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Get a refresher and see what's next for your favorite winter shows

1 of 37 Craig Blankenhorn/FX

The Americans (FX)

Premieres: Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: The FBI set up a trap for the KGB, which resulted in Elizabeth being shot. What's Next: As Elizabeth recovers from her near-death experience, the couple will grow closer over Phillip's willingness to sacrifice himself for her. Phillip and Elizabeth's kids come closer to learning the truth about their parents. Perhaps not getting any wiser? Stan, who despite his continued snooping, will remain in the dark — for now.
2 of 37 FX Network

Archer (FX)

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 10 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Lana Kane revealed that she was pregnant and that it was, much to his chagrin, not Cyril's baby. Also, Ray found himself back in the wheelchair after he lost the use of the bionic legs Krieger had built for him. What's Next: Surprisingly (not) Lana Kane will still be kicking plenty of butt even with child, but neither she nor the gang will be kicking said butt at ISIS anymore. "They're going to be staking out digs in somebody's house," Chris Parnell said in a November interview. Also, look listen for the voices of guest stars Gary Cole and Ron Perlman.
3 of 37 Ron Tom/ABC Family

Baby Daddy (ABC Family)

Premieres: Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 8:30/7:30c Where We Left Off: Ben finally found out that Riley has feelings for him and after attempting to plan the perfect birthday for her, the two kissed. Ben's baby mama Angela also returned and asked their daughter back. What's Next: Ben and Riley work on going from best friends to a couple, while Angela tries to prove she's a capable mother. Fellow ABC Family star Lucy Hale will guest-star, as well as Bruce Thomas, who will reunite with his former Kyle XY co-star.
4 of 37 Cinemax

Banshee (Cinemax)

Premieres: Friday, Jan. 10 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Lucas Hood handed himself over to Rabbit in order to save Carrie's son Max. Although Hood endured Rabbit's torture, Carrie led an explosive shootout and found Rabbit before he could kill Hood. Instead, Carrie shot her father twice, but his death remains in question. Plus: Hunters found the buried remains of the real Lucas Hood. What's Next: The real Hood's son comes to town looking for his father. But before that, Carrie has to answer to both her family and the legal system as she sorts out the ramifications of her double life and her connection to the Ukrainian mob. Emmy winner Zeljko Ivanek guest-stars as FBI Agent Racine, whose investigation into Rabbit's "death" will pose new complications for Carrie and Hood.
5 of 37 A&E

Bates Motel (A&E)

Premieres: Monday, March 3 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: After Norma repaired her rift with Norman by telling him her brother raped her as a child, Norman attended the dance, where he was punched by Bradley's boyfriend. When Miss Watson took Norman home to attend to his eye, a vision of Norma told Norman that Miss Watson was trying to seduce him, so Norman killed her. What's Next: Look for more Psycho touches, including the introduction of the Bates' fruit cellar! Viewers will meet Norma's brother Caleb, and Michael O'Neill guest-stars as the father of the now-dead Miss Watson who's looking for answers. Other new faces include Boss's Kathleen Robertson and Michael Vartan, who will recur as a new love interest for Norma.
6 of 37 Philippe Bosse/Syfy

Being Human (Syfy)

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 13 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Aiden killed Liam, leaving Josh as a wolf forever and Donna dragged Sally into a bottomless chasm. What's Next: Picking up four months after the finale, Aidan and Nora will struggle to save Josh, who is trapped in his wolf form. A new visitor will force Aidan to make impossible choices between the people he loves, and Sally will find herself trapped at the mercy of Witch Donna. Will her new magical powers save her?
7 of 37 Justin Lubin/NBC

Community (NBC)

Premieres: Thursday, Jan. 2 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Pierce and Jeff graduated, with the latter planning to begin practicing law again. What's Next: Series creator Dan Harmon is back, but Pierce is gone for good and Troy will only appear in five of the season's 13 episodes. Jeff will return to Greendale, now as a staff member. Season 5 will also feature a follow-up to Season 3's Dungeons & Dragons episode and an exorbitant amount of guest stars, including Paget Brewster, Nathan Fillion, Breaking Bad's Jonathan Banks as an intense criminology professor, and Justified's Walton Goggins as a mysterious investigator with a connection to Pierce.
8 of 37 Erik Heinila/TBS

