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See some photos we snapped from the set during our recent visit

Shaun Harrison
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TVGuide.com is down in The Big Easy to check out the set of NCIS: New Orleans! For more behind-the-scenes photos, click here!
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Star Lucas Black (left) and creator/executive producer Gary Glasberg give us a glimpse of the courtyard set.
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The lush courtyard is located behind the field office. "It's something different that a lot of the other shows don't have," executive producer Gary Glasberg says. "We've got neighbors and other people that can look down and communicate with Pride and the team."
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The set also features a full kitchen, since the NCIS: New Orleans field office doubles as the home of Dwayne Pride (Scott Bakula).
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The NCIS: New Orleans field office is designed to blend seamlessly in with other houses on an undescript block. Let's hope their neighbors aren't too nosy!
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And as you can see, that street is nothing more than a painting on backdrop.

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Creator Gary Glasberg shows us the NCIS: New Orleans squad room, which was designed to feel more like a laid-back, grassroots operation, in contrast to the Washington, D.C. headquarters in the original NCIS.
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TVGuide.com was able to observe from the balcony as the actors rehearsed and filmed scenes within the office.
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We'd tell you what's in these top-secret file boxes, but then we'd have to kill you.

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The Jefferson Parish Coroner's Office set is designed to look like an older facility that's a little worse for wear, but the equipment in the morgue is state of the art.
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Fun fact: These trash cans in the coroner's office may look real, but they're far from functional! The lids are glued shut, hence the pileup of beverage containers as the shooting day wears on.