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Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Bob D'Amico/ABC

The Bachelor

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 3 at 8/7c on ABC Where We Left Off: Jake Pavelka proposed to Vienna Girardi on March 1. They broke up by June. What's Next: We had ranked Season 11's Brad Womack as the smartest of all Bachelors. Why? Because when he didn't find love on reality TV, he did the most sensible thing ever done on the The Bachelor: He refused to choose a winner. We cheered his good judgment from the couch! But no more. More than three years later, Brad has decided to try his luck on the show again.
2 of 13 Jeff Petry/ABC


Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 9/8c on ABC Where We Left Off: Erica destroyed most of Anna's army of soldier eggs, but Joshua insists Erica kill him so she is not suspected of the crime. Enraged by her loss, Anna reveals a massive fleet of ships waiting in outer space as the Earth's skies turn blood red. What's Next: Original V cast member Jane Badler will play Anna's mother in 10 episodes. Anna's leadership is questioned when her captains suspect she is beginning to develop human emotions. Erica gets a new partner (The Shield's Jay Karnes), and Anna uses Ryan's hybrid baby as leverage to get information on the Fifth Column.
3 of 13 Chris Haston/NBC

Parks and Recreation

Premieres: Thursday, Jan. 20 at 9:30/8:30c on NBC Where We Left Off: State auditors Ben and Chris (Adam Scott and Rob Lowe) descended upon Pawnee and promptly shut down the government, leaving Leslie and the parks department out of work. What's Next: More Ron Swanson! But first… Determined to get her department back up and running, Leslie asks Ben and Chris to allow her to revive the long-dormant Pawnee harvest festival. If the fest flops, she says, they can eliminate her team.
4 of 13 Chris Haston/TNT


Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 4 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: The entire LAPD was on high alert to catch a rapist who was disguising himself as a cop. Chickie (Arija Bareikis) finally brings him down, affirming her season-long doubts about her ability to do the job. Meanwhile, John's back goes out in the field, adding more tension to Ben's disapproval of John's painkiller addiction. What's Next: The simmering tension between John and Ben will boil over. Plus, Lydia's got a new partner (again) whose cavalier style opens Lydia's mind about the way she does her job. On the homefront, Lydia has to deal with her mom, who returns from Europe with a boyfriend, and Sammy gets some life-altering news from his wife.
5 of 13 Prashant Gupta/FX


Premieres: Wednesday, Feb. 9 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Boyd's faith is shaken after his father, Bo, kills the members of Boyd's "church" as punishment for destroying a shipment of drugs. When Bo kidnaps Ava, Raylan and Boyd team up to take him down, but they are beaten to the punch by two drug-cartel assassins from Miami, one of whom escapes with Boyd on her trail. Also, after their steamy hook-up, Raylan's ex-wife, Winona, informs him that she's kicked her new husband out of the house. What's Next: Raylan must sort through his complicated relationships with his father, Boyd, Ava and Winona, all while keeping an eye on Mags Bennett (Margo Martindale), the matriarch of a pot-growing clan in Harlan. Her family has been caught up in a Hatfield-and-McCoy-style war with Raylan's for years. Jeremy Davies guest-stars as Mags' son, who was one of Raylan's rivals in high school.
6 of 13 ABC Family


Premieres: Monday, Jan. 3 at 8/7c on ABC Family Where We Left Off: Casey got into law school and even though she wanted to make a long-distance relationship with Cappie work, the forever frat boy broke her heart and ended their relationship — for now? What's Next:The final season picks up during college graduation, and Casey and Cappie haven't spoken since their breakup. Plus: Casey finds out the real reason she didn't get into CRU law, which involves one of her exes.
7 of 13 ABC Family

Pretty Little Liars

Premieres: Monday, Jan. 3 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Rosewood's fab four go glamping (glam camping) for Mona's birthday, hot on the trail of "A," but just when Hanna learns the truth, their texting tormentor runs her over. Um, harsh? What's Next: Spoiler alert! Hanna's laid up in the hospital and has an encounter with Alison... only she's not sure it's actually Alison or just a hallucination.
8 of 13 HBO