Cougar Town (TBS)

Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Season 4 ended with wine, Penny Can and Travis and Laurie finally deciding to become a couple. What's Next: Although Travis and Laurie got Jules' blessing, the season premiere will focus primarily on Jules' struggle to handle their blossoming romance. (It only gets worse when Jules accidentally walks in on the lovebirds more than once. Ick!). Change will also be afoot for Bobby when Penny Can becomes a worldwide phenomenon! We'll learn more about the mysterious Tom, namely that he has a daughter named Hayley, who for some weird reason thinks that Tom and Jules are an item. Wonder how she got that impression! Oh, and did we mention that Matthew Perry will guest-star?!
9 of 37 Van Redin/TNT

Dallas (TNT)

Premieres: Monday, Feb. 24, 9/8c Where We Left Off: John Ross and Rebecca eloped, but a wedding ring didn't stop him from having some late-night fun with Ann's long-lost daughter, Emma. Christopher and Elena’s happily ever after went kaput when she learned that the Ewings duped her great-grandfather out of oil-rich land. What's Next: Sue Ellen will hit the bottle again when she learns of her son's infidelity. Bobby and Ann's marriage will hit a big bump when Priscilla Presley reprises her role from the original series as a love interest for Bobby. Heather (90210's AnnaLynne McCord), a ranch hand with a 5-year-old son and a troubled ex-husband, will come to mend Christopher's broken heart. So will it be Heather and Christopher tying the knot at the big Southfork wedding producers have been teasing?
10 of 37 PBS

Downton Abbey (PBS)

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 5 (Check local listings for time) Where We Left Off: Matthew, the heir of Downton Abbey, perished in a car crash after meeting with his wife Mary and newborn son in the hospital. What's Next: Following Matthew's death, Mary will have trouble bonding with their infant son George, who is the heir of Downton Abbey, but new duties will help her cope with her grief. Meanwhile, estate manager Branson will encounter an intriguing person from his past. Downstairs, much is in disarray now that Matthew's valet Molesley no longer has a job. And the beloved Bates and Anna will face an unexpected and traumatic incident that could test their strength as a couple.
11 of 37 Jack Barnes/Showtime

Episodes (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 12, 10:30/9:30c Where We Left Off: Merc had the worst day ever at his "Man of the Year" party, during which he learned about Matt and Jamie's affair and Carol dumped him for refusing to leave Jamie for her. Oh, and he got fired. In happier news, Sean and Beverly reconciled. What's Next: Merc will try to pick up the pieces, but it definitely won't be at his old stomping grounds: 24's Chris Diamantopoulos joins the show as Castor Soto, Merc's replacement as network head. Meanwhile, Matt will employ a new agent (Revenge's Roger Bart), who will recur for four episodes, and Revolution's Tracy Spiridakos guest-stars as Dawn, a relative of Morning's.
12 of 37 Barbara Nitke /Fox

The Following (Fox)

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 19 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Ryan Hardy finally killed his nemesis Joe Carroll in a fiery boathouse explosion. But then both him and his girlfriend Claire get stabbed by one of Carroll's minions. What's Next: Spoiler alert! Joe Carroll isn't dead. (Claire's fate, however, doesn't look promising, seeing as how Connie Nielsen is playing Ryan's new love interest.) Season 2 picks up a year later, with Ryan working as a professor and Carroll's followers targeting him. Other cast additions include Jessica Stroup as Ryan's niece Max, who also works in law enforcement; James McDaniel as the new head of the FBI; and Sam Underwood as the leading nominee for the most disturbing character on television in 2014.
13 of 37 Eric McCandless/ABC Family

The Fosters (ABC Family)

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 13 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Stef's near-fatal shooting led to her and and Lena finally saying, "I do." Before that, Stef and Lena asked Callie and Jude if they'd like to permanently stay with them, but when Jude saw Callie and her foster brother Brandon kiss, Callie ran away. What's Next: Callie remains on the run and Brandon tells his family that it's his fault. Rosie O'Donnell guest-stars as a social worker for kids in transitional housing who becomes a mentor to Callie. But will Callie's family ultimately find her? And will she return home with them?
14 of 37 HBO

