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TVGuide.com readers list the things they "see" in CBS' freshman hit

1 of 9 Michael Ansell/Warner Bros.

"Two words: Simon Baker." — atreyu41

"Simon Baker/Patrick Jane has this ... well, I don't know what he has. But he has it." — c0rrine "Simon Baker, Simon Baker, Simon Baker. Dreamy, dreamy, dreamy." — maria123
2 of 9 Monty Brinton/CBS


"Two words: Robin Tunney. Simon Baker allegedly has the comedic role in the duo, but it's her whip-smart comedic reactions that make his mind games funny." — ShutUpRob
3 of 9 Sonja Flemming/CBS


"One, Patrick Jane is a very charming and compelling character. He's clearly having a lot of fun being the cleverest guy in the room, but you can see that he's still haunted by what happened to his family. The second reason is the people making the show keep the tone light enough to be fun without diminishing the seriousness of the crimes being investigated. Too many crime shows are grim and harsh to the point of being depressing (I'm talking to you, CSI and Law & Order: SVU)." — dewbak75 "The Mentalist, NCIS and House all have a good mix of humor and drama. I suppose for my 'brain candy' of procedurals, I don't want to have to think too hard; I just want to be entertained." — Meredith44
4 of 9 Michael Roberts/Warner Bros.; Michell Ansell/Warner Bros.


"The show utilizes its main cast for reasons other than exposition. The character situations between Van Pelt and Rigsby are fun/cute/interesting without being overtly cliche." — moxley
5 of 9 Cliff Lipson/CBS


"The Mentalist and NCIS have that wonderful Out of Sight/The Getaway/Ocean's 11 sexy-coolness that keeps viewers hooked. Both shows feature twisty plots, but mostly the characters are charming and plain fun to watch." — stonyg "Mysteries solved the old fashioned way. I enjoy seeing suspects interviewed and motives examined rather than blood spatters and carpet fibers." — Huge D "I watch The Mentalist for the humor and the crime-solving. And Simon Baker's blue eyes don't hurt." — monkey65
6 of 9 Michael Roberts/Warner Bros.


"There is one very important reason why The Mentalist has significantly higher ratings than Fringe, and it's the same reason I watch it on Tuesday, live: I cannot watch full episodes of The Mentalist online anywhere (officially endorsed, that is)." — Quazarr
7 of 9 Michell Ansell/Warner Bros.


"I love the chemistry between the three male characters. When Patrick buys them gifts after gambling and the girls give their gifts back but not the guys, and Patrick goes, 'That's my boys'? Classic." — TVNerd95
8 of 9 Michael Ansell/Warner Bros.


"It's simple. Tim Kang rules your DVR and cell phone lines (through AT&T), he supplies your home repair (Home Depot) and he serves you those tasty DQ blizzards. Hell, he even rolls with Rambo." — Seargent Keroro
9 of 9 Randy Tepper/CBS


"My favorite characters are Jane, Lisbon, and Cho. I love how they have their separate personalities and strengths (Kang acts some of the best interrogation scenes on TV), but they mesh together really well as a team." — Devera