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The scary and silly things that spooked TVGuide.com readers

Shaun Harrison
1 of 16 courtesy Everett Collection; courtesy TriStar Pictures/Everett Collection


Halloween is one of the few times a year when people actually enjoy being frightened, whether watching your favorite scary flick or visiting the local haunted house. But remember those days as a kid when it didn't take much more than some loud music and ugly face paint to haunt your dreams? We've compiled some of the scary (and silly) moments that spooked us as kids.
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"Oompa-loompas!! I'm still terrified of them, and everytime I hear that darn music…" (tellingmytruth)
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"I was terrified by the end of Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I saw it at the drive-in with my parents when it first came out, and all the melting of toons and Christopher Lloyd gave me nightmares for weeks. To this day, I still can't watch that movie." (BethySpring)
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"I'm well into adulthood with two small children, and yet I still get creeped out by the song "Cars" by Gary Numan. Why? The first time I heard it, I was 10 or 11 years old, watching Numan perform on Saturday Night Live by myself in my family's house in the very dark woods of Northeastern Pennsylvania. The spookiness of the opening bars combined with his freaky pale face, scared me right upstairs into bed." (Christy Tanner, editor-in-chief)
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"Howard the Duck. That movie scared the crap out of me." (saje98)

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"Quentin Collins turning into a werewolf on Dark Shadows scared the bejeezus out of me as a kid. (But it also generated my love of werewolf movies.) (walkerBob)
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"I was convinced that Casper the Friendly Ghost wasn't that friendly, and that it was all a ruse to make me trust him, but he was really evil. In the movie Casper, when Casper and Kat are in the attic, I am absolutely positive that something is going to jump out and kill Kat. Mark my words, one of these times when I am watching, the movie will change!!!"( julesflht)
8 of 16 courtesy Walt Disney Co./Everett Collection

"The Little Mermaid's Ursula scared me so much! Her and her creepy eels." (Teregram)

9 of 16 courtesy Everett Collection


"I was a pre-teen when I read the Stephen King novel Salem's Lot about vampires in a small New England town, and that was scary enough. But then, after I put the novel together with the visuals of the child vampires who float up to scratch on windows in the 1979 mini-series starring David Soul and James Mason, I had a hard time facing any window at nighttime for years." (Christy Tanner, editor-in-chief)
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"The flying monkeys from The Wizard of Oz. I loved the movie, but when the Wicked Witch called out for the flying monkeys, I'd run to the bathroom, shut the door and cover my ears to block out the creepy music. I wouldn't come out until I thought the scene was over." (zortil)
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" Pee Wee Herman, in any form. Though that seems to have been justified somewhat." (Blondehorizon)

12 of 16 courtesy Warner Bros./Everett Collection

"That wolf in The Neverending Story. Holy crap!!!" (youneedajohnhug)

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"Michael Jackson's "Thriller" video. The door to the attic was in my bedroom and I thought the monsters would come dancing out to get me." (FauxVoQueen)
14 of 16 courtesy TriStar Pictures/Everett Collection

"The Muppets completely freaked me out as a kid and I still can't watch them!" (MorganWard)

15 of 16 courtesy ABC/Retna Ltd

"The Joker on the old Batman TV show . Cesar Romero gave me nightmares for years." (mjade27)

16 of 16 courtesy Everett Collection


"I know it was a comedy. Or at least, now I do. But back when it was in theaters, Mel Brooks' Young Frankenstein gave me nightmares for nights on end. I think it was the "Abby Normal" brain swap that gave me the willies!" (Matt Mitovich, senior editor)