that could lead to Skynet, but got her head back in the game once he ended up dead. She tracked down the person (Sarkissian) who took the computer, only to learn he's the wrong guy.
3 of 11 R. Foreman/Fox


John Connor (Thomas Dekker)John became increasingly close to robo-hottie Cameron, despite uncle Derek's warnings. After seeing his father as a young boy for his birthday,  John stole and hacked into Sarkissian's hard drive, revealing his true identity.
4 of 11 Richard Foreman/Fox


Cameron (Summer Glau)The sexiest Terminator model we've seen led Sarah Co. to the fake Sarkissian, helping John to steal the hard drive. But as she went out to buy John a birthday cake, her jeep exploded, courtesy of the real Sarkissian.
5 of 11 Michael Desmond/Fox


Derek Reese (Brian Austin Green)Sent back by future John Connor, Derek ended up with Sarah and present-day John after killing the inventor of the Turk. He didn't trust Cameron, but he overlooked it to help disable Skynet's future surveillance system.
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James Ellison (Richard T. James)After tracking Sarah across the country (and time), Ellison realizes her Terminator ramblings were true. He went after Cromartie, who killed his entire team before turning his gun on Ellison.
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Cromartie (Garret Dillahunt)After teleporting to the future and acquring new skin and the identity of an FBI agent, Cromartie kept hunting for John, but thanks to Cameron he was uncsuccessful. We last saw him holding Ellison at gunpoint.
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Charley Dixon (Dean Winters)Sarah's ex-fiance and father figure for John proved useful when he saved Derek's life after he was shot. Though he's now married, he still wanted to help, despite Sarah telling him to forget them.
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Sarkissian (James Urbaniak)Though he posed as the cashier at a cyber cafe , he was really the one in possession of The Turk. When he realized his hard drive was stolen, he rigged a car bomb that exploded with Cameron inside the vehicle.
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The TurkCreated by Andy Goode (a former Cyberdyne Systems intern), this computer was a master at chess. However, when Andy was assassinated by Derek (who knew his creation ultimately caused Judgment Day) it fell into the hands of Sarkissian.
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Catherine Weaver (Shirley Manson)We thought we'd give you a sneak peek at this season, which features Weaver as the CEO of a high-tech company who buys the Turk in the Season 2 premiere.