Girls (HBO)

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 12 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Marnie and Charlie got back together, while Shoshana dumped Ray. Hannah became a complete mess over her nonexistent book, but Adam came to her rescue with a rom-com worthy kiss. What's Next: Hannah and Adam are still together and doing well. He even tags along to visit her sick and snippy grandmother (Nebraska's June Squibb) in the hospital. After accepting she was ready to settle down, Marnie struggles with life without Charlie. Jessa returns to the city and Andrew Rannells will reprise his role as Elijah. The season will also place a bigger focus on financial stability, something none of the girls has achieved yet.
15 of 37 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

Grey's Anatomy (ABC)

Premieres: Thursday, Feb. 17 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Meredith and Cristina finally settled their differences when they realize healthy competition between them is a good thing. Shane 'fessed up to his role in Brooks' death. Derek received a call from the president in regards to a consulting gig on a brain mapping project. And Jackson professed his love to April — in the middle of her wedding to Matthew. What's Next: Will April go through with her wedding? Derek will weigh the pros and cons of his new job offer. Elsewhere, Callie and Arizona will deal with the ramifications of the latter feeling she'll never be enough for Callie. Plus: The fate of Alex's father will be revealed.
16 of 37 Brooke Palmer/NBC

Hannibal (NBC)

Premieres: Friday, Feb. 28 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: After Abigail learned that Hannibal was the copycat killer, he killed her and framed Will for her and his previous murders. (Making Will throw up an ear was a nice touch!) In a role reversal, Will, having realized that Hannibal is the serial killer, was committed for trying to shoot the doc and greeted his cell visitor with the famous line: "Hello, Dr. Lecter." What's Next: Will is still locked up with a trial pending. Jack, who will be brought before a review board, will investigate Will's accusations, but Hannibal will try to keep him at bay, and Dr. Du Maurier will conduct her own investigation into her client. Sex and the City's Cynthia Nixon will recur as Kade Purnell, an FBI agent who joins the investigation into Will's case.
17 of 37 Michael Desmond/Showtime

House of Lies (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 12 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Doug got married after Sarah basically forced his hand, and Marty finally found a way to start his own firm. But Clyde decided to break ties from Marty, and Jeannie didn't hear the magic words “I love you” from Marty after their drunken night together. What's Next: Marty and Jeannie will face off as rivals now that Jeannie is the head of her own pod at Galweather-Stearn and Clyde is now working for Monica. Doug’s Las Vegas union won’t last long, as he will romance a young Ivy League-educated consultant working for Marty. T.I. and Mekhi Phifer will recur as co-owners of a clothing company who want to help Marty expand. Happy Endings’ Eliza Coupe will also recur as Marissa, a wild-child head of an Internet company and heir to a wealthy media family.
18 of 37 Prashant Gupta/FX

Justified (FX)

Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Raylan caught Drew Thompson much to the chagrin of Nicky Augustine, who wanted Thompson dead. Unable to take Nicky out himself, Raylan handed Nicky over to Sammy Tonin, ensuring the safety of Raylan's ex-wife Winona and their unborn child. Meanwhile, Ava was carted off to prison after being caught trying to move a body, and Boyd partnered with Wynn Duffy to become the king of Harlan County's heroin trade. What's Next: Raylan will tangle with the Crowes, the Florida swampland kin of fan-favorite character Dewey Crowe. Michael Rappaport guest-stars as the ex-con, gator-farming patriarch of the family, which also includes CSI: NY's A.J. Buckley. While Ava's in prison, a distraught Boyd will cope with her absence the only way he knows how: through violence. "He is in a place of volatility... that he's never been before in his life, and he's acting out in ways that I could not have foreseen," Walton Goggins says of his character. "If he can't break through that glass ceiling, he's going to shatter it with his bullets."
19 of 37 Jordin Althaus/FX

Legit (FXX)

