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1 of 28 Jessica Miglio/NBC

30 Rock

Where We Left Off: Liz found fame as a dispenser of advice and the coiner of the catch phrase, "That's a deal-breaker, ladies!" Jack, meanwhile, held a star-studded fundraiser to secure a kidney for his ailing, long-lost father, played by Emmy-nominated guest star Alan Alda. What's Next: One or two of last season's storylines will carry over, and Jenna may finally find a legit love interest. But as Jane Krakowski asks, "What guy could follow in the footsteps of David Blaine, Dog the Bounty Hunter and a threesome with Roseanne and Tom Arnold?"
2 of 28 Michael Desmond/The CW


Where We Left Off: At the prom, Annie was unfairly targeted for narc-ing, which sent her on an uncharacteristic drinking-and-driving tear. It ended in a cliff-hanger that appeared to show her mowing someone down and getting caught by someone else in a mysterious vintage Mercedes. What's Next: Is the mystery driver Teddy (Trevor Donovan), the new big man on campus who's replacing Ethan? Maybe. But in the meantime, he'll be otherwise occupied, as the ladies of West Bev — and at least one of the guys — find new love interests.
3 of 28 Sonja Flemming/CBS

The Big Bang Theory

Where We Left Off: Leonard, Sheldon, Wolowitz and Koothrappali embarked on a summer research expedition to the North Pole. What's Next: Has Penny kept lit the tiny torch she was spied carrying for Leonard as he bid her adieu?
4 of 28 Fox


Where We Left Off: Booth awoke from brain tumor surgery, albeit seemingly with his memory in shambles. What's Next: All indicators point to Booth's amnesia being a fleeting post-op condition. We hope someone can remember what flirty fun he and Bones had as lovers in the season finale's "alternaverse." On the guest-star front, watch for Cyndi Lauper (playing Angela's psychic) and Brendan Fehr (likely to return as Booth's bro, Jared).
5 of 28 Scott Garfield/ABC

Brothers & Sisters

Where We Left Off: The Walker family reunited with the wayward Tommy in Mexico, where he's apparently going to stay for now. Kitty and Robert appeared to careen toward a divorce, while Justin, who is heading to medical school, popped the question to Rebecca. Saul, meanwhile, is overcome by guilt over his role in the love child Ryan's mother's suicide, and decides to rejoin Ojai Foods to watch over him. What's Next: Dancing with the Stars' Gilles Marini will woo Rachel Griffith's Sarah, and he won't be the only one. Kevin and Scotty want to be daddies, so they go looking for a surrogate.
6 of 28 Starz


Where We Left Off: Anthony (Jocko Simmons) and Ben (Dennis Hopper) visited Ben's old partner, while Eddie confroned Mr. Park. Bebe (Arlene Tur) joined the search for Axel, Christine (Clare Carey) tried to re-enter the job market, and Inez (Moran Atias) crossed the line with Kenny (Ross McCall). What's Next: The crisscrossing of lives continues, as Ben gets out of rehab and investigates a death with Anthony. Inez starts work as a hostess in a high-end gentelmen's club, while Kenny takes a job at the mall. Eric Roberts (Heroes) guest-stars as an entrepreneur hoping to bring a professional football team to L.A.
7 of 28 Vivian Zink/ABC Studios/CBS

Criminal Minds

Where We Left Off: Hoping to kick back after closing a grueling case, Hotch (Thomas Gibson) instead arrived home to be greeted by the serial killer known as the Reaper (C. Thomas Howell). A gunshot was fired. What's Next: Is Gibson leaving the show? That'd be a criminal loss.
8 of 28 Sonja Flemming/CBS


Where We Left Off: Laurence Fishburne's Ray Langson used deadly force for the first time, perhaps in a bid to make fans accept him as a replacement for William Petersen's Gil Grissom. What's Next: This season features the CSIs settling into their new dynamic — and Fishburne getting used to the danger of the job.
9 of 28 Eric McCandless/CBS


Where We Left Off: After Det. Jess Angell (Emmanuelle Vaugier) died a hero's death trying to protect a witness, the CSI: New Yorkers gathered together to remember their friend — when suddenly a drive-by shooter sprayed their ranks with bullets. What's Next: Who lives? Who dies? The show promises the premiere will take viewers on a twisted ride that answers these questions and more.
10 of 28 Danny Feld/ABC

