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Nobody wants to die, but we would certainly hate to bite it like these poor TV characters.

1 of 21 HBO


[SPOILER WARNING: Don't read any further if you haven't seen the Season 4 finale of Game of Thrones.Sunday's Game of Thrones finale sent out one of its characters in embarrassing fashion as Tywin was shot with a crossbow by Tyrion while Tywin was sitting on the toilet. Pretty crappy, right? Click ahead to see more of the worst ways to die on television.
2 of 21 NBC

Rosalind Shays, L.A. Law

Roz stormed into McKenzie, Brackman, Chaney and Kuzak with the goal of lying and backstabbing her way to power. And sometimes, when you play hard, you die hard. Even though Roz began to lighten up a bit during her fling with senior partner Leland McKenzie, the producers decided to give Roz her just desserts when she walked into an empty elevator shaft and fell to her death. Even though she probably deserved it, it's a particularly brutal way to go. (Also, we've been afraid of elevators ever since!)
3 of 21 CBS

Sydney, Melrose Place

Karma is a bitch. For the villainous Sydney, her search for love came to a brutal end when, moments after posing for photos on her wedding day, she was plowed down by Samantha's ex-convict father's car. Craig (who, by the way, ended up killing himself) was left standing over his bloody corpse of a bride. Girl didn't even get a funeral! Of course, in true Melrose fashion it was revealed years later, via the reboot, that she was actually still alive.
4 of 21 FOX

Maude Flanders, The Simpsons

Maude's death came after a series of unfortunate accidents all basically caused by the oafish Homer Simpson. At the Springfield Speedway, Homer shouts to the Fan-demonium girls to shoot him with shirt canons all at once. However, Homer ducks at the last minute to pick up a bobby pin, and Maude takes the full blow and falls head over heels out of the stands. She might've survived, but Homer parked in the ambulance zone, preventing the possibility of a quick resuscitation.
5 of 21 NBC

Susan Ross, Seinfeld

Saving money isn’t always a good thing! When George and Susan decided to tie the knot in Season 7, the longtime bachelor was less than enthused and subsequently skimped on their wedding invitations. However, not only were the envelopes cheap-looking, they also contained a toxic type of glue. Nearly 200 envelopes later, Susan “expired” and George wasted no time (unsuccessfully) trying to win back Marisa Tomei.
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Lexi Featherston, Sex and the City

Emmy winner Kristen Johnston only guest-starred once, but few could ever forget her jaw-dropping appearance in the episode, appropriately titled “Splat.” Johnston played an aging party girl who is peeved that she is the only one still doing coke in the bathroom and smoking at a party also attended by longtime pal Carrie. When she is asked to put out her cigarette by the party’s host, Lexi gives a long lecture about how much fun New York used to be, saying, “I’m so bored, I could die." Lexi then trips on her heel plunges out the window to her death. Careful what you wish for?
7 of 21 HBO

Viserys Targaryen, Game of Thrones

When power-mad lost heir of the Iron Throne Viserys Targaryen pushes his Dothraki warlord brother-in-law just a little too far by threatening his unborn child, Khal Drogo has had enough. You want a golden crown? Fine! How about one made of molten gold poured over your head? Never mind the excruciating pain of boiling hot metal clinging to your tender scalp and face! Dying ironically just adds insult to mortal injury.
8 of 21 ABC

Edie Britt, Desperate Housewives

Edie always caused a stir on Wisteria Lane, but this went to a new level. When Edie discovered her husband Dave was a psychopath hell-bent on getting revenge against Susan for killing his wife and daughter in a car crash years earlier, Dave tried to strangle Edie to death. Edie got away and started to drive off, but moments later she accidentally hit an electrical poll. When she got out to check the damage, she was electrocuted to death thanks to the puddle of water underneath her car that was touching a broken power line. Ouch! (Fun fact: Edie’s outlandish and gruesome death was back in the headlines several years later, when actress Nicolette Sheridan accused the show’s creator of assaulting her and then killing her off of the hit show when she reported his alleged actions to the network and studio.)
9 of 21 NBC

Dr. Romano, ER

Apparently one chopper-related injury wasn't enough. A year after hacking off Romano's arm with a helicopter blade, ER finished the deed by dropping a full chopper onto the curmudgeon surgeon in a death that came thisclose to jumping the shark. Listen, we know Romano was an ass, but he was also one of the most complex docs to work at County General. He deserved better than death by helicopter — and for only Corday to attend his funeral.
10 of 21 MGM

Georgia Lass, Dead Like Me

The best anyone can hope for is to die with some dignity. We don't think this qualifies. Although all sudden deaths can be hard to explain, in Dead Like Me's pilot episode, the show's main character and narrator is killed when a toilet seat from a de-orbiting space station falls from the sky and hits her in the head. Even worse, when George becomes a Grim Reaper, her fellow reapers won't let her live it down. Even in death you can be the butt of the joke!
11 of 21 FX

