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Get a sneak peek at photos from the May 16th series finale of The Office.

1 of 9 Colleen Hayes/NBC


Andy looks pretty nervous while on stage with his fellow employees. Are they showing a clip from Season 3 where he punched a hole in the wall over his missing cell phone?
2 of 9 Colleen Hayes/NBC


The employees of Dunder Mifflin give a round of applause … but for what? Could this be a reunion of those who starred in the documentary-within-the-show? Also, why is Jim rocking the blazer-jean combo?
3 of 9 Colleen Hayes/NBC


Andy puts his hands in the air like he just don’t care. But isn’t that a sign on the wall asking, ‘Whatever happened to Andy Bernard?’ Does that mean his young acting career is toast?
4 of 9 Colleen Hayes/NBC

Big Tuna and the Nard Dog share a happy moment.

5 of 9 Chris Haston/NBC


Dwight takes the stage in the conference room during a big meeting. Sadly, his on-again, off-again love Angela does not look so impressed. Maybe it’s a cover?!
6 of 9 Chris Haston/NBC


Pam and Jim share a happy moment at what appears to be the finale’s big wedding. But whose wedding is it?!
7 of 9 Chris Haston/NBC


Jim single-handedly saves the environment by riding his bike to Dunder Mifflin. Does that mean he’s no longer commuting to Philly? Or is he just surprising his loving wife at work?
8 of 9 Chris Haston/NBC


Dwight leads his co-workers during a big group dance number in the parking lot. Is this like a flash mob situation?
9 of 9 Chris Haston/NBC


The entire Scranton crew comes together outside in the parking lot. Man, is this group coordinated or what?