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Remember these shocking contestants before the new season

1 of 11 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


Ray Hernandez (Winnings: 100,000):  Hernandez considered himself an honest guy with nothing to hide. What he didn't count on was revealing in front of family (and America) that he fantasizes about other women and has a voracious porn habit.
2 of 11 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


Lucky for him, he quit while he was ahead - and with the cash to show for it. "My wife was diagnosed with breast cancer just weeks afterward," he said. She will be receiving costly chemotherapy treatments, "then we are going to have a second wedding."
3 of 11 Patrick Wymore/Fox


Angela Clemny (Winnings: 0): Interior decorator Angela barely flinched when answering yes to questions like "Have you ever regretted marrying your husband"
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But karma struck back when she flubbed on "For 100,000, would you pose nude in an adult magazine" (She said no.) Her marriage is reportedly in critical condition.
5 of 11 Patrick Wymore/Fox


Ellen Valinotti (Winnings: (100,000): This 32-year-old billings analyst, became 100K richer by owning up to doozies like harboring a secret that could destroy her marriage. Happily, Valinotti says her relationship is stronger than ever.
6 of 11 Patrick Wymore/Fox


And that secret "It's nothing specific. I just know that when I was single, I went to wild parties," shesays. "There are probably things I did that I don't even remember, but you never know if the lie detectoris picking up on your subconscious."
7 of 11 Patrick Wymore/Fox


Paul Schon (Winnings: 100,000): A 23-year-old fight promoter, Paul ducked and weaved his way through queries like "Have you ever been paid for sex" (yep) - then revealed that he didn't see himself having children with his current girlfriend.
8 of 11 Patrick Wymore/Fox


Lauren Cleri (Winnings: 0): Lauren suffered from a severe case of TMI Syndrome when she dropped bombshells like admitting to cheating on her husband and wishing that she'd married another man. (Her hubby looked like someone punched him in the stomach.)
9 of 11 Patrick Wymore/Fox


Appropriately enough, Lauren lost it all to the question "Do you think you're a good person" (She said yes.) Since then, Cleri and her husband have separated, but she says, "We had our problems way before the show."
10 of 11 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


TY Keck (Winnings: 0): The show's first contestant kicked off the show by admitting that he doesn't wantkids with his wife because he's not sure they'll stay together.
11 of 11 Kelsey McNeal/Fox


"She wasn't happy with that answer," he says. "But she was actually more upset that I didn't win any money." Still, Keck maintains that it improved their communication - and the duo is headed for a romantic getaway to Hawaii.