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What are the cast’s favorite episodes?

Shaun Harrison
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As Private Practice celebrates its 100th episode, the cast reflects on their favorite episodes and what it means to hit 100.
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Kate Walsh — Addison Forbes Montgomery

What it means to hit 100: "It's funny because last season, I thought we'd hit it, but we stopped at 22 episodes, so I forgot about it until we were at the table read. I was like, 'Holy crap, OK!' It's amazing. It's only because the fans that we got to 100. Yes, it starts in Shonda [Rhimes'] endless creative mind, and the network support, but they support it when the fans are in it. This is as much a celebration of our fans." Favorite episode — "The Hard Part": "I really love the car-crash episode, when Sam and Addison got stuck hiking. I loved that one because it felt like an action movie within our episode."
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Taye Diggs — Sam Bennett

What it means to hit 100: "Pride, relief, thankfulness, humility, all of those things. In this day and age, and this time, we all feel very grateful to be on a show that has lasted this long. Then, when I think about the cast and the crew, we've all had a pretty easy time of it and it's been fun. We've made some really great friendships, and we've all done some really great work." Favorite episode — "To Change the Things I Can": "Probably an episode that I wasn't in. I like when she first meets Jake in the supermarket."
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Amy Brenneman — Violet Turner

What it means to hit 100: "It means we rule! It's great. We've made something that people respond to. There's nothing better as an artist." Favorite episode — "The End of a Beautiful Friendship": "Certain season finales. The one where Chris Lowell died was pretty intense. Honestly the ones where we come together, which is the story structure we're going to playing with a lot more now, with everybody involved with one story."
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Paul Adestein — Cooper Freedman

What it means to hit 100: "It's just such a feat. From a production standpoint and in this day and age, with what's going on in the TV business, it's incredible." Favorite episode — "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?" and "The Letting Go": "It sounds strange to say, but the rape episode was so much fun to do, because it was a big ask of Shonda [Rhimes] for us to go to those places. Then, that episode with Erica getting really sick last year and the other story line was Sam and his sister. It was so fun to direct and be in that episode. It also felt like that episode was really just us and a couple of guests, not outside medical, so that was unique. Those are my favorite, like the 100th episode is really just us at Addison's almost the entire episode and it's so much fun."
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KaDee Strickland — Charlotte King

What it means to hit 100: "Shonda basically pulled a group of people together that were actors and did not know what the show was going to be. When I joined this cast, I didn't know what I was getting into. It was such a leap of faith effort, so six years later to sit around a big old cake, with the same sign you've seen before every episode, it's such a kick in the pants. It's remarkably emotional. I thought about it a lot, but I didn't realize how much this was going to affect me. Being with the same person all these years, the durability of that, which you don't really see, particularly on a drama the way this one plays out; so to be the stable couple, that's pretty unique to explore that." Favorite episode — "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?" and "The Letting Go": "For selfish reasons, I had the most extraordinary acting experience of my life a couple years ago, but I will also say, acting that episode where it was A.J. Langer's final episode, and having that develop, and seeing Paul Adelstein behind the camera, there was something about that episode. I didn't know what was going to top that. That was such an unexpected elevation of the character to take in that mothering role after slutting it up with Cooper all those years ago. That became pretty seminal for me. Those two episodes surprised me the most."
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Caterina Scorsone — Amelia Shepherd

What it means to hit 100: "Everything I'm about to say sounds so awful. I was going to say, 'It's an honor.' I don't want to say it! One of the great things is that we have such a family on this set, so we feel really lucky that we got to spend this much time with one group of people that actually, genuinely likes each other. You often jump around from set to set and lose all these relationships that you've built and we've gotten to spend so much time together." Favorite episode — "Who We Are": "The intervention was a really fun one to play for me. I got to go all over the place. Any episode where the whole cast gets to interact with each other is fun because there's so much humor on this set, so the stuff that happens on camera is great, but the stuff that happens off camera is great."
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Benjamin Bratt — Jake Reilly

What it means to hit 100: "Hitting 100 episodes gives all of us an immense sense of pride because what it really means is that people are watching, and are enjoying the work that everyone here is doing. Not just from the actors, but the writers, producers and entire crew. It's a rare accomplishment. It makes us feel good, and it encourages us to continue to do better. Yes, we've heard that Kate Walsh is leaving the show at the end of 13 episodes this season, but who knows what could happen? The show could quite easily go on, one hopes, without Addison Montgomery." Favorite episode — "Did You Hear What Happened to Charlotte King?": "For my money, and for pure drama, one of my favorite episodes was filmed when I wasn't even a castmember yet. I didn't know any of these people. I knew a couple of them, but I was a fan of the show and that episode blew me away. In hindsight, I'll go on record that I think KaDee Strickland was robbed of an Emmy nomination if not the actual prize because she deserved it."
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Brian Benben — Sheldon Wallace

What it means to hit 100: "It's pretty exciting. It doesn't happen very often. It is such a rare thing, especially now." Favorite episode — "Who We Are": "I like Amelia's episode where she was freaking out while we were doing the intervention. I think that was my favorite. Caterina was so good in that."