Archie, American Horror Story: Coven

Let's be honest, after instigating the gang-rape of Madison, the frat boy had it coming. But getting severely injured in a party bus crash wasn't enough. So, Zoe — with her black widow power to kill her lovers — showed up to his hospital room and had sex with him while he was unconscious. Talking about getting screwed!
12 of 21 Everett Colelction/NBC

Eddie LeBec, Cheers

Even though it happened off-screen, the death of Carla's good-for-nothing husband deserves a mention. Who would want to be run over by a Zamboni? Although he died a semi-heroic death (he was trying to save a fellow performer of his traveling ice show) mdash; Carla learned at his funeral that he had an entire second family he'd been keeping secret. Actually,death-by- Zamboni sounds about right.
13 of 21 Starz

Sedullus, Spartacus: Vengeance

Spartacus' battle with the gigantic Sedullus is a blur until the end when he slices off the German's face, making him into kind of a revolting reverse TeleTubby. (Talk about a face-off!) Oh, but that's not all! What remains of the brain slides out of the head cavity and plops unceremoniously to the ground.
14 of 21 The WB

Warren Mears, Buffy the Vampire Slayer

When Willow discovered Warren killed Tara, the combination of grief, rage and dark magic pushed her to become the worst version of herself. When Warren was eventually captured by Dark Willow, his reasoning fell on deaf ears and the former Trio leader was strung up and tortured using the bullet extracted from Buffy's body. But even evil witches get bored. So, when Dark Willow grew tired of toying with him, she telekinetically flayed him alive in front of all the Scoobies.
15 of 21 CBS

Uncle Marty, Harper's Island

The underrated slasher series set the tone for the ridiculous murders to come at the end of its pilot. Fun-loving Uncle Marty was minding his own business on a nighttime stroll when he literally falls into the killer's trap: He plummets through a footbridge and gets whacked at the torso. Oh, Uncle Marty, why did you half to go so soon?
16 of 21 NBC

Various Blutbaden, Grimm

A pig-like Bauerschwein chef at the restaurant Raven & Rose takes a long-standing feud too far when he sneaks the black despair mushroom into the meals he serves. The mushroom, once cooked, releases a toxin that is fatal only to his Blutbaden clientele. The unsuspecting victims experience an extreme sort of bloat and are compelled to climb a tree, where their stomachs then explode. Ugh, we have enough food issues as it is without having to worry about having our guts splattered all over the forest floor!
17 of 21 Netflix

Peter Rumancek, Hemlock Grove

To defeat Christina, Peter realized he must force himself to turn without a full moon. The price for that ability: his face. Peter rubbed bacon grease all over that scraggly punim of his and willingly let Vargulf Christina eat his face off. This triggered the forced-turn, but even in his vargulf form, Peter was no match for Christina and died anyways. But thankfully, the power of Letha's love brought Peter back to life, face and all.
18 of 21 NBC

Duncan Halloran, Hannibal

Hannibal has offered up a number of terrible murder tableaux, but none this one takes the cake. Jack Crawford & Co. discover a corpse of a man whom they later learn was lobotomized. However, the woman responsible for the lobotomy has a clever way of covering up her work: She turns her victims into human beehives. Nothing sweet about that!
19 of 21 NBC

Beverly Leslie, Will & Grace

Karen's vertically challenged nemesis meets his end on the series finale when he gets blown off his balcony by a windstorm. But one man's misfortune is another's inheritance! Because Jack had been seeing Beverly to support a penniless Karen, he leaves his massive estate to Jack, who, of course, shares it with Karen. Well, well, well… look who has the last laugh.
20 of 21 The CW

Dean Winchester, Supernatural

Dean Winchester is a force to be reckoned with. He literally went to war with Devil and lived to tell the tale! That's why he deserved so much better than some of the hilariously mundane ways The Trickster killed him off in "Mystery Spot," when Gabriel forced Sam to relive the same Tuesday until he'd accept Dean's inevitable death. But poisoned tacos, choking on sausage, and being squashed by a falling desk — is that all it really takes to take down one of the world's best hunters? Damn you pig 'n a poke!
21 of 21 HBO

Gigi Cestone, The Sopranos

The mafia drama had an extremely high body count, but while most of Tony’s associates and enemies were “whacked” on purpose, Gigi Cestone went out in a much more unusual way in. Although most would have assumed Gigi’s blood would be on Ralph Cifaretto’s hands, it was the stress of battling Ralph, as well as put his kids through college, that led Gigi to suffer a fatal heart attack on the toilet after Thanksgiving. Talk about throwing your life down the crapper!