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The reality TV icon really is everywhere

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Kim Kardashian, Gallery
1 of 16 Neil Jacobs/CBS

1. On 2 Broke Girls

What is Kim Kardashian doing slumming it at Max and Caroline's cupcake window?

There are a number of places Kim Kardashian tends to show up where you would never expect to find her. To be honest, we can't blame her for looking for cupcakes wherever they can be found.

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2. At the White House

Back in 2012, Kim Kardashian (and Lindsay Lohan) attended the White House Correspondents Dinner. Kim got to meet President Barack Obama, and it wouldn't be their last hang out. She'd return with her hubby Kanye in 2015.

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3. At the Cannes Film Festival

Kim attended the prestige film fest in 2012. However, she arrived in France just as her husband Kanye West left. Huh? The couple were there for Kanye's Cruel Summer film, but Kim stuck around to enjoy Europe with one of her best pals.

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4. Beneath Blonde Dye

Kim is sporting a new 'do these days and it's... very different. Do blondes really have more fun? We're "Bound 2" find out.

5 of 16 Kim Kardashian: Hollywood App

5. In a Video Game

Before Kim's game app, Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, it was hard to imagine her so pixelated. The look obviously works for her, as her game has made more than $85 million.

6 of 16 Bob Mahoney/Lifetime

6. On Drop Dead Diva

Kim appeared in four episodes as "Nikki LePree" who, it turns out, was a Drop Dead Diva version of Kim Kardashian. Not too big of a stretch for the reality TV star!

7 of 16 Annie Leibovitz/Vogue

7. On the Cover of Vogue

Many, including celebs like Sarah Michelle Gellar, questioned Vogue's allowing Kim to grace the cover with Kanye. Does a reality TV star who also happens to be a gorgeous and smart businesswoman deserve to cover Vogue? It's a matter of opinion, really. Vogue Editor Anna Wintour came to the couples' defense.

8 of 16 Splash

8. With North West at the Alexander Wang Show

OK, Kim. We understand why baby North was in attendance for her daddy Kanye's show. But what interest do babies have in Alexander Wang? North West showed just how much she cared by crying (like babies do) throughout the show, upsetting some attendees.

9 of 16 (Inset) Youtube; Splash

9. In Front of a Piano

Rumor has it that Kim is learning to play the piano. And she didn't hire just any music teacher. She hired Oksana Kolesnikova, one of the world's best-known pianists.

10 of 16 Juco/Adweek

10. On the Cover of Adweek

The amount of advertising agency experience Kim has is questionable, but it's apparently enough to make it to the cover of Adweek. In her issue she talks about "breaking the Internet" due to her Paper Magazine cover in 2014 and her signature selfies.

11 of 16 T-Mobile

11. In a T-Mobile Ad

Her Adweek cover may also have something to do with her recent T-Mobile Super Bowl ad. It's great that she's secure enough to make fun of herself in front of over 100 million people

12 of 16 Splash

12. In Montana

With Khloé behind the wheel, Kim, baby North and sister Kylie hit some black ice in Montana. Their car spun out of control and into a ditch. Thankfully everyone came through unscathed, but inquiring minds want to know: Why they were in Montana in the first place? Instagrams shared before the accident show the family having fun in the snow during a ski trip. (Here she's skiing in Utah, but we're pretty sure it looked a lot like this.)

13 of 16 Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

13. On Beyoncé’s Studio Wall

Kanye recently mentioned that Beyoncé has a picture of Kim hanging on the wall in her studio. According to Kanye, Kim inspires Beyoncé because she "represents powerful women." Proof of said portrait is yet to surface.

14 of 16 CBS

14. On CSI: New York

Kim let detectives investigate her crime scene on an episode of CSI: New York where she played a character that--you guessed it!--was a CSI: NY version of herself.

15 of 16 Youtube

Kim let detectives investigate her crime scene on an episode of CSI: New York where she played a character that—you guessed it!—was a CSI: NY version of herself.

In 2013, Kim released a song called "Jam (Turn it Up)" and convinced us all that we'd rather not find her singing on a track ever again.

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16. On This Guy’s Head

San Antonio, Texas, barber Rob Ferrel is giving Kim Kardashian fans the haircut of their dreams. Customers can get a likeness of Kim or other celebs clipped into their 'do.