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Sarah Walch
Leslie Abrahmson, Edie Falco
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Leslie Abramson (Edie Falco)

Abramson represented Erik Menendez and was famous for her ruthlessness and flamboyant, passionate defenses, including that the Menendez brothers killed their parents in self-defense after years of sexual, physical and mental abuse. During the penalty phase of the retrial, Dr. William Vicary testified that Abramson told him to delete and change passages of his notes in Erik's favor. The California state bar opened an investigation, but Abramson wasn't disbarred after insufficient evidence was found.

Falco is no stranger to the Dick Wolf-verse: The Sopranos star recurred on Law & Order in the '90s.

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Judge Stanley Weisberg (Anthony Edwards)

Weisberg, who frequently clashed with Leslie Abramson, presided over the brothers' trial and made the atypical move of employing two juries, one for each brother, at the same time. After the first trial, which ended with deadlocked juries, was aired on Court TV, Weisberg prohibited cameras in the courtroom for the retrial, resulting in far less public interest. He sentenced the brothers to life in prison without the possibility of parole in 1996.

The role marks a return to NBC for Edwards, who starred on ER for eight seasons.

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Erik Menendez (Gus Halper)

The younger of the two brothers, Erik confessed to the murders to his psychologist Dr. Jerome Oziel, who, after being threatened by Lyle, told his mistress, who then told police. Three days after Lyle's arrest, Erik surrendered after returning from a trip to Israel. He and his brother were convicted of two counts of murder in the first degree and conspiracy to commit murder, and are currently serving consecutive life sentences in different correctional facilities.

Halper has guest-starred on Chicago P.D., Power and Mercy Street.

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Lyle Menendez (Miles Gaston Villanueva)

The elder brother was arrested after his psychologist Dr. Jermone Oziel told police about the brothers' confessions. According to Oziel's testimony, Lyle was angry that Erik told Oziel, and that the brothers told him they had discussed "How do we kill Dr. Oziel?"

Villanueva has appeared on Days of Our Lives, The Young and the Restless, Jane the Virgin, NCIS and The Fosters.

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Dr. Jerome Oziel (Josh Charles)

The controversial psychologist was part of the major breakthrough in the case. After Erik confessed to the murders to Oziel, he brought Lyle to the therapy sessions, during which the brothers discussed the killings. Oziel told his mistress Judalon Smyth, who tipped off police. Only the tape dictated by Oziel detailing the confession, versus the tape of the brothers discussing the murders, was ruled admissible. During his testimony, Oziel said the brothers believed they had committed the "perfect murder."

Since leaving The Good Wife, Charles has guest-starred on Masters of Sex, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp and Wet Hot American Summer: Ten Years Later.

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Judalon Smyth (Heather Graham)

Smyth, Dr. Jerome Oziel's mistress, provided the break in the case when she told police that Oziel had asked her to eavesdrop on a session he had with the brothers, during which they discussed the murders and after which Lyle threatened Oziel, who later told her about the confessions. This led to the brothers' arrests. She later testified that Oziel brainwashed her and she could no longer vouch for her earlier statements.

Graham has recurred on Angie Tribeca and can currently be seen on Flaked.

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Jill Lansing (Julianne Nicholson)

Though overshadowed by Leslie Abramson, Lansing represented Lyle during the first trial and revealed the defense strategy in an impassioned opening statement, arguing the brothers killed out of fear after confronting their father about the years of abuse they had allegedly suffered. To further paint the brothers as innocent, Langsing and Abramson had them dress in boyish clothing and frequently referred to the twentysomething men as "children." She was replaced by Charles Gessler in the retrial.

Nicholson starred on Law & Order: Criminal Intent for three seasons.

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Det. Les Zoeller (Sam Jaeger)

Zoeller was the head detective assigned to the case. Prior to the Menendez murders, Zoeller was best known for leading the Billionaire Boys Club investigation. A miniseries about the BBC inspired the Menendez brothers to kill their parents.

Since Parenthood ended, Jaeger has starred in the ABC limited series When We Rise.

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Pam Bozanich (Elizabeth Reaser)

Described as the opposite of Leslie Abramson, Bozanich was the lead prosecutor and focused on the brothers' frequent lies and lavish spending after the murders. She made a critical mistake during the first trial when she decided not to call a psychological expert to the stand, believing that the jurors wouldn't fall for the defense's argument of abuse.

Reaser most recently guest-starred on Mad Men and The Good Wife.

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Jose Menendez (Carlos Gomez)

The patriarch of the family, Jose was a high-powered corporate executive who relocated the family from New Jersey to Calabassas, Calif., in 1987. On the evening of Aug. 20, 1989, he was shot point-blank in the back of the head and sustained six wounds in total. The defense argued that Jose had long abused his sons. Per Dr. Jerome Oziel's testimony, the brothers wanted to kill their father because they hated him.

Gomez has recurred on The Glades and Madam Secretary.

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Kitty Menendez (Lolita Davidovich)

The mother of the boys, Kitty was awakened by the shot that killed her husband and attempted to flee when she was shot in the leg -- one of 10 times she was hit. According to Dr. Jerome Oziel's testimony, Kitty was collateral damage because the brothers felt they had to eliminate her as a witness. A few weeks before the murders, Kitty told her psychiatrist that she was afraid her sons might be sociopaths.

Davidovich was most recently seen on Shades of Blue, Blood & Oil and True Detective.

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Gil Garcetti (Mark Moses)

Garcetti, the father of incumbent Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti, was the then-newly elected L.A. County district attorney and was determined to win the case. He was portrayed by Bruce Greenwood on The People v. O.J. Simpson: American Crime Story.

Best known for Desperate Housewives and Mad Men, Moses most recently guest-starred on The Last Ship and Law & Order: SVU.

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Diane Sawyer (Kate Beahan)

The news anchor, who joined ABC News in 1989 -- the same year of the murders -- aggressively covered the case and interviewed Dr. Jerome Oziel and Judalon Smyth on Primetime Live.

Beahan has guest-starred on Mistresses, Devious Maids and Insecure.