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Ross' hair by any other name would look as sweet. To prove it, here are a lovely mess of monikers for the Austin & Ally star's locks

1 of 25 Disney

1. Austin-tacious

We first met the magic that is Ross Lynch's hair through his character Austin Moon on Austin & Ally.

2 of 25 Corbis

2. Flipped Fairytale

Ross's hair is the stuff dreams are made of.

3 of 25 Splash

3. Rocker's Halo

Ross plays guitar in his band R5, and his hair proves perfect for the rock 'n' roll lifestyle.

4 of 25 Splash

4. Smilesauce - Splash

If Ross's hair doesn't make you smile, you should check your face muscles.

5 of 25 Tony Rivetti/Disney Channel

5. King's Crown

Ross's hair is royalty.

6 of 25 Gilles Mingasson/Disney Channel

6. FR5sty

Frosted hair + R5 = FR5sty!

7 of 25 Corbis

7. Rossterpiece

His hair is a masterpiece just laying there on top of his head

8 of 25 Corbis

8. Hot head

This nickname doesn't need an explanation, right?

9 of 25 Corbis

9. Headbangable

Ross's hair is always ready to rock out.

10 of 25 Bruce Birmelin/Disney Channel

10. Moonshiny

Don't be alarmed if Ross's hair on Austin & Ally makes you feel a bit tipsy.

11 of 25 Lou Rocco/Disney Channel

11. Surfer Strands

Are you catching a slight surfer vibe from Ross's hair? Ride the wave!

12 of 25 Corbis

12. Shore Sunrise

Imagining Ross's hair with bits of sand and sea...Swoon!

13 of 25

Ross's hair? Yum!

14 of 25 Splash

14. GuyGlitter

The sparkle! The shine!

15 of 25 Corbis

15. Neverdye

Well, never dye it differently at least.

16 of 25 Splash

16. HighR5

The urge to congratulate Ross's hair for being so awesome is overwhelming.

17 of 25 Corbis

17. Silk Mop

So fresh, so clean.

18 of 25 Corbis

18. Tressed Out

Ross's hair has us weak in the knees!

19 of 25 Splash

19. Hipster Hotness

Meant in the best possible way, of course.

20 of 25 Corbis

Meant in the best possible way, of course.

Nothing beats Ross Lynch's hair. Nothing.

21 of 25 Corbis

21. Goldielocks

This hair is too, too hot. And that makes it just right.

22 of 25 Corbis

22. Sunny

Let there be Ross's hair.

23 of 25 Splash

23. Fluffy Top

What must it feel like? Magic? Probably.

24 of 25 Splash

24. Guitar Strands

Strum those strings; shake those strands!

25 of 25 Splash

25. Flipped Out

This nickname doubles as the name for the involuntary reaction to watching Ross run his fingers through his hair.