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A deep dive into all the men from Grey's, Scandal and How to Get Away with Murder

Angelique Anest
1 of 33 Nicole Wilder/ABC

33. Rowan Pope, Scandal

Papa Pope is the anti-bae. Maybe his next monologue should be about how he has zero redeeming qualities.

2 of 33 ABC

32. Preston Burke, Grey's Anatomy

Cristina Yang's one real mistake was falling in love with this selfish, arrogant, controlling monster. And though we felt terrible for her when Burke left her at the altar, ultimately it was good riddance.

3 of 33 Nicole Wilder/ABC

31. Sam Keating, How to Get Away with Murder

There is nothing hot about Sam's penis on a dead girl's phone.

4 of 33 ABC

30. Tom Larsen, Scandal

We actually kind of liked Tom, but then he went and killed the president's son, so...

5 of 33 Nicole Wilder/ABC

29. Huck, Scandal

We can forgive Huck for being a crazy trained killer. But we can never forget the face-licking.

6 of 33 ABC

28. Billy Chambers, Scandal

Billy had chutzpah, you've got to give him that. And if he had just been able to get those murderous, scheming tendencies under control, he wouldn't have been half-bad.

7 of 33 ABC

27. Nate Lahey, How to Get Away with Murder

If Nate wasn't so beautiful, we'd probably forget he even existed.

8 of 33 Nicole Wilder/ABC

26. Cyrus Beene, Scandal

Yes, he's ruthless, adopted a child as a form of blackmail, almost killed his husband and is in a sham marriage to a prostitute. But Cyrus' love for James was so sweet that we can't hate this bitch baby.

9 of 33 Eric McCandless/ABC

25. Harrison Wright, Scandal

Harrison meets all expectations without ever exceeding them - except when it comes to clothes. He was the definition of a sharp-dressed man.

10 of 33 Kelsey McNeal/ABC

24. Richard Webber, Grey's Anatomy

Richard is an alcoholic, a cheater and didn't even tell Maggie he was her father. But he also stood by Adele when she needed him the most and knows how to bring out the best side of Catherine.

11 of 33 Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

23. Wes Gibbins, How to Get Away with Murder

Wes has a big heart, which means he makes some really stupid decisions. Worst of all: He doesn't even realize how stupid he's being half the time.

12 of 33 Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

22. Frank Delfino, How to Get Away with Murder

Frank's moral compass is questionable, to say the least. But his no-nonsense, street-smart attitude lends him a dangerous kind of appeal.

13 of 33 ABC

21. Charlie, Scandal

There's a reason Quinn couldn't resist Charlie. The man's got charisma! Maybe not enough to completely overlook the fact he's a B613 murderer, but definitely enough to harbor a little crush.

14 of 33 Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

20. Asher Millstone, How to Get Away with Murder

Asher has more than earned the nickname Doucheface, but who doesn't like a guy who can make you laugh? Plus: He's got the moves!

15 of 33 ABC

19. Derek Shepherd: The Later Years, Grey's Anatomy

McDreamy shattered our rose-colored glasses as Grey's went on. His playfulness was replaced by selfishness, and rather than support Meredith, he prioritized his career over hers. But Derek never stopped being a doting father and much like Meredith, we could never quite bring ourselves to write him off completely.

16 of 33 ABC

18. Connor Walsh, How to Get Away with Murder

There doesn't seem to be a single man on Murder who can resist Connor, and we don't blame them. He's confident, verging on cocky, with a great sense of humor. And don't forget, he can do that thing that will make your eyes water.

17 of 33 ABC

17. Fitz, Scandal

Fitz is an absolutely incompetent president, but who doesn't want to be with the most powerful man in the country?

18 of 33 ABC

16. Finn Dandridge, Grey's Anatomy

Finn is basically a perfect human being. The only problem with that is perfection can be kind of boring after a while.

19 of 33 Randy Holmes/ABC

15. Stephen Finch, Scandal

Stephen was the only person Olivia could ever truly talk to and trust wholeheartedly, which is the best stamp of approval one can get. And did we mention he's a total dreamboat?

20 of 33 Mitchell Haaseth/ABC

14. Owen Hunt, Grey's Anatomy

Pros: Owen's a hot ginger doctor who's ready to settle down and have a family. Cons: He might choke you in the middle of the night.

21 of 33 ABC

13. Oliver Hampton, How to Get Away with Murder

As one of the few characters on Murder who hasn't actually been involved in killing someone, Oliver's common sense can be a huge turn-on.

22 of 33 ABC

12. James Novak, Scandal

James had a good heart and noble intentions - characteristics that ultimately cost him his life but solidified his bae status.

23 of 33 ABC

11. Gideon Wallace, Scandal

Gideon may have only appeared in six episodes, but the D.C. Sun reporter (and his perfect green eyes) made such an impression that we're still bemoaning his death all these years later.

24 of 33 Scott Garfield/ABC

10. Alex Karev, Grey's Anatomy

Karev started out as a total tool, but over the years he's grown into one of Shondaland's best characters. And the second he switched from plastics to pediatrics, Karev had our hearts for good

25 of 33 ABC

9. George O'Malley, Grey's Anatomy

We'll never understand why more of the interns weren't constantly fawning over George. Yeah, he made some mistakes, but he was the sweetest guy in Seattle Grace and always came through in the clutch.

26 of 33 Nicole Wilder/ABC

8. David Rosen, Scandal

David is the only person left on Scandal who actually wears the White Hat, yet he never seems to get a win. Who doesn't love an underdog?

27 of 33 ABC

7. Ben Warren, Grey's Anatomy

Ben would do anything for the person he loves - he even helped Bailey through that weird OCD crisis - but he also has his own ambitions and isn't afraid to pursue them.

28 of 33 Adam Taylor/ABC

6. Henry, Grey's Anatomy

Henry was only out for insurance, but he was so darn sweet we don't even care! No wonder Teddy broke all sorts of rules when she married him.

29 of 33 ABC

5. Denny Duquette, Grey's Anatomy

Denny has a face you want to love and charm you can't resist. It really broke our hearts when his heart broke.

30 of 33 ABC

4. Jake Ballard, Scandal

Jake is incredibly self-aware about being Olivia's second choice, but he's still sure that she'll come back to him and will never stop fighting for her. That kind of confidence will have us standing in the sun with Jake any day.

31 of 33 ABC

3. Derek Shepherd: The Early Years, Grey's Anatomy

That poofy hair. Those eyes. Those abs. The way he did anything for Meredith, including build her a house. McDreamy was the ultimate bae for the first half of Grey's run.

32 of 33 ABC

2. Jackson Avery, Grey's Anatomy

There may not be a person more beautiful than Jackson Avery on this planet, but he's far more than just a pretty face. Jackson is as smart as his mother Catherine (which is saying a lot) and incredibly protective of the ones he loves. He's basically a swoon in human form.

33 of 33 ABC

1. Mark Sloan, Grey's Anatomy

It's almost unfair for someone to be as hot and as romantic as McSteamy. His love of Lexie is unrivaled and we only wish we had the opportunity to be the object of his undying affection for one day.