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We've got tips on how to party as your favorite TV star

Shaun Harrison
1 of 13 Carin Baer/AMC

Mad Women

First things first: Are you a Jackie or a Marilyn? Jackies prefer headbands, poofy dresses, plaid, inauspicious earrings, and pearls. Marilyns go for clingy dresses, rich, solid colors, pencil skirts, and plunging necklines. That extra something: A pointy bra
2 of 13 Frank Ockenfels/AMC

Mad Men

Of course the men have it easier: somber, conservative suits, french cuffs, narrow ties. And shorts in the office if you're Pete Campbell, called into work on the weekend. That extra something: A fedora
3 of 13 Fox

Stewie from Family Guy

You'll need a bald cap, red overalls, and an unnatural desire to kill your mother. That Extra Something: If your head is shaped like a football, you can't go wrong.
4 of 13 Jim De Yonker/ The CW

A Top Model

The challenges are so vague this season — a natural disaster? — that you can pretty much wear anything. That extra something: Hunger.
5 of 13 Paul Drinkwater/NBC

Knight Rider

One of the easier costumes. Jeans, a T-shirt, a black leather jacket. That extra something: A Ford Mustang Shelby GT500KRF that transforms into an 150 FX4 pickup truck, a Ford E-150 and a Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor. Must be voiced by Val Kilmer.
6 of 13 Trae Patton/NBC

Howie Mandel

Dark suit with vibrant button-up shirt, ring on thumb, deep tan, bald head, meticulously-maintained soul patch That extra something: Lots of hand sanitizer.
7 of 13 Chris Haston/NBC

Heroes' Speedster

No need to show up at all. Say you were there but no one saw you. That Extra Something: Edgy haircut, but again…
8 of 13 Angela Kinsey by Chris Haston/NBC, Rainn Wilson by Justin Lubin/NBC

The Office's Dwight and Angela

Dwight's outfit can come directly from Grandpa's closet, and you can probably steal his wire glasses too. Wear black socks and part your greasy hair down the middle. Or just wear glasses and a Battlestar Galactica T-shirt. For Angela, lacy high collars, headbands and kitten shirts are a must. That Extra Something: A sack full of party planning supplies.
9 of 13 Dana Edelson/NBC, Heidi Gutman/NBC

Tina Fey, Sarah Palin

Good news: If you're a brown-haired white lady with glasses, everybody already tells you every day how much you look like Tina Fey and/or Sarah Palin. That extra Something:: Pen or rifle, depending
10 of 13 Art Streiber/Fox


Facial scruff, a gruff demeanor, messy hair and a sportcoat. That extra something: Pills, and good American accent. If you happen to be British.
11 of 13 Costumes4Less.com

Corpse on CSI

A skeleton costume, to simulate intrusive camerawork That Extra Something: Detectives looking at your X-rays and talking to the person who killed you, like he can hear them or something
12 of 13 Bob D'Amico/ABC

Meredith Grey

Surgical scrubs, white coat. That extra something Lustrous chestnut hair, eyes like saucers, skin like cream, a thousand-watt smile and a certain girl next-door-je ne sais quoi you can never hope to attain
13 of 13 Greg Gayne/Warner Bros./CBS

Charlie Harper

Jeans, bowling shirt (or shiny going-out shirt), effortless, unkempt hair That Extra Something: Hookers