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Get caught up on your favorite series before they return with new episodes

1 of 12 Glenn Watson/USA Network

Burn Notice

Where we left off: After Carla (Tricia Helfer) died, Michael (Jeffrey Donovan) boarded a helicopter with a mysterious man (John Mahoney). The man offered him a job, which Michael refused, despite threats that he will no longer be protected. Taking his chances, Michael jumped from the chopper and swam back to shore. What's next: Look for more of Michael's backstory with Fiona (Gabrielle Anwar) to be revealed and maybe even a few sparks between the duo. Plus, Michael will try to work his way back into the intelligence community.
2 of 12 Karen Neal/TNT

The Closer

Where we left off: Brenda (Kyra Sedgwick) finally walked down the aisle to say "I do" to Fritz (Jon Tenney). What's next: The Season 5 opener resolved one mini cliff-hanger — Daniels got the transfer out of the MCD, not Gabriel. (Phew!) Now, we're left wondering what heartbreak befell Provenza during the break, and how much longer Kitty will cuddle with Brenda.
3 of 12 Richard Foreman/TNT

Saving Grace

Where we left off: Leon (Bokeem Woodbine), the death row inmate who shares a guardian angel (Leon Rippy) with Grace (Holly Hunter), drew closer to his execution date. Grace, who had always opposed organized religion, began to understand why God brought these two together. Also, Ham (Kenny Johnson) finalized his divorce. What's next: Grace will get closer to both Ham and God, but a rival angel (F. Murray Abraham) complicates matters.
4 of 12 Craig Mathew/A&E

The Cleaner

Where we left off: When last we checked in with William Banks (Benjamin Bratt), who will do whatever it takes to get you clean, he had traded his drug addiction for a work addiction — and his family life suffered the consequences. What's next: Banks, no longer living with his family, pretends all is right for the sake of his in-laws. Oh, and he helps a few more people kick addictions, with guest stars including Whoopi Goldberg, Mia Kirshner, Gary Cole, and Joe Don Baker.
5 of 12 Karen Neal/TNT

Raising the Bar

Where we left off: Rosalind (Gloria Reuben) and Balco (Currie Graham) reviewed an old conviction of a black firefighter, and found that shady, racist tactics were involved. Plus, Jerry (Mark-Paul Goselaar) found some interesting dirt on Bobbi's (Natalia Cigliuti) husband. What's next: Season 2 kicked off with a few twists — Jerry's now less hairy, while boss lady Rosalind is now trying her own cases. Moving forward, we have to wonder who will lay claim to Jerry's heart: the not-quite-divorced Bobbi or old flame Michelle (Melissa Sagemiller).
6 of 12 Erik Heinila/TNT


Where we left off: The heist drama's first season ended with a double-statuette theft so intense it broke up Timothy Hutton's carefully assembled team of cons. We last saw them walking off in different directions… but one looked back. What's next: The team is lured to the same city for a possible reunion. And Hutton's Nathan Ford tests his ability to kick booze — by living above a bar. He isn't one to make things easy.
7 of 12 courtesy AMC

Mad Men

Where we left off: The anxiety in the world about the Cuban Missile Crisis was echoed in the halls of Sterling Cooper as everyone feared the merger with a London-based agency. Betty (January Jones) finally let Don (Jon Hamm) out of the doghouse long enough to reveal she's preggers, while Peggy (Elisabeth Moss) confessed to Pete (Vincent Kartheiser) that she gave their baby away. What's next: Don't expect the new Draper baby to make anything easier for Don and Betty's marriage. Plus, Don's work life might also be volatile, considering how he stormed out of that last meeting. And we hope to dive even further into Peggy's enigmatic character.
8 of 12 John P. Johnson

True Blood

Where we left off: Sookie (Anna Paquin) helped bring down Bon Temps' serial killer, but another murderer is still on the loose, as evidenced by a corpse that may or may not be Laffayette (Nelson Ellis). Plus, Tara (Rutina Wesley) was adopted by a mysterious woman, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) done got religion, and Bill (Stephen Moyer) found himself in charge of a new, young vampire. What's next: Bill's secret will strain his relationship with Sookie, who again finds herself constantly under attack from wacky creatures. Also, a new face pops up at Merlotte's bar, and Jason heads off to Jesus camp.
9 of 12 Vivian Zink/HBO


Where we left off: Vince (Adrian Grenier) and his boyz spent some time back in Queens. E (Kevin Connolly) tried — unsuccessfully — to get Vince a part in a new Gus Van Sant movie. Vince fired E for going behind his back, just in time for Ari (Jeremy Piven) to swoop in with the news that Scorsese wants Vince for the lead to his Gatsby remake, which will film in Manhattan. What's next: After a falling-out with Vince, E returns to L.A. — and new assistant Kate Mara — to work for other clients. Scott Caan guests as a competing manager, and William Fichtner and Matt Letscher show up to work together on a '90s teen show remake (think 90210) for Drama.
10 of 12 Vivian Zink/USA Network


Where we left off: Monk (Tony Shaloub) fought to stop the demolition of the parking garage where his wife was murdered. What's next: The show's return is bittersweet, as Monk enters its final season. Look for the obsessive-compulsive detective to get a proper send-off and the mystery surrounding the death of Monk's wife to be revealed. Bitty Schram also reappears.
11 of 12 Alan Zenuk/USA Network


Where we left off: Shawn became the target of the mysterious Mr. Yang (Ally Sheedy), a serial killer who kidnapped Shawn's mom (Cybill Shepherd). What's next: Shawn and Gus (Dule Hill) face off against an art thief and a demonic possession. They even have an Old West experience. Plus, Shawn's girlfriend (Rachel Leigh Cook) keeps complicating his life.
12 of 12 Sonja Flemming/Showtime


Where we left off:Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker) decided drug trafficking was getting too dangerous (duh) for a suburban mom, so she turned to the Feds to see if they could help extricate her from her dealings with the Mexican mob. Obviously Esteban, her boyfriend/a Mexican drug lord/the mayor of Tijuana found out, and just as it seemed like Nancy was a goner, she produced a sonogram. She's embarazada, and she thinks it feels like un hijo. What's next: Nancy has to prove to Esteban that she is, in fact, pregnant with his child. Celia (Elizabeth Perkins), who is still being held hostage in Mexico by her wayward daughter, realizes who her true friends are. Doug (Kevin Nealon), Andy (Justin Kirk) and Silas (Hunter Parrish) go into business together, while Shane (Alexander Gould) pursues popularity through familiar means.