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To celebrate the many hairy faces of Movember, we’ve collected a substantial stash of ‘staches from TV shows past and present

Shaun Harrison
1 of 23 Aaron Spelling Productions/Everett Collection

Isaac Washington’s mustache of the high seas

It served great drinks on The Love Boat, offered decent advice and even flirted with one of Charlie's Angels. Now that is a mustache.

2 of 23 Netflix

George Mendez's pornstache

They don't call him "Pornstache" for nothin'! This particular patch of facial hair adds another level of creepiness to Mendez's character.

3 of 23 FOX

Flanders’ squeaky-clean mustache

It's a whiskbroom that loves the Lord, the nuclear family and the good ol' U.S. of Diddly-Aye.

4 of 23 CBS

Peter Brady’s devious backstabber of a mustache

When it was on his face, this stache turned Peter into "Phil Packer, some swingin' guy from out of town." And then it fell off.

5 of 23 CBS

Mike Stivic’s culturally revolutionary mustache

During the All in the Family era, this stache represented social liberalism and counterculture. Not, you know, they guy serving your $9 latte.

6 of 23 ABC/Photofest

Gabe Kotter’s homage mustache

Welcome Back Kotter's lead teacher loved to launch into Groucho Marx routines. The rest of the time, actor Gabe Kaplan just relied on the mustache to show his love.

7 of 23 Netflix

Joe Caputo's warden-stache

When you want to be the warden, you'd better dress the part. That goes for your face as well, Caputo.

8 of 23 CBS

Amy Farrah Fowler’s ice-breaking finger mustache

The Big Bang Theory's Amy is willing to draw a mustache on her finger as a conversational ice-breaker. Are you?

9 of 23 CBS/Everett Collection

George’s Jefferson’s upwardly mobile mustache

Fun fact: This stache appeared in every one of The Jeffersons' 253 episodes.

10 of 23 20th Century Fox/Everett Collection

Tobias Funke’s mustache of denial

This Arrested Development mustache insists it isn't gay. So it isn't.

11 of 23 Fox

Bob's culinary masterpiece mustache

Bob's mustache may seem dangerous, considering he stands over open flames crafting burgers all day. But Bob is a dad that likes to live on the wild side.

12 of 23 CBS/Photofest

Tom Selleck’s crime-fighting mustache

We speak of the one from Magnum P.I. Unless we're talking about ...

13 of 23 Barbara Nitke/CBS

Tom Selleck’s other crime-fighting mustache

... this one from Blue Bloods.

14 of 23 Fox

Cleveland's downright cool mustache

Is there a better mustache in all of Quahog than Cleveland's? We're not sure, but we challenge you to find one.

15 of 23 Everett Collection

Lynn Belvedere’s ever-loyal mustache

And it's probably classier than his clients on Mr. Belvedere deserved.

16 of 23 Everett Collection

Gomez Addams’s spooky ooky mustache

The mustache belonging to the head of The Addams Family was half-Castilian royalty and half-British aristocracy and all-Latin lover.

17 of 23 Disney

Oil Can Harry’s dastardly mustache

This classic Mighty Mouse villain reminds us of what Cab Calloway would look like. If he were evil. And a form of vermin.

18 of 23 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Earl’s mustache of amends

Hello. My name is Earl. And my mustache wants us to be friends again.

19 of 23 King World Productions/Photofest

Alex Trebek’s mustache with all the answers

Answer: Who is the host of Jeopardy?

20 of 23 Colleen Hayes/NBC

Ron Swanson’s tree-hating mustache

On Parks and Recreation, Swanson actually hates all parks and all rec. Full disclosure: We actually have no idea whether his mustache shares his politics.

21 of 23 FX

The many hog-ridin’ mustaches of Sons of Anarchy

Alex 'Tig' Trager. Otto. Filip "Chibs" Telford. The mustaches on these men live free but, quite often, die young.

22 of 23 Everett Collection

Cliff Clavin’s deeply knowledgeable mustache

No one's mustache harbored more arcane, dubious and utterly useless knowledge than that of this Cheers regular.

23 of 23 Everett Collection

Geraldo’s mustache of truth

It never found anything in Al Capone's Vault, but maybe it has a few food crumbs from Pretty Boy Floyd's last sandwich or something.