Premieres: February Where We Left Off: Wendy, the prostitute who took Billy's virginity in the pilot, showed up nine months pregnant, supposedly with Billy's child. Just as Billy was about to propose, Wendy gave birth to a black baby! What's Next: Season 2 will pick up directly where the first left off, with Billy reeling from almost-fatherhood and Jim struggling with his career. Paths for two characters will diverge, with one hitting highs and the other going into complete devastation, according to creator and star Jim Jeffries. Carrie Fisher will also guest-star as Angela Greenberg, a top comedy development executive who offers to help Jim, but may not have entirely professional motives. And there'll even be a death!
20 of 37 Syfy

Lost Girl (Syfy)

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 13 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Our favorite succubus Bo disappeared in black smoke, probably at the hands of The Wanderer, whose tarot card her image shows up on at the end of the episode. Last we saw Tamsin the Valkyrie, she flew off the road in her attempt to ram The Wanderer with her truck. What's Next: When we pick back up, Bo is still missing after her run-in with The Wanderer's smoke, and although her allies appear to be unconcerned at first, they will eventually reunite. Meanwhile, it appears that Tamsin has been reincarnated with no memory of who she was. Finally, Bo, who has always been the unaligned fae, may actually pick a side ... but it's not in the way you'd expect!
21 of 37 Eric McCandless/ABC

Melissa & Joey (ABC Family)

Premieres: Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Mel and Joe slept together after a night of drinking. Their dynamic was further complicated when Mel, pretending to be Joe's ex-wife, promised Joe's dying grandmother they'll stay together forever. While Joe actually wanted to give their relationship a shot, Mel didn't, and came home to her ex Austin telling her he wants her back. What's Next: The episode picks up right where things left off, with Joe rushing home to Mel only to see that Austin is there. Not wanting to watch the two get back together, Joe quits. But how long can he stay away from Mel and the kids — especially when Lennox devises a plan to reunite them?
22 of 37 Jack Rowand/ABC

Once Upon a Time (ABC)

Premieres: Sunday, March 9 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: In order to save Storybrooke, Regina let Henry destroy the town, sending everyone back to where they came from. But Emma and Henry, whose memories were changed to believe they've always been together, now reside in New York, where, one year after the curse consumed the town, Hook arrived at their door to enlist them for help because Emma's parents are in trouble. What's Next: Regina and Robin Hood's potential future will be explored in the Enchanted Forest. Pinocchio, Phillip and Aurora will return, more of Emma's past will be revealed, and more worlds will be introduced, including possibly Oz, home of Rebecca Mader's mystery character, the Wicked Witch of the West. Plus: Christopher Gorham will play a mysterious character connected to Emma and Rapunzel.
23 of 37 Colleen Hayes/NBC

Parks and Recreation (NBC)

Premieres: Thursday, Jan. 9 at 8:30/7:30c Where We Left Off: Leslie lost the recall election, just as she was coming to terms with Chris and Ann's move to Michigan. What's Next: The 100th episode will feature Leslie's final hours in office as she attempts to push through some major projects before she loses power. Plus: Before Ann and Chris leave Pawnee, the famous park project will come back into play.
24 of 37 Danny Feld/TNT

Perception (TNT)

Premieres: Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: After being on trial for murder, Kate saw her case dismissed and kissed her ex Donnie, who had returned to work after quitting to represent her. Daniel also gave love a second shot when he revealed to Miranda that he broke up with her in college for someone that turned out to be a hallucination. The two then also kissed. What's Next: Another case will hit too close to home when Lewicki's brother shows up and is named the key suspect in a homicide, leaving Pierce torn on what to do. Kate, meanwhile, will try to work on her trust issues with Donnie as the two try to reconcile.
25 of 37 Eric McCandless/ABC

Pretty Little Liars (ABC Family)

Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Ezra is A? Alison is alive? In the final moments of the Halloween episode, the girls learned from Ali herself that it's still not safe for her to return home and she immediately ran away before Ezra appeared. What's Next: The season of answers continues as the girls are reeling from finally knowing their best friend is truly alive. Some of the girls start to suspect Ezra's true intentions, but Aria is going to take a lot of convincing that her on-again, off-again lover is evil. "Spoby," however, are hanging in there. "They're doing well," Keegan Allen tells us. "As with any relationship it takes work, but they love each other, there's always that."
26 of 37 Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Psych (USA)

