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Joe the plumber is the latest in a line of greatness

Shaun Harrison
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Joe Six-Pack. G.I. Joe. And now Joe the Plumber. Joes hold a proud role in our history, representing a long line of regular guys — and sometimes girls — who go through life with cool and common sense. Given Joe the Plumber's new and important role in the presidential election, we thought it was time to raise a six-pack to the Joes we know. What's Brad Pitt doing here? You'll see at the end.
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Joe the Plumber

The replacement for the Average Joe and his more inebriated cousin, Joe Six-Pack, this Ohio small businessman is worried that Obama's economic plan would raise his taxes if he goes ahead and buys that $250,000-a-year business he’s had his eye on. Tragically, like so many Joes before him, Joe the Plumber has no last name. Unlike…
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Joe Biden

Hey, can we call you Joe? The senator from Delaware loves to play up his regular-guy credentials, pointing to his scrappy upbringing in Scranton, Pa. Speaking of scrappy, he questions how bad off Joe the Plumber can be if he's closing in on $250,000: "I don't have any Joe the Plumbers in my neighborhood," he says, "that make $250,000 and are worried." Whoa, no need to pull out a…
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Bazooka Joe

Good old reliable Bazooka Joe. He hasn't aged in 54 years, chews gum, wears a ball cap and an eye patch. How much cooler can you be? Well, you could be…
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Joe Cool

The beatnik Beagle. While other Peanuts characters talk in depressing mumbles, or trombone sounds, Snoopy's alter ego doesn't complain about taxes or anything else. If only we could say the same of…
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Jo from Facts of Life

A groundbreaking female Jo, who is, weirdly, kind of like the male Joes. She fixes motorcycles, goes to bars, and maybe likes girls. I mean, just as friends. Unlike well-known ladykiller…
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Joey Lawrence

WHOA. How cool is this guy? He was on the Gimme a Break!, Blossom, and Dancing with the Stars. Where does he find the energy? Maybe with the help of…
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A cup of Joe

The drink so medium-reg it's named after the most average guy in the world. And nothing goes with a cup of Joe like…
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Joey McIntyre

Thought we were gonna go with Joe Camel, didn't you? Nope, smoking kills. But there's nothing wrong with sweet tunes. Or the phat sounds of…
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Fat Joe

Yeah, we know no one says "phat" anymore. Even rappers. But Fat Joe is also the regular kind of fat. Quite unlike the very fit…
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Yes, his show was kind of bad. But he was far from the worst Joe in the world. That would be Joseph Stalin. You know who was an awesome, Joe, though?
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Joe Millionaire

Still one of the best "reality" shows, if you consider a show based on a big lie reality. For more traditional true-to-life fare, check out...
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Average Joe

Yes, we are bringing it back to this just for the sake of closure. Of course, there's nothing more final than meeting...
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Joe Black

In 1998's Meet Joe Black, Brad Pitt played death himself, come to collect some poor Joe.