Desperate Housewives

Where We Left Off: Dave's plan for bloody revenge came to an anticlimactic head. Six months later, Mike gets married — but to whom? Katherine or Susan? Meanwhile, Bree and Karl spar legally with Orson, and sexually with each other. Lynette finds out she's pregnant with twins, and Gaby has a new kid to deal with as well: her saucy 16-year-old niece, Ana. What's Next: Andrea Bowen, who plays Susan's daughter, Julie, returns to the cast full-time and has hinted that the season's central mystery will involve a changed Julie and her interactions with a new family on Wisteria Lane, which is led by tough-tawkin' matriarch Drea de Matteo.
11 of 28 Fox


Where We Left Off: Alpha's plot to turn Echo/Caroline into a femme version of himself was halted, at least for the time being. Also, Paul bartered his services as Dollhouse muscle in exchange for Mellie/November's release. And we go: Awww! What's Next: Echo may be imprinted as a lifeguard, a lesbian, a Navy SEAL and a hippie-stoner — if the show follows viewer suggestions solicited by series star Eliza Dushku via Twitter.
12 of 28 Craig Blankenhorn/Fox


Where We Left Off: In the stunning season finale, Olivia discovered that Dr. William Bell (guest star Leonard Nimoy) lives in an alternate universe — one in which the White House needed to be rebuilt for some reason, but the Twin Towers did not. We saw Walter visit a grave labeled Peter Bishop, which made us wonder who Joshua Jackson is playing. What's Next: Meghan Markle replaces Kirk Acevedo as a junior FBI agent who will surely rankle Olivia, amuse Walter and titillate Peter. Perfect!
13 of 28 Eric McCandless/ABC Studios/CBS

Ghost Whisperer

Where We Left Off: Melinda and Jim remarried, one could say, though Jim is still "technically" Sam. What's Next: Melinda's end-of-season pregnancy delivers quick and measurable results, as the show reportedly leaps five years into the future. Did her offspring come bearing (ghost-whispering) gifts?
14 of 28 Giovanni Rufino/The CW

Gossip Girl

Where We Left Off: Blair passed her Queen Bee crown to Jenny as she settled on going to NYU with Dan and Vanessa. Also, she's K-I-S-S-I-N-G Chuck again. Nate will bore the faculty and student body uptown at Columbia. Just as Serena had decided to head to Brown in the fall, Carter suddenly resurfaced with the news that he had found her dad, so off she went to... Europe? In a dastardly cliff-hanger, the cockroach-like Georgina resurfaced to register for NYU housing, and request Blair as her roommate. What's Next: Lily and Rufus' vengeful love child is in the hizzy, yo! And he's awfully chummy with Vanessa, no? Also, Joanna Garcia shows up as Nate's new love interest.
15 of 28 Scott Garfield/ABC

Grey's Anatomy

Where We Left Off: "It's George!" Meredith shouted upon learning the disfigured John Doe was their longtime coworker. Simultaneously, Izzie recouped from her brain cancer surgery... only to suffer a massive setback. Before we faded to black, both George and Izzie started coding. What's Next: The season premiere picks up at that instant, with both doctors' lives in the balance. Three things we know: Katherine Heigl will be back, T.R. Knight will not, and the premiere features a funeral.
16 of 28 Trae Patton/NBC


Where We Left Off: Sylar and Sen. Petrelli have morphed into one, and no one is safe from a new killer on a drowning spree. (On the plus side, she looks like Ali Larter.) What's Next: Matt Parkman and his wife, Janice, have a second chance at raising their super-powered baby together. And the show has its umpteenth chance at returning to the glory days of its first season.
17 of 28 Fox


Where We Left Off: Cuddy was cool to House after they hit the sheets. Oh wait: That’s because their hook-up never happened. It all took place in the increasingly addled House's mind. Next stop: Mayfield Psychiatric Hospital. What's Next: Based on the first promo for the new season, House is alternately pensive and belligerent during his hospitalization. Watch for his in-patient treatment to continue through the first few hours of the new season.
18 of 28 Ron Jaffe/Fox/CBS

