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Go after the Empire. Take it! OK, maybe just watch it.

Taraji P. Henson and Terrence Howard, Empire
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1. The Drama

It's funny, but at it's core Empire is a drama, and full of it. Cheating, divorce, jail, court, witnesses, gangs, guns, scandal, power... the list doesn't stop.

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2. Cookie’s One-Liners

Remember: "The streets ain't made for everybody. That's why they made sidewalks."

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3. Porsha. And her Gum.

We're not exactly sure what it is that Porsha does for Cookie. What we need to know is how she gets a steady supply of chewing gum. And who's she's texting all of the time.

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4. Hakeem vs Jamal

This show pits brother against brother in the best way. Is there a best way? Jury is still out on that but we'll enjoy the show until we hear the verdict.

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5. The Big Brother’s Big Problem

Andre has... issues. From covering for his father to recalibrating his meds, he's a ticking time bomb.

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6. BooBooKitty, aka Anika

Yes, Anika. Cookie's nickname for her and the loud *bling* of her diamond both made it hard to ever hear anyone say her real name on the show.

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7. The Shakespearian Aspect

Three sons working hard to gain the respect of their father in hopes of taking over the empire. Yep, Shakespeare was all over this sort of story.

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8. The Style

One thing about the characters on Empire: they ALWAYS look good! Clothes, hair, shoes, jewelry, all of it! Every aspect is covetable.

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9. The Flashbacks

Cookie and Lucious often think back on how Empire came to be. Through their flashbacks we're learning more and more about the lengths they went to to make it happen.

10 of 21 Chuck Hodes/FOX

10. Beautiful People

The amount of attractive people in this cast is overwhelming. Taraji P Henson, Naomi Campbell, Derek Luke... is it hot in here?

11 of 21 Chuck Hodes/FOX

11. Multiple Storylines

There's so much going on in this show it's hard to keep track. Are Cookie and Lucious going to rekindle their love? Is Cookie going to get killed? Will she go back to jail? Will Lucious get caught? Who will take over Empire?

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12. A Murder Mystery

So, it's not a mystery since we saw the whole thing go down. But it's a mystery to Detective Walker, and watching him sort through the clues is so nerve-wrackingly awesome.

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13. Pushing the Envelope

Empire features a gay relationship, a lesbian relationship, and an interracial relationship, a female ex-con making big moves and not taking no for an answer, and a family of minorities with huge social and political pull. How's that for prime time?

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14. Becky

Gabourey Sidibe's character, Becky, is perfectly hilarious as Lucious's secretary.

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15. The City

Empire is set in New York, and, even though the show is shot in Chicago, the grimy magic of NYC shines through.

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16. The Music Business

There are small bits of truth throughout Empire when it comes to the ins and outs of the music business. It's not all champagne and making it rain.

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17. The Cameos

Everybody who's anybody wants in on Empire we've seen Courtney Love, Sway, Cuba Gooding, Jr., Anthony Hamilton, and Gladys Knight just to name a few.

18 of 21 Chuck Hodes/FOX

18. Andre and Rhonda

This couple has an open marriage. And that's putting it delicately.

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19. Jamal and Michael

These two are adorable, but with the changes Jamal is going through and his hesitancy to share his sexuality with the world, they're on the rocks. Oh, and the entrance of Jamal's love child doesn't help things.

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20. Hakeem and Tiana (and Camilla)

Hakeem likes Tiana. Tiana likes her new girlfriend (yep!) That's OK, though, because Hakeem is also sleeping with Camilla. This love triangle (trapezoid?) is crazy.

21 of 21 Chuck Hodes/FOX

21. The Music

Between ear worms like "Drip Drop" and the moving "Good Enough," the music of Empire is nothing short of incredible.