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How does RuPaul compare to Ryan Seacrest? Check out our rankings of reality TV hosts

1 of 21 Adam Rose/FOX

Cat Deeley, So You Think You Can Dance

It often seems as if Deeley forgets she's the host of a successful TV series — and that's exactly why she's our pick for best reality show host. It's rare to see a host have such genuine connections with contestants. After a particularly low moment for a dancer, Deeley is always there for them with comforting remarks and a well-dressed shoulder to cry on. Plus, the Brit gets as caught up in the performances as we do!
2 of 21 Adam Taylor/ABC

Tom Bergeron, Dancing with the Stars

Witty, warm, and quick on his feet, The Berge can do it all — and do it all well live. He is never off his game and is an equal opportunity offender when it comes to riffing on the judges and performers alike with a snarky-but-sweet and totally perfect one-liner. What more could you want in a host?
3 of 21 Monty Brinton/CBS

Phil Keoghan, The Amazing Race

Hitting up nearly a dozen countries around the world in three weeks would make anyone tired, but Keoghan never looks worse for wear. Our favorite Kiwi is always energized, engaging and fair to even the most annoying racers — and it's no surprise that they all love him in return. Besides, no one does a better eyebrow-raise.
4 of 21 Craig Sjodin/ABC

Chris Harrison, The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, Bachelor Pad

We admit that traveling to incredible locations with tons of young, good-looking people isn't such a hard gig, but we have to give Harrison credit for keeping a show that's been around for over a decade just as entertaining now as when it debuted. Plus: Considering the redundant (and very cheesy) lines he's forced to say, at least Harrison does it with both charm and a little bit of wit.
5 of 21 Logo

RuPaul, RuPaul's Drag Race

RuPaul might not be the best-known reality show host, but he sure is the most fabulous! In or out of drag, Ru knows how to work it while doling out quirky challenges and the fiercest critiques. Plus, does any host have better catchphrases than the original drag superstar? Let's hope Ru doesn't sashay away from his hosting duties anytime soon.
6 of 21 Monty Brinton/CBS

Jeff Probst, Survivor

Stranded in various remote areas around the world, the longtime host always exerts impressive energy during the physical challenges, asks all the right questions during Tribal Council and is also always there to support the contestants during times of medical and/or emotional turmoil. Most reality show hosts are replaceable, but we'd never survive the game without Jeff.
7 of 21 Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Carson Daly, The Voice

Four years of dealing with screaming teeny boppers and unpredictable celebrities on TRL, was a perfect training ground for The Voice host. When the Adam Levine-Christina Aguilera feud erupted, he handled it like an old pro, cutting the two talkative judges off when needed. And unlike that other singing competition host, Carson's interactions with the contestants always comes off as genuine and heartfelt, rather than simply a bid for more camera time.
8 of 21 Virginia Sherwood/Bravo

Padma Lakshmi, Top Chef

The show's original host, the stiff Katie Lee, set the bar low, but the supermodel and obvious foodie has shined for eight seasons thanks to her effortless mix of light-hearted humor and serious food criticism. Padma isn't afraid to laugh when she's presenting a challenge with the Sesame Street gang, but she would never laugh at someone's bad dish. (She would, however, spit it out.) It's just a bonus that Padma's drop-dead looks evoke some of the most embarrassing moments from the more enamored chefs.
9 of 21 Andrew Walker/Getty Images/Lifetime

Heidi Klum, Project Runway

It's impossible to imagine anyone else on the planet saying "auf Wiedersehen" to the failed designers, but it's also hard to articulate exactly what makes the former supermodel a good host. She's good at breaking down the (sometimes) convoluted challenges, she holds her own as a judge with Michael and Nina, but Heidi pales in comparison to mentor and fan favorite Tim Gunn. But we'll cheers her for "making it work" for 10 seasons and counting.
10 of 21 Greg Gayne/FOX

Gordon Ramsay, Hell's Kitchen/MasterChef

He's one of the last people you'd ever want to work with, but there is one thing Ramsay's notorious short temper is good for: seriously entertaining television. Though the chef's constant tantrums can be a little hard to watch, with Ramsay as a host, at least there's never a dull moment!
11 of 21 Michael Becker/FOX

Ryan Seacrest, American Idol

While all reality shows enjoy dragging out their reveals, Seacrest has turned it into an art form. He somehow found a way to tease out 30 seconds of information into a two-hour long affair. But Seacrest's worst offense is his forgetting that, though he might be the host, he isn't the star of the series. Every now and then, Seacrest needs a reminder to let the contestants take the spotlight for once.
12 of 21 Sonja Flemming/CBS

Julie Chen, Big Brother

Chen's warm presence is surely one of the reasons for this show's continued success. But they don't call her the Chenbot for nothing. She does have a certain style from which she rarely deviates. And although she often winks at her own repetitive habits ("But first!"), we wonder what might happen if she brought in a bit more spontaneity.
13 of 21 Trae Patton/NBC

Jenny McCarthy, Love in the Wild

The raunchy blonde does an adequate job of trying to ratchet up the drama of couples falling in love and backstabbing while enjoying wilderness activities such as grabbing tarantulas or living in tents. But even her skills are tested when the couples themselves lack chemistry or the proper talent for banter.
14 of 21 Virginia Sherwood/NBC

Nick Cannon, America's Got Talent

Cannon surprised most people when he made his hosting debut on AGT and — gasp! — was actually pretty good. The problem is, good isn't enough to stand-out on the variety series. On a show that features everything from contortionists to crossbows, not to mention the insanity that comes from the judging panel, it's understandable that Cannon often gets lost in noise.
15 of 21 Mark Davis/MTV

Mario Lopez, America's Best Dance Crew

What the former Saved by the Bell star lacks in dance know-how, he makes up for with enthusiasm and dimple power. But that isn't always enough.
16 of 21 Ray Mickshaw/FOX

George Lopez, Take Me Out

Bless his heart, but George's wide-eyed gaze doesn't convey surprise or excitement. Rather it seems more like a panicked, "What did I get myself into?" Please yes, take him out and put him out of his misery.
17 of 21 Adam Taylor/ABC

Brook Burke, Dancing with the Stars

We know working opposite Tom Bergeron makes anyone look inadequate, but while Burke, who replaced Samantha Harris in Season 10, has improved slightly, she still leaves a lot to be desired. She can be stiff, awkward and at a total loss for words if someone says or does something unexpected. That is, if she's not cloyingly asking her go-to interview question: "How did that make you feel?" Our answer: Like we want to die inside, Brooke.
18 of 21 TLC

Stacy London and Clinton Kelly, What Not to Wear

Makeover shows should make you feel good, not give you a migraine. London and Kelly's excessive peppiness coupled with their constant harping on contestants easily overwhelms any of the series' more heartwarming aspects.
19 of 21 Ali Goldstein/NBC

Donald Trump, The Apprentice

A corporate boardroom isn't the most exciting setting for a reality show in the first place. That's why having a charismatic host is so important for a series like this. Instead, we have The Donald. He's bland, gruff and his catchphrase, "You're fired," lost its novelty years ago. Plus, even his comb-over has lost its once-mockable whimsy.
20 of 21 Chris Frawley/The CW

Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model

Why this is even still called Top Model is a mystery. The show ceased being about the contestants seasons ago and continues on as a mere promotion vehicle for Banks. Smizing? Booty Tooching? Is Banks even speaking English anymore?
21 of 21 Nicole Wilder/ABC

Robot, The Glass House

It's a robot. 'Nuff said.