Premieres: Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Harris Trout (Anthony Michael Hall) was brought in to audit the Santa Barbara PD and briefly suspended Shawn, Gus, Lassiter and Juliet. Instead, he suspended Chief Vick for six months, making himself the new interim man in charge. Lassiter was also demoted from head detective, and Trout announced that the department is no longer hiring psychics. What does it mean for Shawn?! What's Next: The show will pay homage to Guy Ritchie's film Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and will do what James Roday calls a "kitchen sink" horror episode that covers all the big scary movie franchises that the series has not yet done. And the show will redo a Season 1 episode! Keep an eye out for the return of art thief Pierre Despereaux (Cary Elwes) and the debut of Oscar winner Mira Sorvino as the SBPD’s new head detective, Betsy Brannigan, a sweet, reserved woman who has a impressive reputation for taking down criminals.
27 of 37 Skip Bolen/ABC

Ravenswood (ABC Family)

Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Max, a ghost, manipulated Miranda and nearly landed Caleb in the ghost world for good. We learned that Olivia's boyfriend Dillon was working with Max the entire time. What's Next: Miranda will start to haunt Mrs. Grunwald in her search for answers, only to discover the woman has a ghost friend of her own. Remy's attempt to use her dreams to interpret the past attracts a new danger. As for the twins, "Olivia goes through a lot of ups and downs, especially with Dillon," Merritt Patterson tells us, "The audience knows he's bad news, but Olivia doesn't necessarily know that." Adds Brett Dier, "Luke's going to come out of his shell more, but you also find out he has some anger problems." The first episode will also include a big reveal as to the origins of the pact.
28 of 37 Felicia Graham/NBC

Revolution (NBC)

Premieres: Wednesday, Jan. 8 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: By making the nanites self-aware, Aaron became a God-like figure to them. After Dr. Horn killed Cynthia, Aaron ordered the nanites to kill them all, inciting each person to spontaneously combust. Miles' infection worsened, causing him to confess his undying love for Rachel. Tom discovered Julia is alive, albeit remarried to a powerful Patriot. What's Next: Now that he's lost his motive for killing the president, Neville and Julia will decide to grab as much power as they can. The nanites have agreed to leave Aaron alone, meaning they are no longer able to be controlled. Monroe will set off to find his son, and Miles and Rachel's romance will begin to bloom. Bret Michaels will also appear as a post-apocalyptic version of himself, performing an acoustic version of "Every Rose Has Its Thorn."
29 of 37 Trae Patton/TNT

Rizzoli & Isles (TNT)

Premieres: Tuesday, Feb. 25 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: At Paddy's behest, Maura took in her grumpy gangster grandfather, Patrick — aka the man who wanted to kill Hope when she was pregnant with Maura. After he was released on parole, the two eventually bonded. Casey was made a colonel and gave Jane an ultimatum: He will re-enlist so he can make his way up to general unless Jane married him. What's Next: Jane's decision will be revealed in the midseason premiere, but in the season finale, she will share some shocking news that could change her life forever. Her dad, Frank Sr., and Maura's mom, Hope, will both return, with the former trying to make amends with her daughter. Lee Thompson Young, who died in August, will appear in several episodes that were filmed prior to his death.
30 of 37 Richard Cartwright/ABC

Scandal (ABC)

Premieres: Thursday, Feb. 27 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Olivia discovered that her mother is actually a terrorist, who escaped during the trip to Hong Kong, calling her daughter from outside the White House to say they'll be seeing each other very soon. Elsewhere, Cyrus helped Sally cover up her husband Daniel's murder and Huck kicked Quinn out of OPA. What's Next: OPA will be dealing with the fallout from Maya-Gate, while Cyrus and Sally will be the target of David Rosen's investigation into Daniel's murder after an audio recording indicated they were complicit in his death. Plus: Jon Tenney will play a love interest for Mellie.
31 of 37 Chuck Hodes/SHOWTIME

