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Army Wives (Lifetime)

Premieres: Sunday, March 4, 9/8c Where We Left Off: Joan finally made headway connecting with her adopted son David, and the Sherwood family appeared to have made peace with the recent death of Jeremy, who was killed in combat. Just as Roxy and Trevor's relationship got back on track, they learned that everyone will have to part ways since the 23rd Airborne Division is being disbanded, forcing Fort Marshall, their home, to shut down. What's Next: After a hurricane, nearby Fort Hope sustains so much damage that it will be closing instead of Fort Marshall, which will now be expanded. That means no one has to move and fresh blood will arrive! All My Children's Susan Lucci will play the wife of a retired brigadier general who gives Claudia Joy advice on dealing with new rival Jackie Clarke, played by Lie to Me's Kelli Williams. Also, Kellie Martin will play a member of the military police, Ryan Michelle Bathe will play the head of the youth center that the Burtons' adopted son David attends, and country star Craig Morgan will perform.
2 of 17 Ken Rogan/Showtime

The Big C (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, April 8 at 9:30/8:30c Where We Left Off: After befriending and losing fellow cancer patient Lee (guest star Hugh Dancy), Cathy ran a marathon in his memory, but got a huge shocker at the finish line. She saw all her friends and family cheering her on, but Adam informed her that Paul was not there. Paul, after losing his job and turning to cocaine, had actually suffered a heart attack elsewhere and is possibly dead. Meanwhile, Sean tried to pick up the pieces after Rebecca left him following her miscarriage. What's Next: Does Paul live or die? Producers aren't telling, but Oliver Platt will be in the third season no matter what. The premiere will take place three weeks after Paul's heart attack and will find Cathy trying to find an escape from the situation. Adam, on the other hand, will cope by turning to religion. This season's guest stars include Victor Garber as a foil for Sean, Allison Janney as a Hollywood producer who wants to purchase the rights to Cathy and Paul's story, and Susan Sarandon as a cancer survivor named Joy who definitely lives up to her name. Using her experience to inspire others, Joy will make Cathy question whether she's done enough with hers.
3 of 17 Patrick McElhenney/FOX

Bones (Fox)

Premieres: Monday, April 2 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Booth and Brennan finally decided where they would raise their family after Booth got a deal on a dilapidated old house and the couple made plans to renovate it from scratch. But the celebration was cut short thanks to Christopher Pellant, a tech-savvy psychopath who seemingly confessed to multiple murders but couldn't be prosecuted because his ankle monitor proved he never left his house. Worse, he seems to know a lot about the Jeffersonian team. What's Next: The baby is coming! Baby Bones will arrive during the show's spring premiere — and because it's TV, the birth will be anything but typical. (And it certainly won't take place in a hospital.) Also look for cases involving extreme couponers, a Banksy-like graffiti artist and a Gulf War vet Booth becomes obsessed with learning more about. Plus: Pellant will be back for the season finale. "He will change the course of the series for a little bit," executive producer Stephen Nathan says. "It's going to put [Booth and Brennan] in a completely different situation than they've been in before professionally. And that will affect them personally to a large, large extent."
4 of 17 Jonathan Hession/Showtime

The Borgias (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, April 8 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Jeremy Irons' Pope Alexander saved Rome from an invasion by the King of France. Lucrezia gave birth to a baby boy, perhaps cementing Alexander's hope for a papal dynasty. Things were looking up, no? What's Next: Alexander's best-laid plans will crumble quickly in Season 2. For starters, his two sons, Cesare and Juan, hate each other and their jealousy will keep them at each other's throats all season. And Lucrezia defies her father as well, forming an unlikely alliance in the battle to end Vatican corruption. Oh, and Alexander's old enemy Della Rovere is conspiring to kill him.
5 of 17 Ray M ickshaw/FOX

Breaking In (Fox)

Premieres: Tuesday, March 6 at 9:30/8:30c Where We Left Off: As the new kid at Contra Security, Cameron was still learning how to handle his crazy boss, Oz. He also had a huge crush on his female colleague, Melanie, even though she was dating frat boy wannabe Dutch. What's Next: Dutch is now in prison, but Cameron won't have much time to make his move on Melanie before she also splits town. However, Cameron and the team will keep busy when a new company buys Contra Security and puts kooky Veronica (Megan Mullally) in charge. Oz won't take too kindly to having a boss, but expect to see sparks between the two, as well as between Cash and Veronica's hot, geeky assistant. Plus: Alyssa Milano returns as Oz's estranged wife.
6 of 17 Jordin Althaus/NBC