How I Met Your Mother

Where We Left Off: Forty percent of the cast was pregnant. Oh, and Ted took a teaching job at Columbia University — where, Narrator Ted tells us, the titular Mother is a student. What's Next: Many, many teases about who and where the Mother is. Also, we hope that Robin and Barney can agree to not push each other away ("I love you!" "Let's be friends!").
19 of 28 Will Hart/NBC

Law & Order: SVU

Where We Left Off: Turns out crime-tech Stuckey (Noel Fisher) is a killer. What's Next: Who can you trust when the crime-solvers are criminals? Mariska Hargitay and Christopher Meloni, of course, who will return this season after the slightest of casting dramas.
20 of 28 Colleen Hayes/Warner Bros./CBS

The Mentalist

Where We Left Off: CBS' Season 1 hit passed on a cliff-hanger in favor of more backstory about the elusive Red John. What's Next: Look for more of John's story to get peeled like a red onion as the wildly handsome Patrick Jane (Simon Baker) uses his wits to avoid red herrings. You read it here first.
21 of 28 Eric McCandless/CBS


Where We Left Off: The team returned from their diplomatically delicate Israel mission one agent lighter, as Ziva stayed behind... to be tortured. What's Next: Is Ziva in bad shape... or worse? Was it perhaps all an undercover ruse? NCIS boss Shane Brennan has this message for those fans who think they know what the Season 7 premiere beholds: "Wrong. You don't know what's going to happen."
22 of 28 NBC

The Office

Where We Left Off: At the company picnic, our hearts broke with Michael's as he reconnected with Holly… and her new boyfriend. When Jim and Pam head to the hospital to mend a twisted ankle, they receive some happy news. We don't hear them actually say it, but we think she's preggers. What's Next: When we spoke to Amy Ryan, she strongly hinted that we haven't seen the last of Holly.
23 of 28 Michael Tackett /The CW

One Tree Hill

Where We Left Off: In what could have just as easily been a series finale, Nathan got a pro gig with the Charlotte Hornets, Brooke got close with Julian, and newlyweds Peyton and Lucas rode off into the sunset. What's Next: Danneel Harris returns as Rachel, for a storyline the show promises will blow fans away. Three new faces hit Tree Hill: Robert Buckley (Lipstick Jungle) as Nathan's agent; Shantel VanSanten, playing Haley's sister, Quinn; and the yet-to-be-cast new face of Brooke's clothing line.
24 of 28 Karen Neal/ABC

Private Practice

Where We Left Off: Addison flaked out when her almost-lover's wife needed emergency surgery. A crazed ex-patient sought to extricate Violet's unborn baby using a few medical instruments and a "C-Sections for Dummies" reference book. What's Next: Someone's gotta save Violet before it's too late... right?
25 of 28 Michael Courtney/The CW


Where We Left Off: Following his blink-and-you-missed-it battle with Doomsday, Clark declared himself "dead"; Lois accidentally time-jumped using the Legion ring; Chloe suffered the loss of both Jimmy and Davis; and Zod returned. What's Next: Zod will find his thunder stolen a bit by the arrival of the Kryptonite-powered cyborg, Metallo (Brian Austin Green).
26 of 28 Justin Lubin/NBC


Where We Left Off: Things were winding down quite nicely for Southland's debut season: Regina King's Det. Adams single-handedly saved the life of a young girl targeted by gangbangers, and Michael Cudlitz's Officer Cooper seemed to be in domestic bliss. Then Det. Clarke (Tom Everett Scott) had to go and get shot. What's Next: Can Clarke survive? And can the show survive a move to Fridays?
27 of 28 Sergei Bachlakov/The CW


Where We Left Off: Sam and Dean conspired to kill Ruby and deal with Lilith, though no force on earth could keep Lucifer from rising. The door was left open for the estranged brothers to reunite and put aside all the baggage that has come between them. What's Next: Did we mention that Lucifer is rising? He's kinda handsome, too, as played by Mark Pellegrino (aka Lost's Jacob).
28 of 28 Patrick Harbron/ABC

Ugly Betty

Where We Left Off: Betty and Matt were going to cohabitate, but oh no! Henry is back in town, and he makes Betty's heart go pitter-patter. Matt catches wind of her feelings, and decides to become evil — and also Betty's new boss. Willie digs up a secret Claire Meade love child to gain leverage with Cal, but it backfires. What's Next: Betty is moving to Friday nights, which is never a good sign. But with her love and work life already in tatters, things are already looking tough all over.