Big Love

Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 16 at 9/8c on HBO Where We Left Off:Just after winning the election for the Utah state senate, Bill tells the press that he is a polygamist. What's Next: After his very public confession, it will be an uphill battle for Bill to fit in with his fellow statesmen, especially the Senate majority leader, played by 24’s Gregory Itzin. Also, keep an eye out for Terminator’s Robert Patrick as the leader of a polygamist fringe group.
9 of 13 Jordin Althaus/Showtime


Premieres: Sunday, Jan. 9 at 9/8c on Showtime Where We Left Off: Hank refused to allow Mia to admit that she stole his book and that it was an account of their own sexual experience when she was underage. Unwilling to allow the publicity stunt, Hank assaulted Mia's manager-boyfriend, but before he is arrested, he confesses to Karen all his misdeeds with Mia. Charlie and Marcy decide to divorce. What's Next: Hank hires a high-priced — and hot — attorney (Carla Gugino) to help with his legal issues. To foot the bill, Hank agrees to polish the screenplay for the movie adaptation of F---ing and Punching and gets involved with the movie's young female lead in the process. (Rob Lowe plays Hank Nero, who signs on for the role of Hank in the movie.) Hank also tries to worm his way back into Karen and Becca's hearts. Charlie and Marcy try to sell their house and move on in new relationships.
10 of 13 Ken Regan/Showtime

Nurse Jackie

Premieres: Spring 2011 on Showtime Where We Left Off: In the second-season finale, all of Jackie's lies came crashing down. When she's finally confronted by her husband Kevin and Dr. O'Hara, we thought "Whoa! Intervention!" But instead, Jackie locks herself in her bathroom and imagines a world where she's saying, "I'm Jackie, and I'm a drug addict." Then she snaps out of it. "Blow me," she says to her reflection. What's Next: Little is known about Season 3, not even when it will premiere. The good news is that the entire cast will definitely be back for what we can only assume will be one hell of a fallout.
11 of 13 Jordin Althaus/Showtime

United States of Tara

Premieres: Spring 2011 on Showtime Where We Left Off: On Nick and Charmaine's wedding day, Kate and Marshall unwittingly uncover upsetting information about Tara's childhood. What's Next: Frances Conroy (Six Feet Under) joins the cast as Max's mom, who would be a big help to the Gregson family if she wasn’t such a compulsive hoarder. Eddie Izzard (The Riches) will play a psychology professor who is skeptical about dissociative identity disorder, but nonetheless takes an interest in Tara's ever-evolving condition.
12 of 13 Patrick Harbron/USA Network

Royal Pains

Premieres: Thursday, Jan. 20 at 9/8c on USA Where We Left Off: When we last saw the brothers Lawson, their father Eddie went into cardiac arrest just after Boris revealed that Eddie had been spying on him for the Securities and Exchange Commission. Also, Divya was stuck between going through with her arranged marriage to Raj and pursuing a relationship with a charismatic patient. What's Next: Spoiler alert! Eddie will live, but his undercover work will make his road to redemption with his sons all the more complicated. Divya will continue to struggle with her feelings, despite her best efforts to ignore them.
13 of 13 David Giesbrecht/USA Network

White Collar

Premieres: Tuesday, Jan. 18 at 10/9c on USA Where We Left Off: Mozzie finally finds the code to the music box, but is shot by a unknown assailant, who also steals the code, before he can tell anyone. Neal confronted Fowler, the person believed to have been responsible for the plane explosion that killed his beloved Kate. What's Next: Star Matt Bomer has teased that fans will start getting answers to many of the show’s burning questions. And call us crazy, but we have a sneaking suspicion Willie Garson (Mozzie) isn’t leaving the show anytime soon.