Community (NBC)

Premieres: Thursday, March 15 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: After surviving the darkest timeline, butting heads with a tough new biology teacher, filming Dean Pelton's documentary and playing one of the most intense foosball matches ever, the study group filled in for the Greendale glee club at the Christmas pageant. What's Next: The long-benched comedy returns with Shirley agreeing to marry her ex Andre for a second time. But when a new business venture with Pierce presents itself, she must decide whether she wants to fall back into her old life. Meanwhile, Troy and Abed attempt to be "normal" for a change. (Don't worry, it won't last.) Upcoming episodes feature an homage to Law & Order and the return of John Goodman's Vice Dean Laybourne, who tries to win Troy over. Plus: Troy and Abed build competing blanket forts. (See, they're totally back to not-normal!)
7 of 17 Alan Zenuk/USA Network

Fairly Legal (USA)

Premieres: Friday, March 16 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: In the wake of her father's sudden death, Kate struggled to work with her stepmother, Lauren, at her father's old firm but eventually quit. She also continued an on-and-off relationship with her soon-to-be ex-husband Justin, who just so happens to be the assistant district attorney of San Francisco. What's Next: Kate may have left the firm, but she won't be able to stay away for long. As she re-enters the fold, a still-not-yet-divorced Kate will have to partner with a charming but self-centered and money-hungry lawyer named Ben (new series regular Ryan Johnson). We smell a love triangle!
8 of 17 Helen Sloan/HBO

Game of Thrones (HBO)

Premieres: Sunday, April 1, 9/8c Where We Left Off: After the death of Eddard Stark, the former Hand of the King, his family was left to cope. Across the narrow sea, Daenerys burned her husband Khal Drogo's corpse in a funeral pyre along with her three dragons eggs. When they hatched, she was revered as a queen of a new khalasar, a tribe of the nomadic, horse-loving Dothraki people. What's Next: War is coming! The civil war to claim the Iron Throne becomes known as War of the Five Kings because five different people — Joffrey Baratheon, Renly Baratheon, Robb Stark, Balon Greyjoy and Stannis Baratheon — have declared themselves king in some form. Other things we'll see: the death of at least one of the kings, Tyrion Lannister in a position of power, a betrayal at the hands of one of Eddard Stark's children and yet another attempt on Daenerys' life.
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Glee (Fox)

Premieres: Tuesday, April 10 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: In the winter finale, Sue revealed to Quinn that she was pregnant and allowed her to return to the Cheerios. Karofsky tried to kill himself, leading evil Sebastian to regret and apologize for his nefarious ways. New Directions crushed the Warblers at Regionals, and to celebrate, Rachel and Finn decided to get married ASAP. But on her way to the ceremony, Quinn got hit by a truck while texting and driving. What's Next: Certain sites have already made Quinn's fate clear. But we'll also likely find out who Sue's baby-daddy is and whether or not Finn and Rachel tied the knot immediately. Look for Will and Emma to make their own wedding plans, aided by a very special wedding planner. Also still to come: Gloria Estefan as Santana's supportive mama, Pitbull and the return of Jesse St. James.
11 of 17 Cathy Kanavy/USA Network

In Plain Sight (USA)

Premieres: Friday, March 16 at 10/9c Where We Left Off: Mary's sister, Brandi, ditched Peter at the altar at the last minute. Just as Mary was about to go after her, she went into labor. (Ugh, we hate when that happens.) What's Next: Mary will struggle with balancing work and motherhood. Fortunately, she'll learn a baby is a great way to meet guys — particularly fellow single father, Kenny (Cougar Town's Josh Hopkins). Her personal life will get bumpy again when both her ex-fiancé Raphael (Cristián de la Fuente) and her fugitive father (Terra Nova's Stephen Lang) come to town. The latter will make Mary the target of an FBI investigation. Like father, like daughter?
12 of 17 Carole Segal/AMC

The Killing (AMC)

