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These theories are almost more dramatic than the show

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These bizarre Riverdale theories are so insane they might just be true.

These theories are wild, but Riverdale is a crazy enough that they really don't seem that far-fetched. Spoilers ahead!

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Theory 1: Clifford Blossom is still alive.

In Season 1 of Riverdale, it was revealed that Cheryl's father, Clifford, had murdered Jason and then hanged himself. Talk about a serious family tragedy...

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Is Claudius actually Clifford?

Cut to Season 2 where, at the reading of Clifford's will, his twin brother Claudius shows up. There are fans who think Claudius is the one who was hanging in the Blossom barn, and Clifford is posing as Claudius.

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Theory 2: Chic isn't who he says he is.

There's no denying that Chic is creepy. Whether it's his strange, twisted smiles at Betty, or the fact that he always seems to have something up his sleeve, it seems that nobody can trust him.

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Who exactly is Chic?

A blood test revealed that Chic has no Blossom blood in him, so Hal isn't his father. But fans are speculating on Reddit that Chic is actually an imposter, pretending to be Alice's son. Some even think the drug dealer was the real Chic, and Chic manipulated Alice into killing her own son.

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Theory 3: The Black Hood is Hiram Lodge.

Hiram Lodge is certainly a suspect. The patriarch of the Lodge family can definitely be described as violent.

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But could he be behind every Black Hood murder?

Hiram doesn't seem to have much of a moral compass. One Twitter user even raised the pitch on the Black Hood's voice, and it sounded an awful lot like Hiram. However, Hiram's eyes aren't the same color and he seems to be much shorter than the actual Black Hood, causing this theory to lose some steam. But he could be the one pulling the strings. He's basically the Tony Soprano of Riverdale, so this isn't hard to imagine.

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Theory 4: The Sisters of Quiet Mercy are behind the Black Hood.

An interesting theory coming up on Reddit that The Sisters of Quiet Mercy are actually behind the Black Hood killer. Say what?!

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Are the sisters pulling the strings?

It's apparent that these nuns are up to no good. They're also obsessed with stomping out "sin," which is the reason behind the Black Hood's killing spree.

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Theory 5: Polly is the Black Hood.

It's obvious Polly has some issues. She's constantly running away from her family while playing the victim. One detailed Reddit theory makes the case that Polly Cooper is responsible for the Riverdale murders.

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What if Polly isn't so innocent?

There's a hefty amount of evidence that Polly might control the Black Hood. "This could be Polly's revenge on a town that chewed her up and spit her out, abandoned by family and the Blossoms with sinister motives..."

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Theory 6: Penny Peabody is Alice Cooper's sister.

The Snake Charmer has made quite a name for herself on the show. With her storyline intertwined with Jughead's and her presence causing anxiety for nearly everyone she comes in contact with, it's no surprise that fans are speculating her role will become even more vital.

13 of 23 The CW

Alice Cooper’s sister?

Some believe the tough backroom attorney is actually Alice Cooper's sister. They look alike, and nothing on the show has disproved this yet. Others think that Peabody is Betty's real mother. That seems a little out there, but isn't everything on Riverdale a tad extra?

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Theory 7: FP Jones is Chic's real father.

Here's a fun one for all the Alice-FP shippers out there. Many believe that Chic's real dad is FP Jones.

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Alice used to be a Southside Serpent, after all...

We know that Alice had Chic when she was very young, and FP knows things about her past. It's clear there's something between them. Maybe that something is a shared son.

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Theory 8: Riverdale actually takes place in Black Mirror.

This is a fun one, albeit ridiculous. Remember good old Joaquin from Season 1? When he gets on the bus to leave, the bus's destination is "San Junipero." Sounds familiar, doesn't it?

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A Black Mirror crossover?

San Junipero is an episode in Season 3 of Black Mirror. Some Redditors speculate that the town of Riverdale must exist inside of the Black Mirror universe.

It's a pretty heady theory, but definitely interesting.

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Theory 9: Prior to his death, Jason and Cheryl were actually dating.

Since the first episode of Riverdale, everyone on the internet has pointed out that Cheryl and Jason were eerily close. But what do the actors think of such an insane thing?

19 of 23 The CW

That's just wrong.

In an interview with Teen Vogue, actress Madeline Petsch said, "The word 'twincest' has been thrown around a lot. The way that I rationalized it was that it's very clear that she grew up in a very, very dark family. The only light that she had was Jason, the only love that she ever felt was Jason.

She goes on to say "The loss of him hurt her so badly. He was her person.... [but] there was no sexual connection. It was not romantic."

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Theory 10: Barb from Stranger Things and Ethel are the same person.

A few fans believe that Barb from Stranger Things is actually Ethel from Riverdale.

21 of 23 Netflix

The Upside Down.

Apparently, people think that the town of Riverdale is in the Upside Down, and that Barb (Ethel?) exists in this place. While there's no evidence to back it up, it would answer why everyone in Riverdale is severely messed up.

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Theory 11: The entire show is Jughead’s work of fiction.

Since the beginning, Jughead Jones has been the narrator of Riverdale. We know that he's a writer, we know that he's passionate about telling stories and we know that sometimes his mind can run wild.

23 of 23 The CW

Is anything real?

But does that mean that Riverdale is a product of his imagination? Some would say that yes, everything happening in the town of Riverdale is just a story Jughead is writing.

This would certainly be a polarizing choice for the show, but it looks like fans will just have to wait until the very end to find out.