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Memorable maladies from the peculiar to the disgusting

Shaun Harrison
1 of 10 Paul Drinkwater/Fox


Season 1, "Histories": A homeless woman freaks out when put into an ice bath to cool her high fever; fear of water is a symptom of rabies, which she contracted from the bats that share the box she's been squatting in.
2 of 10 Paul Drinkwater/Fox


Season 1, "Cursed": A 12-year-old believes he is cursed after consulting a Ouija board; he is diagnosed with leprosy, which he got from his father, who contracted it while visiting a guru in southeast Asia.
3 of 10 Richard Foreman/Fox


Season 2, "Skin Deep": A teen model collapses on the runway after experiencing nausea and blurred vision. Her illness is the result of testicular feminization syndrome - yep, the pretty girl has balls (that never descended).
4 of 10 Michael Becker/Fox


Season 2, "Distractions": What's really odd about this patient isn't his ailment (though having burns over 40 percent of your body is hardly pleasant) but rather the treatment: using maggots to eat away the damaged flesh.
5 of 10 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox


Season 2, "No Reason": House treats a patient whose eyeball pops out and whose scrotum bursts - all part of House's hallucinations after he's shot by the husband of a onetime patient who committed suicide.
6 of 10 Carin Baer/Fox


Season 3, "Fools for Love": A young husband and wife share the same hereditary illness... because, as it turns out, they're actually half-siblings! (House dispatches Foreman to give them the bad news.)
7 of 10 Chris Haston/NBC Universal/Fox


Season 3, "Insensitive": House bursts into the OR of a girl who can't feel anything and extracts an incredibly long, gruesome tapeworm from her. This isn't even the series' first tapeworm; there was also one in the pilot.
8 of 10 Isabella Vosmikova/Fox


Season 3, "Act Your Age": Two young siblings start showing signs of very early-onset puberty, the result of exposure to their father's sexual-enhancement cream.
9 of 10 Greg Gayne/Fox


Season 3, "House Training": Foreman dismisses the complaints of an ill scam artist. After a radical dose of radiation wipes out her immune system, she dies of a staph infection caused by a tiny scratch from her bra hook.
10 of 10 Mark Lipson/Fox


Season 4, "It's a Wonderful Lie": House's revelation of breast tissue at the back of a patient's knee leads to him piercing it with a syringe and squirting breast milk into her teenaged daughter's mouth.