Shameless (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 12 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Frank was diagnosed with liver failure, Ian enlisted in the Army, Fiona was promoted and Lip got into college. V also learned that her mom was already pregnant, but kept it a secret to stay close to V and Kevin. What's Next: Unfortunately, Jimmy did die in the finale and won't be back as a regular. The fourth season picks up a few weeks after Season 3, with the Gallaghers braving another brutal winter and waiting on the medical fate of Frank. Fiona, however, will have a steady job and relationship, and Lip will be in college.
32 of 37 PBS Masterpiece

Sherlock (PBS)

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 19 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Sherlock's nemesis Moriarty seemingly outwitted the famed detective, discrediting him as a fraud to the general public. After Moriarty killed himself, hoping to force Sherlock to follow suit, Watson saw his friend plummet to his death off a building. Fans realized Sherlock faked his death when he's seen lurking off to the side of his gravesite. What's Next: It's been two years since Sherlock faked his own death, and his friend Watson has moved on with his life and found love. It's a shock to say the least when Sherlock returns, but he's able to make it up to his pal with the ultimate gesture of bromance (and no, it's not helping Watson move!).
33 of 37 Carin Baer/ABC

Suburgatory (ABC)

Premieres: Wednesday, Jan. 15 at 8:30/7:30c Where We Left Off: Dallas suddenly broke up with George, and, after her own teary split from college-bound Ryan, Tessa decided to move in with her mom, Alex, for a bit. What's Next: Once Tessa inevitably returns to Chatswin, both she and George will struggle with getting over their exes. But while George will try to win back Dallas, Tessa will have other things to worry about, like helping plan a wedding between two major characters. Meanwhile, Dalia will be consumed with planning what to do after high school instead of going to college. Rex Lee and Alan Tudyk will no longer be series regulars, but Noah will definitely be back to help George through this difficult period, as will George's dad (played by Dexter's Geoff Pierson).
34 of 37 ABC

Switched at Birth (ABC Family)

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 13 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Nikki and Toby, despite their family's plea to call of the wedding, got hitched at City Hall. Bay, meanwhile, was lead to believe that Ty cheated on her so that she would get over him while he's deployed and Angelo gave his baby back to the parents who originally adopted her. What's Next: Will Bay and Emmett finally get back together? Seems like it based on their kiss in the promo. After Daphne gets in major trouble for last season's blackmail (and perhaps spends some time in juvie), she goes to work at a free clinic where she meets a paralyzed pre-med student played by Breaking Bad's R.J. Mitte.
35 of 37 MTV

Teen Wolf (MTV)

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 6 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: After killing Kali, Jennifer's throat was slashed by Deacalion and her fate remained unknown. Scott became the True Alpha, though Peter revealed he plans to take back the power no matter what. Derek left town with Cora, while Scott's FBI agent dad decided to stick around, much to his son's displeasure. What's Next: Picking up three weeks later, Scott, Stiles and Allison will start to suffer side effects from their ritual sacrifice, but a new student, Kira (Arden Cho), might be able to help. Derek will return to town with a specific purpose, and Isaac and Allison consider taking their relationship to the next level. Lydia will explore what Peter's bite really means to her and how they're now connected. The season will also focus on a new Kitsune mythology based around shapeshifters.
36 of 37 Kelsey McNeal/ABC Family

Twisted (ABC Family)

Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 7 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: The finale was full of bombshells, name that Danny's dead father Vikram is alive. Fans also learned that the investigator trying to get Danny locked up for Regina's death was definitely involved in the murder. In an act of haste, Jo lost her virginity to Tyler. What's Next: Danny will give a new meaning to "socio." As Avan Jogia tells us, "He's goes a little mental and loses it a bit." Expect to get major answers in the first episode back, including the identity of Regina's killer. Viewers will also get to see Vikram, this time interacting with Danny, again.
37 of 37 Gene Page/AMC

The Walking Dead (AMC)

Premieres: Sunday, Feb. 9 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: After The Governor declared war on the prison by killing Hershel, Michonne stabbed him through the chest, after which Lilly shot him in the head. The group was left scattered after the prison was destroyed. What's Next: For the most part, the group will stay divided when the second half of the season kicks off. Expect Rick not to take the possible loss of Judith well, with Carl forced to step up while his father grieves. Comic book characters Abraham (Michael Cudlitz), Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Eugene (Josh McDermitt) will also be introduced.