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Shaun Harrison
1 of 16 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


Where We Left Off: Jack Bauer was in a coma, but Kim submitted herself to a risky experiment to save him. What's Next: Spoiler alert: It works. Season 8 finds Jack convalescing with Kim and her family in New York City, where he's drawn into trying to prevent the assassination of Omar Hassan (Slumdog Millionaire's Anil Kapoor), the president of a nuclear power in tense negotiations with the U.S.
2 of 16 Craig Sjodin/ABC

Better Off Ted

Where We Left Off: Veronica let down her hair (by undoing her signature bun) when a survey found that employees find her intimidating. What's Next: The economic slump will play a part in Season 2, as layoffs and other cost-cutting measures affect Veridian Dynamics.
3 of 16 HBO

Big Love

Where We Left Off: Bill, Barb and Margene apparently forgave Nicki for her Juniper Creek-related shenanigans, as they welcomed her — and the teenage daughter she gave up for adoption! — back into the family fold. What's Next: Bill looks into running for office. The dastardly Alby (and his new boyfriend?) fill the power void left by Roman's death. Most intriguing: Oscar winner Sissy Spacek joins the cast as a lobbyist.
4 of 16 Lewis Jacobs/AMC

Breaking Bad

Where We Left Off: The increasingly ruthless Walter allowed Jesse's junkie girlfriend, Jane, to die. Her father, an air-traffic controller, was so overcome with grief that he failed to prevent the collision of two planes. This being a very small world, the debris rained down on Walt’s house — which was almost empty, because his family left him. Karma. What's Next: John de Lancie returns as Jane’s dad, now wracked with guilt about both his daughter's death and the plane crash. Look for him to put some of the blame on Jesse, who is struggling not to relapse.
5 of 16 USA Network

Burn Notice

Where We Left Off: Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) began working for Mr. Strickler (Ben Shankman), an "agent of the spies." But when Strickler arranged to have Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) kidnapped, Michael killed him, which set into motion the revenge murder of Diego, Michael's contact. What's Next: Promos show some steamy Michel-Fiona action, but beware: Guest star Carlos Bernard will set his sights on Fi as well. Garret Dillahunt and Frasier's John Mahoney also guest-star.
6 of 16 Adam Taylor/NBC


Where We Left Off: An organization called "The Ring" tried to steal the new Intersect, which led to Chuck uploading it to his brain, giving him a whole new advantage: The spy who "knew all" can now "do all" (including kung fu!). What's Next: Armed with Intersect 2.0, Chuck will train to actually become a spy. His relationships, especially with his new boss, Sarah, are tested as he starts to lose himself to the world of espionage.
7 of 16 FX


Where We Left Off: Uncle Pete died, but left behind evidence that proved that Patty tried to kill Ellen. Ellen wrangled a confession from Patty, but in the end, opted only to quit working for her. What's Next: We'll see where Ellen ends up. Plus, a new love interest is in the works for Patty. Campbell Scott, Martin Short, Lily Tomlin and Keith Carradine guest-star.
8 of 16 NBC

Friday Night Lights

Where We Left Off: Coach Taylor's contract was up for renewal, and things were not looking good. Lyla, Riggins and Tyra graduated. What's Next: Taylor takes a new job as the coach of the East Dillon Lions, a team with none of the advantages enjoyed by his former employer.
9 of 16 TNT


Where We Left Off: Sophie (Gina Bellman) took a break from the team, but she sent Nate (Timothy Hutton) a grifter named Tara (guest star Jeri Ryan) to fill the void. What's Next: Tara's welcome won't be warm. However, the team will smooth things out as everyone works together to bring down a sweatshop owner, a predatory loan shark and a fake psychic. The gang will also try to spring Nate's ex-wife (Kari Matchett) from a Ukrainian jail.
10 of 16 Mario Perez/ABC


Where We Left Off: Juliet appeared to detonate Jughead just as the Lostaways found themselves cornered by the Dharma Initiative. What's Next: Lost loves secrets, but we hear Season 6 begins with a "do-over," in which Oceanic Flight 815 lands safely in Los Angeles.
11 of 16 Ken Regan/Showtime

Nurse Jackie

Where We Left Off: Zoey accidentally put a patient into a coma. Shortly after Eddie discovered that Jackie is married, Jackie attempted to put herself in a medically induced coma by stealing drugs from the Pill-O-Matic. What's Next: Jackie wasn't as careful as she should have been about measuring the grains of that final dosing. This will reveal her habit to an inconvenient person.
12 of 16 Richard Cartwright/ABC


Where We Left Off: In a filmic montage, J.D. imagined his future, which included marrying Elliot and spending holidays with his Sacred Heart colleagues. What's Next: Sacred Heart has been leveled. In its place is a new medical school, at which Drs. Turk and Perry teach. J.D. and Elliot are still around too, but not as much. Plus: new interns!
13 of 16 Randy Holmes/ABC Family

Secret Life of the American Teenager

Where we left off: Ben considered breaking up with Amy, and Grace cut Jack loose because she wasn't ready to be serious. Anne gave birth to baby Robert, who looks nothing like George and more like David. On the upside, Ricky finally told Adrian he loved her. What's next: Look for plenty of parallel motherhood struggles as mother and daughter raise their children together.
14 of 16 NBC


Where We Left Off: Detective Adams single-handedly fended off gangbangers who threatened the witness under her protection. Officer Cooper seemed to be enjoying domestic bliss, and Detective Clarke — who hadn't been given the juiciest of story lines — was shot point-blank while trying to break up his neighbors' arguing. What's Next: Thanks to a resurrection on TNT after NBC canceled it, the show will air its sophomore season, which finds Detective Adams getting to know a new partner (Clifton Collins Jr.) and starting a new relationship — with one of her co-workers.
15 of 16 Jonathan Hession/Showtime

The Tudors

Where We Left Off: King Henry annulled his marriage to Anne of Cleves and quickly took up with 17-year-old Catherine Howard. Cromwell fell from favor and was beheaded. What's Next: In its final season, the show will feature Henry's marriages to Howard and his final wife, Catherine Parr (Joely Richardson). The show will also explore the king's decline into madness.
16 of 16 Jordin Althaus/Showtime

United States of Tara

Where We Left Off: After meeting face-to-face with her alleged attacker, Tara appeared to be at peace and released herself from the hospital to reunite, and bowl, with her family. What's Next: Tara has to admit to herself that she doesn't want to give up her alters.