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Will the rest of Season 4 answer these head-scratchers

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Who's gonna kiss Some combo of the love quadrangle (pictured) is the easy answer, since two of them leave the island and two appear not to, but what if it's a more shocking pairing Say, Sayid and Juliet Or Sawyer and Claire Or (gag) Kate and Ben!
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Is Aaron's mummy going bye-bye With Aaron now living with Kate and calling her mama, one could assume that Claire is either a) dead or b) back on the island wielding the least effective Amber Alert ever. Is a tender sign-off in her future
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How did Alex end up with Ben Poor Alex grew up thinking Ben was her father. How did that "happen" And isn't it a little strange that it took a hardcore jungle survivalist like Rousseau 16 years to find her
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Why does Hurley see dead people Is there more to these visions than just a mental disorder Hurley's imaginary pal Dave helped him overcome his shyness and the reappearance of Charlie kick-starts Hurley's desire to return to the island.
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How did Michael and Walt get back to New York Desmond's storyline has shown that leaving the island is not a simple process. "Meet Kevin Johnson" revealed that the pair made it back to New York, but how
6 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


Are you buying this "constant" nonsense Stuck in a time travel loop, Desmond is headed for a Minkowski-style aneurysm, but after a little chit-chat with Penny, his "constant," he's fine Does this make sense
7 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


How does Sayid end up working for Ben What - or who - could Ben possibly have in his corner that would make the forthright military man end up gunning-for-hire for His Otherness
8 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


Will we ever learn all of Jack's father's secrets We know that he's both Jack and Claire's dad, but is there more to the late Dr. Shephard Sr. (John Terry) For example, is he maybe not dead Is he maybe - oh, I don't know - Jacob
9 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


Is Jin really dead We saw Sun bring her newborn daughter to Jin's grave, a grave that showed Jin's date of death as September 22, 2004, the date of the crash. Did he really die, or is it some elaborate Oceanic Six cover-up
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Where is Penny's boat OK, now that we know what is NOT PENNY'S BOAT, where is her dang rescue party Surely not still poking around the Arctic, right
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What is Smokey the Monster Rousseau called it a security system that protects the island. We learn something new about Smokey every time we see him. So far he has made some noises and attacked and/or killed people. What's next
12 of 15 Mario Perez/ABC


Can Juliet be trusted At this point, Juliet has double-, triple-, and quadruple-crossed nearly every character on the island. We know she wants to leave the island. We know she hates Ben and loves Jack. Or do we
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Who are the bad guys Ben is fond of saying that he's one of the good guys. More recently, he's pointed an accusatory finger at Charles Widmore (Alan Dale, pictured), Penny's dad, as the guy who faked the crash of Oceanic 815.
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How did the island cure Locke and Rose Locke was paralyzed and Rose had cancer before they boarded Oceanic 815. But now they're both cured. That's some talented electromagnetism they got there, ay
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Who is in the coffin It seems to be of smaller than average size. The funeral parlor appears to be in an African-American neighborhood. Nobody shows up for the funeral. Who is it And why does Jack take his or her passing so hard