Premieres: Sunday, April 1 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: Just as Detective Linden — confident that shady politician Darren Richmond drowned poor Rosie Larsen — gets settled on a plane outta Seattle, she gets a disappointing call. Apparently her partner, Detective Holder, fudged the evidence to frame Richmond, who in the episode's final moments may or may not have been shot by a crazy family friend of the Larsens. What's Next: Yes, series boss Veena Sud swears up, down and all around that Rosie's killer will be identified before the season's end. (But not until the very end.) Things kick off at that casino Rosie was discovered to be hanging around. Besides dealing with Holder, Linden will also be troubled by a different case from her past.
13 of 17 Michael Yarish/AMC

Mad Men (AMC)

Premieres: Sunday, March 25 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Just as Don was pulling himself up from a drunken rock bottom with Dr. Faye Miller, he headed to California with his kids and secretary Megan. Next thing you know, Don and Megan are engaged! (Must be something in that California water.) Meanwhile, Joan decided not to abort Roger's baby, Pete became a father (again!) and Peggy brought in business from Topaz pantyhose — the first new business for the firm since Roger lost Lucky Strike. What's Next: All the major questions (Did Don actually marry Megan? What happens with Joan's pregnancy?) are answered pretty swiftly in the two-hour premiere. As usual, a significant amount of time has passed, so you'll have to piece a few things together. Besides Don's ex Betty, who moved the kids to Rye last season, two other major characters have new living arrangements. Other things to look forward to: A character from the past returns, tensions are at an all-time high between Pete and Roger, and the premiere features the weirdest party scene ever.
14 of 17 Adam Rose/ABC Family

Make It or Break It (ABC Family)

Premieres: Monday, March 26 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Kaylie admitted her eating disorder to the press and forgave Kelly for stealing her journal. Kaylie and Payson also reconciled after fighting over a guy. With all that goodwill floating around, the team stepped up and finally brought home the gold for the U.S.A. at the World Championships. What's Next: The girls are training for the Olympics! But the eight-week-long training camp isn't anything like training at The Rock. With an extremely tough coach and a new girl threatening to take a spot on the team, it won't be a breeze to get to London. Even worse, one of the girls will endure a breakup and another comes down with a mysterious illness.
15 of 17 Ken Regan/Showtime

Nurse Jackie (Showtime)

Premieres: Sunday, April 8 at 9/8c Where We Left Off: Jackie failed to kick her addiction, even after a surprise intervention and after her daughter showed signs of early self-medicating. Kevin confessed to cheating and Jackie told him to get lost. What's Next: It looks like Jackie will finally, spectacularly hit rock bottom. Season 4 will be all about the road to recovery — whatever that means for Jackie. Everyone wants to help — and you know Jackie will just "love" so many helping hands — but really complicating matters for her? The hospital's new tough administrator, played by Bobby Cannavale.
16 of 17 Monty Brinton/CBS

Rules of Engagement (CBS)

Premieres: Thursday, March 29 at 8:30/7:30c Where We Left Off: Parents-to-be Audrey and Jeff clashed over an armchair and his terrible eating habits after he had a "food affair" with their surrogate Brenda (guest star Sara Rue). Adam entertained himself with late-night porn — with headphones — when Jen started going to bed early for a morning workout class. But most important of all, Russell finally got Liz to agree to a divorce. What's Next: To keep the spark alive in their relationship, Jeff will send Audrey on a romantic scavenger hunt, but what she finds may not be a happy ending. Jennifer will throw Audrey a baby shower in the season finale, in which they will also find out the baby's gender. Meanwhile, Adam accidentally leads Russell to think that Jen has a sex tape.
17 of 17 Randy Holmes/ABC Family

The Secret Life of the American Teenager (ABC Family)

Premieres: Monday, March 26 at 8/7c Where We Left Off: At graduation, valedictorian Ricky proposed to Amy. The group celebrated at the end-of-the-year party, where Ben met a new girl named Dylan, Jake and Grace reconciled, and Adrian hooked up with Ben's best friend Henry. What's Next: Ken Baumann tells us this year is all about transitions. Amy realizes she may not be ready for a wedding just yet. Meanwhile, Ben's mind will be on Dylan. "The defining arc for my character in this next season is getting to know this new girl and her friends and whether they're good influences or bad influences," he says. The good news: After a traumatic season for many of the show's characters, this installment will be much less sad. "This year is more fun and the trouble is more exciting," Baumann says.