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Gamer icon PewDiePie (pronounced Pyoo-dee-pahy) didn't achieve 4.1 billion (yeah, BILLION) views in 2014 for nothing. Bro fist!

lisa vecchione
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1. His real name is Felix Kjellberg.

Gamer icon PewDiePie (pronounced Pyoo-dee-pahy) didn't achieve 4.1 billion (yeah, BILLION) views in 2014 for nothing. Bro fist!

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2. He’s a social media giant.

People love to watch him play video games. It's what he does. He has over 34.7 million YouTube subscribers, 5.7 million Facebook likes, 5.3 million Twitter followers, 3.6 million Instagram followers and counting. To put that into perspective, Beyoncé only has 1.4 YouTube subscribers!

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3. He’s Swedish.

He may be Swedish but all of his videos are in English. He now resides and works in Brighton, UK.

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4. His girlfriend, Marzia Bisognin, is also a vlogger.

While PewDiePie made his name in videogame vlogging, Bisognin vlogs mostly about fashion, beauty, food and travel.

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5. Yes, they met through vlogging.

Dating since 2011, they now live together and sometimes vlog together.

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6. PewDiePie’s fans are called Bros.

They're also referred to as the Bro Army, while CutiePieMarzia's fans are called Marzipans.

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7. He’s accomplished Internet stardom and success while still under 30.

As of 2015, he's only 25!

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8. He’s part of the first generation of award-winning vloggers.

He won the inaugural Starcount Social Star award for Most Popular Social Show and Sweden Social Star, a Shorty Award in #Gaming and a Teen Choice Award for gaming web star.

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9. Longtime fans know all about Stephano.

Stephano is a small statue found in the horror game Amnesia that PewDiePie named and spoke to while playing the super scary game.

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10. He really, really likes to dance.

While playing video games, he loves to cut a rug, regardless of whether the game involves dancing at all.

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11. He hates barrels.

While playing the horror game Amnesia, he blames barrels found in the game as the cause of his character's deaths and injuries. As such, they became his enemy.

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12. His trademark symbol is the BROFIST.

His version of the fist bump, the brofist has become his calling card for greeting fans. Bros also brofist one another to celebrate their membership in the Bro Army.

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13. Together with Bisognin, he’s a proud pet parent.

They have two pugs, Edgar (Allen Pug) and Maya a.k.a. Puga.

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14. His pug Maya has only one eye.

According to Kjelberg, she lost it while traveling the seven seas (like a pirate?) Rrrrr!

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15. He’s even got a hit single.

Schmoyoho, the YouTube channel behind Auto-Tune the News and the Double Rainbow Song, autotuned a song based on his videos entitled "Jabba the Hutt." It's even available on iTunes.

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16. There’s an entire wiki devoted to PewDiePie and his videos.

The wiki is littered with inside jokes and references only a true bro can appreciate/understand.

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17. He’s a vlogging millionaire.

According to The Wall Street Journal, Kjelberg makes about four million dollars a year. Four MILLION!

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18. He’s also a charity fundraising wunderkind.

With his legion of bros, he's raised $630,000 for Save the Children, $446,512 for Charity: Water and tens of thousands for additional charities including World Wildlife Fund and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.

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19. He’s not a fan of Nintendo’s new ad revenue sharing system.

Taking to Tumblr, Kjelberg decried Nintendo's new ad-revenue sharing system, which takes half the revenue from registered vloggers playing their games. He argues that viewers watch videos mainly for the YouTuber rather than the game they're playing.

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20. Yet, he’s the leader of a new form of gaming media.

He has a lot of influence on whether or not certain games are well-received, and more importantly, purchased.

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21. PewDiePie fans are really talented.

Just like any other major fandom, the PewDiePie Bro Army has created a plethora of fannish works like fan art and fan fiction.

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22. He wants to create his own video game someday.

Will he post videos of himself playing his own game? How meta.

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23. He has gone meta before.

He's gone back and reacted to his old videos...in a new video.

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24. He’s quite shy offscreen.

While he's outlandish as PewDiePie and quite photogenic on Instagram, he admits he's quite shy in real life, uncomfortable with the notion that he's famous.

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25. He tweeted Taylor Swift until she followed him back.

Referring to TSwift as "senpai," a Japanese term for a mentor and popular anime character trope, PewDiePie tweeted the singer-songwriter throughout 2014 until she finally did "notice him" and followed him back.